All in favor of the fringe bikini

Fringe is in. So read up and get out because you need to know why I’m loving the fringe bikini and why you should too. Hint: think really colorful bikinis.

Mk, lemme tell you why fringe is the best thing to happen to a bikini since Victoria Secret decided to put enough padding for you to land chest down in the sand.Take this one for example :

fringe bikini

Alright. Imagine this girl wearing your run of the mill bikini, no fringe. Can we talk about how 12 year old boy like her chest might look? Now, add a little pizazz and what do you have here? A super cute swimsuit top on a super cute woman! The extra strings may not seem like they add a lot, but they add just enough of what you need to look your best on the beach. I’ll tell you one thing, I happen to have one of those ultra padded boobylicious Victoria Secret bikini tops, and I can’t tell you enough how awkward it can get when A. I don’t have much to fill it out and B. when I get out of the water you’d think I was ringing out Spongebob Squarepants there was so much water trapped in there.

Let’s think for a second, why else do I really like the fringe idea? Because it’s different. Yes, I also did have concerns about the tan lines. believe me, if there’s anyone you’ll ever meet who cares more about tan lines than what she eats for dinner, it’s me. BUT, I figure when I’m laying down, I can push the frill up and out, off the top of my stomach. I wanted to verify if this was possible before claiming to myself and you to buy it, and it is, depending on the suit you bought. The one shown above you’d be good. fringe bikini

Although.. I’m not sure I can say the same about this H&M design.


Let’s talk bottoms shall we?

These..are not cute.

fringe swimsuit bottoms


I mean I don’t know about you, but I personally only see one thing when I look at these, and that’s a grandma. No offense to the gma’s of the world, those that would wear this are clearly styling, but those young girls who want to rock fringe..this takes it one step too far. Settle down.

So, have I convinced you to go for the gold this next swim season? Fringe is in, it’s flattering, it’s flirty, and it’s the perfect pop of fun for those beach days with friends.

Stay tuned next week for more on coverups!