Special Deco For Special Dress


Once in a every woman’s life there is a very special day. It is a wedding day. Nothing is more important than that and of course, what is the wedding without a dress.

When it comes to the dress shopping, everything else does not matter. Girls are running around of millions stores and searching the Web literally every day;some of them spend years in looking for the One.

Lately, Art Decor Dress has been trending crazily! If you have no idea what I am talking about,  here is the link:  http://www.result.ly/Search/art%20deco%20dress. As you you can see it is totally stunning and looks like no other dresses on the market. 

Decor makes the dress so special that every woman would die for it and pay any price. Speaking of the price…It is not cheap, and obviously not everyone can afford it. I saw some of them at Saks Fifth Avenue that were not super bad expensive, if you are interested in one day. Also, I would recommend to keep an eye on sale season, like pre holidays, it might help you as well. Personally, I am obsessed with old-fashioned art decor dresses. It makes me feel like I am a girl from another century and it gives me the chills!  I was lucky to find kind of “old” dress a couple of years ago when I just got engaged and was super excited about wedding shopping ( just like everyone else would). I went to an antique store in Chicago and they had just that one simple long white dress in the corner of the store. It maybe did not look perfect for my friend who was shopping with me, but for me it was exactly what I was looking for:super simple, white, long and without extra sexy cuts…. It did not coast much, if I remember it right, it was maybe like 100 $!

The only problem I had it is to find a good art decor for it. again, lucky me I found some in the same antique  store! It matched my dress perfectly. However, if you want to get a dress and and decor separately, you should search online or different department stores. It should not be too hard find something but still, you do not want to worry about it before the wedding day!

Also,  it is better to make sure that your special dress has the right pair of shoes to go with, am I right? So,  one should pay as much attention to the shoes as to art deco dress! Even if you think nobody will look at your feet, because you have picked the long dress, you are mistaken! Definitely, there is no point of buying a super expensive pair, but something nice and comfortable ( you will be dancing at your wedding). It is very easy to find wedding shoes than a dress, just make sure it goes well with the dress.

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