Shades On and Off the Shoulder Tops

Every summer I have a couple obsessions. Last year it was high waisted shorts and fringe tops, and this year it’s Ray-Ban’s and off the shoulder tops. It really doesn’t get any more chic and feminine than this. Check out Lily Aldridge combining my two favorite looks to form one fabulous attire.

off the shoulder tops


While she can pull off essentially any look with utter greatness, might I add, we all can’t be so perfect. This year I’m calling out the Clubmaster Ray-Ban and off the shoulder tops, with out without the high waisters because they are simply perfect together.
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Ray-Ban’s are great for many reasons and definitely worth the expense. If there’s one thing about so many sunglasses that I hate it’s when they curve around your eye to hug your face. No, they’re not touching your face, but Ray-Ban’s are vertical, up and down, with absolutely no curving to wrap around your head. I also love the Clubmaster frame for women and men. They’re a bit more unique than the standard Ray-Ban that most people are familiar with. The next thing you need to consider is color. I have blonde hair and somewhat fair skin, and because of that I never felt that all black shades look good on me. I’m a huge fan of black and gold together, and this pair above blends them perfectly. The gold outer rim will look good with blonde or brown hair, and they will of course look good if you have very dark hair as well.

off the shoulder tops

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The sexiest part of the women’s body has been said to be her shoulders and the small of her back. I am a firm believer in both of those spots, however I’m slightly partial to the shoulders because what girl doesn’t love a sweet kiss there? A women’s back is such a feminine part of her body. When it’s sun kissed and toned, I think there is nothing better you should show off. Legs for days sure, but baby got back. It’s definitely a summer look, however you can also rock any other time of the year as well.

off the shoulder tops


This is a perfect example of a fall or winter going out outfit. The dark colors make it completely appropriate for the season. You can also opt to wear it with tights if you think you’ll be chilly.

Not to mention how often you need a good pair of sunglasses in the winter. It’s cold, you’re probably pale, irritated, and don’t want anyone talking to you until at least 10 a.m. Some sunglasses are the perfect way to hide your makeup less face, show that you’re completely uninterested in having a conversation and the white snow is blinding as can be.

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