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So, the 1974 Washington quarter is still a widespread yet desirable collection piece. In terms of value, the 1974 quarter is quite low since you can easily still find these coins in circulation. Their value varies from $0.75 for the 1974 Washington quarters in MS-60 condition to somewhere around $5 for higher grades (MS-65). If you are fortunate enough to find an MS-66, the price might go higher, to $25.

As you might expect, the final price is driven by multiple factors, like the coin’s condition, the mint that has produced it, and the auction offers. Keep reading to find everything about all these factors, the different types of 1974 quarters, and the history of these collection pieces.

History Of The 1974 Washington Quarters

By far one of the most used coins in commerce, the quarter dollar, also known as the Washington quarter, has an exciting history; no wonder passionate are so eager to have such a piece in their collection.

But let’s go back to the basics and understand how this coin got to exist. So, the quarter dollar was a tribute to the first US president, George Washington, and a celebration for the 200th year since his birth.

The designer of this particular coin was the sculptor John Flanagan, who created the pattern for the entire coin. The USA mints started the production of this Washington Quarter in 1932. Although mintages for the most recent quarter pieces are much higher, the 1974 coins are still trendy among connoisseurs. As previously implied, many examples can still be found daily in circulation. It is very likely to buy a unique collection of pieces from online auctions or vintage affairs.

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The 1974 Quarter Dollar Design

Experts in collecting coins consider all the coins minted after 1964 to be part of the “modern era“. This automatically designates the 1974 Washington quarter dollar as a modern coin as well.

Therefore, you can find coins from all years in circulation. And if you want the complete set, don’t worry, as you have plenty of options to choose from.

The Washington quarters are easy to collect from coin dealers and online stores. However, the most modern collections will mainly focus on the genuine Washington Quarters from 1964 to 1998. Yet, others would appreciate and sell based on the state quarter program from 1999 to 2008.

Keep in mind! Starting a brand new collection is a piece of cake, as most modern Washington Quarters are easy to find and purchased at affordable prices.


The sculptor Flanagan’s design features a beautifully detailed bust of President Washington on the obverse of the coin. His figure looks to the left, while the LIBERTY word stands right above his portrait. You can find the date directly below the bust of the President. Looking to the left field, you will see the motto IN GOD WE TRUST.

On the other hand, the mint marks are easy to notice on the right part of the obverse side. Just look at the lower right, and you will be able to notice these marks. If the coin was minted in Denver or, let’s say, San Francisco, the genuine mint mark stands at the right of the ribbon.

One notable slight design particularity that changed for the 1974 quarter was the obverse of this coin. The details of the bald eagle were a bit sharpened compared to the previous year’s mintage.


On the reverse side of the coin, you can see the inscription LIBERTY, and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA engraving. Another essential element from the reverse design is given by the wings of an eagle, along with the olive branches. The branches are a powerful sign of peace and alliance, original from Ancient Greek mythology.

Last but not least, the reverse side keeps the E PLURIBUS UNUM motto, a Latin quote meaning “Out of many, one,” a traditional saying in the United States of America.

There is so much more to discover, so don’t stop reading. The best is yet to come.

The 1974 Quarter Value

Before moving straight to the value chart, let’s better understand what differentiates the quarter values and what the factors influencing their final price are. Here are the main types of 1974 quarters:

1974 Quarter Dollar With No Mint Mark

Usually, the 1974 quarters that don’t indicate their origin was most probably struck at the Philadelphia Mint. Therefore, their price is usually equivalent to the face value. There have been over 800 million quarters minted in Philadelphia.

As a matter of fact, there are some very appreciated quarters from 1974 that were struck at the Philadelphia mint. However, it needs to be in excellent condition.

Important! But if they are, such a coin value is over $2000.

1974-D Washington Quarter

The “D” letter comes from the Denver Mint, where over 353 million quarters were struck in 1974. Most of these varieties will be worth several hundred dollars. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

For instance, the beautiful quarters graded with D and MS67+ state might be valued at $260. However, the absolute record for the 1974-D quarters was on eBay, landing at $1,450.

On the other hand, MS66 graded coins can value somewhere between $15 and $45.

Finally, the 1974-D Washington Quarters’ value in MS-65 condition will sell only for a few dollars.

Interesting aspect! Cannot find the “D” Mark? Look closely at the right side of the President’s neck. There you should see the mint mark.

1974-S Proof Washington Quarter

The 1974-S Washington quarter is original from the U.S San Francisco mint. Only at this mint there have been over 2.6 million coins struck. Yes, this number is huge.

But let’s move further to the present day and say that at today’s values and auctions, a PR69 1974-S quarter can value even $100, while a PR67 value can vary from $8 to $10.

1974 Quarter Value Chart

Is the information above a little too much? Don’t worry; I have included all the details in an easy-to-understand chart. Just take a look at these values and approximate the price of your little treasures.

COIN TYPE⬇\QUALITY➜ MS-6- MS-65 MS-66 MS-67+ PR-65 PR-67
1974 Quarter With No Mint $0.75 $5.70
1974-D Quarter $0.75 $9.13 $15-$45 $260
1974-S Quarter $0.75 $4.62 $8-$10

Usually, the 1974 quarters are worth only 25 cents. Yet, the price can change based on the conditions, so it is safe to say that circulated 1974 quarters will be only worth their face value. Nevertheless, these numbers change if the coin’s condition is better. For instance, a 1974 quarter dollar in MS-60 will be valued at 0.75 cents.

Keep in mind! You can also expect anything over an MS67 condition to be precious and therefore cost more.

1974 Quarter Errors

As you can probably imagine, some 1974 quarters come with a few errors. No wonder, as they have been in circulation for so many years. But the most common errors are die cracks on the reverse side. Regarding their prices, you should expect these 1974 quarters to cost between $5 and $10 on online sources like eBay.

On the other hand, larger die cracks can make the coins even more valuable. For instance, if you notice any special error nicknames, be ready to sell your coins for more than expected. “The Spitting Horse” or “Scarface” are some valuable coin errors that have increased in popularity during the last few years. And yes, this is mainly due to their nicknames.

Another essential error I want to mention is the double die reverse cracks. Why are they so important? Well, because these coins can be valued between $2-$50. And that is based on the type of crack and its location.

Remember! Expect many error passionates to pay a lot for these rare coins.

For the Washington quarters, the “Spitting Eagle” is one of the most popular errors people spend a lot of money on. Check this video for more information about rare and valuable errors.

Editor’s Note: All these die markings are signs that passionate collectors will appreciate, considering little flaws can increase the demand for particular 1974 quarters. The better the coin condition with errors, the more valuable they will be; hence, expect quarter dollars with errors to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more.


Don’t worry if you still have questions about today’s topic. I gathered and answered the most frequently asked questions about the 1974 quarters. Let’s check them out!

Q: How do you know to evaluate 1974 quarter errors?

A: If you do not have much experience with these coins and would like to have your error coin valued, just take some pictures and upload them to the grading submission. This way, the error on your coins can be adequately evaluated.  Or better yet, find a coin expert and ask them to evaluate your possession.

Q: What is the most precious 1974 quarter?

A: The pristine coin is one of the most valuable yet expensive 1974 quarters. This is in MS67+ condition and mentioned by PCGS as a None Finer. However, finding this coin is challenging, as there are only two examples in this world.

Q: What is the weight of a 1974 quarter dollar?

A: 1974 Washington quarter weighs only 4.92 grams. The reed diameter is 24.3 mm.

Q: Are 1970s quarters worth collecting?

A: Well, they are pretty standard, so you cannot compare them with old and rare pieces of collection. You may find uncirculated pieces of Washington quarters at coin dealers, only for a few bucks. To answer your question, the most expensive 1970s quarters can be sold for thousands of dollars, so it is a pity not to keep them in your collection.

Q: Are the 1974 quarter prices standard?

A: The price is quite volatile. The selling and purchasing numbers depend on the supply and demand laws, market variations, and dealer premiums. All the prices I mentioned above represent the values fetched at estate sales, online auctions, and authorized dealers. Be aware that these numbers can change based on metal content, appearance, rarity,  and grading system.

Q: What does roll hoarding mean?

A: According to specialists, roll hoarding was widespread between the 1950s and 1960s. What collectors did was store their precious coins in rolls, and this condition was appreciated and preserved well during that period.

However, the practice of roll hoarding ended by the 1970s; as a result, it was even more challenging to find some coins in a perfect state without flaws.

Q: Is the 1974 quarter dollar made of silver?

A: Only the quarters made up until 1964 were made of silver. These were 26.73 in weight and contained 90% silver. Usually, the total amount of silver content was 24.05 grams. On the contrary, the 1974 quarter dollar is made from a copper core layered in nickel.

Q: How many 1974 quarters were ever made?

A: Over 353 million pieces of 1974 quarters were printed at the Denver Mint. Other 801 million Washington quarter dollars were produced at the Philadelphia mint and 2.5 million coins at San Francisco.

Q: How do modern quarters look like?

A: Modern quarters minted from 1992 to 1998 were silver-proof. Other modern quarters included America the Beautiful series, Territories Quarters, and the American Women quarters.

Q: What is the ideal online place to trade coins?

A: eBay is the most common and safe place to sell 1974 quarters. Expect to find lots of high-raking online coin specialists.

Q: How To Sell 1974 quarters online and make a profit?

A: Do you own some 1974 quarter dollars and want to get the best price? Make sure you attach some nice photos showing all the details of your items. Do not forget about a well-written description. Sometimes, a good story is the best commercial you can get. People expect to buy what they see, so make sure the details you offer are truthful.

In a nutshell

Despite their common nature, the 1974 quarter dollars are worth having in any coin collection. If you are looking for rare or exquisite pieces, don’t forget to look for the most valuable mint marks.

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