Ombre Dress Is Wanted

how to wear the purple dress (35)

Many of you probably never have heard of “ombre dress” until last summer when it became a hot trending thing. And thats when the whole crazy shopping had started.

I know, we have hundreds of stores, and sometimes it feels like we have too many options where to shop. However, when it comes to ombre dress, there is not that many choices anymore….

On One beautiful sunday morning me and my two girlfriends decided it was time to get one of those dresses. We went to the mall, thinking “oh we can get the dresses and do something fun after lunch time”. That never happened that day; there was no movies, no lunch… We tried dozens and dozens of dresses like this one here, and nothing, seriously, nothing was good enough. Some dresses were too short or too long, or even worse…Some colors just did not look good together at all! We got home after nine at night with the feeling that “life is over.”

The next day we came up with idea to try to find an ombre dress online. Not me or my girlfriends are big fans of online shopping in general but we did not have that many choices left. We already tried all the possible dresses the day before and we had no desire to go back to downtown again and spend another summer day inside the dressing rooms.

One of my friends had Resultly app, so at least we did not have to search for online shopping app anymore.  All of us were very surprised with so many nice choices Resultly had! We found at least five dresses we liked a lot and the prices were not that bad at all!

I ended up buying a purple ombre dress which was not too short but still looked sexy. My girlfriends bought light pink and green dresses and we were ready to wear them as soon as we got it.  We even decided to wear those dresses at the same time, just to have fun. Especially, we felt like we deserved some fun after all this stressful shopping experiences in the stores!

There is no chance I, or neither my friends will choose running in stores over the shopping app. I hope, you will give it a chance as well and save your time! It is more fun to shop online with your friends and drinking wine. Agree?

Also, this whole “ombre fever” is not over, and if you do not have one of those dresses, you should definitely get one for the next summer. It is really sexy and feminine kind of dress that will make you feel beautiful on summer day!

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