Dreams of lime green

Are you dreaming in lime green? This hot color seems to be everywhere right now! I’m loving it, an easy way to fully embrace this color is by wearing a lime green dress! Your friends will be green with envy. Lime green can be a tricky color though. You need to find the right shade, because you don’t want to look like a highlighter. It is also best to stay with simple silhouettes that don’t have to many embellishments.  For example check out this lime green dress look below!

lime green dress the right way!

lime green dress

The dress is a super cute short A-line dress. Also not how she accessorized her lime green dress. She didn’t add in anything to crazy or glitzy. She kept it simple and chick with a gold collar necklace. She also wore a nude belt with gold accent. A few gold accessories are the way to go when accessorizing a lime green dress. For her shoes she wore simple black heels with an ankle strap. I’m obsessed with this look and the way she accessorized it. Also the back of this dress is killer.

If you are looking for a lime green dress, click the link below! It is from Resultly, a shopping app that searches tons of stores. These results feature a huge selection of lime green dresses from a variety of different stores.


If you are loving this green dress look, then check out the links below. They will take you to more lime green dress inspiration!



Now that we have the how to wear a lime green dress down. Let’s chat about lime green dresses to avoid.


lime green dress ugly

If you are waring a lime green dress then you do not need to add a bunch of other colors! Especially pink. There is nothing tackier than lime green and hot pink. Unless, you are eight yours old do not attempt to wear. You also don’t need a tone of embellishments! Lime green is such a statement color it can speak for itself.

If you are going to a formal event, lime green may not be the best color. Sure, there are some very pretty lime green gowns, but I have seen very few. This color looks better on shorter dresses. If you are going to wear a long lime green dress, just remember to keep the red of your look simple. No need for huge trains or tons of ruffles.

Now you have all the tools you need to create the perfect lime green dress look!

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