Meow! Cat’s night out

Meow! Yes, thats right it is time for your cat’s big night out. By that I mean cat dress! These super cute dresses are popping up everywhere right now. They are just what your wardrobe needs. Trust me, I wore my cat dress out the other day and it was so thrilling!

cat dress

So cute and sexy right? A great place to shop for a cat dress is Resutly. This shopping app will find cat dresses from all sorts of stores and show them all to you. You can even save them into collections or buy them directly from stores. I just love the sexy cat dress pictured above. I totally wore it out and was just purring with excitement. See what I did there. I’m so funny. Like seriously so funny, gosh I just crack myself up.

Another great place to get cat dress outfit inspiration is tumblr. That site has a ton of cute ways to wear a cat dress. When I wore my sexy cat dress I did not wear a bra with it because the back is sheer. I hate when my bra shows. How annoying right? Like seriously, but yeah I didn’t wear one and it was great and I felt so free. I did wear sheer tights though. I also wore cute little lace socks with open toe heels. It’s a cute look that I think goes super well with the dress.


It is such a fun cutesy look. I wore red shoes too! They really pooped with the black cat dress. I was definitely looking hella fine. I wore my hair in a huge hair bow bun. Let’s just say I was getting tons and tons of looks. Whatever, that is what life is about. I love expressing myself though my clothes and if other people have a problem with that, then they can deal with it on their own time.

I just feel like so many times we wear things because they are “popular” or “trendy” even though we don’t feel good in them. I can’t tell yo how many times I’ve worn things that I’m just not comfortable in. Not any more though. I’m learning not to take my style to seriously, and dress in things that make me happy, like this cat dress. The clothes yo wear are to exprss yourself and make you feel good about being you. So who cares what other people say, wear what makes you happy. And if that happens to be a cat dress, so be it.