How much money do you really have in your pockets? When I say this, I don’t mean an actual count, I’m aiming for something completely different.

If you have already spent some time on our blog and read our older articles, you will notice I wrote a lot about coins and banknotes. However, if you did pay attention through your reading process you noticed that many coins and banknotes achieved very high price tags.

If you are here from the beginning then you know why some of these prices are so impressive. On the other hand, if you are a newbie then it is time to learn which is the causative agent for these insane prices – minting errors.

Particularly in this article, we will talk about the rare and valuable 2022 quarter errors that you can come across in your pocket change. Let’s not waste any more time and see if your spare money can earn you some big bucks.

What Minting Errors Are The Most Sought After?

Coins that feature some minting error always attracted a lot of attention and fascinated numismatics and collectors around the world. Their rarity and uniqueness are what make them beautiful and boost their value significantly.

In most cases, errors happen due to, equipment malfunction, unintentional human intervention, and accidents which is what makes them so special since almost every error is one of a kind. Most minting errors are glaring, but there are also some minor minting errors that are hard to notice even if you have a well-trained eye.

There is a wide variety of minting errors that can occur, but they are in general divided into three main categories.

Planchet minting errors

The word “planchet” means the blank that is used for minting the coins. Errors that can occur in this category involve improper preparation of the planchet or even complete use of the wrong type of material for the planchet.

Types of planchet errors are – clipped planchets, wrong shape and size of the planchet, wrong thickness, chipped and cracked planchets, transitional errors,  or planchets that are left blank.

Die minting errors

A die is a hardened piece of metal or planchet that becomes the coin after the striking and coining process. Due to the process of minting coins, the two different dies are used for lettering, numbers, and images onto the surface of a coin. One die is used for the obverse side, and the other for the reverse side of the coin.

There are five different types of die minting errors  – when die breaks, clashed dies, doubling of design, mismatching of two dies, misaligned dies, rotated dies, missing edge lettering, and mules.

Strike minting errors

Striking is the last step in the minting process when the final design from the die is imprinted onto the coin. Strike errors include any problem with the physical production of the coin and there are numerous classifications of errors of this type.

They include – off-center or misaligned strikes, multiple strikes, overstrikes, weak strikes, rotated dies, designs struck on the wrong size planchet, bonded strikes, struck fragments printed to another coin, and some other rare occurrences.

What you need to remember is that all coin errors originate from the mint. When the error coin ends up in circulation this is always by mistake or an oversight. You will be able to recognize minting errors from the post-mint damaged coins.

2022 Quarter Errors Official Price Guide

Collectors all around the world value coins in such a way that you would be surprised, however, it seems like they value minting error coins even more than regular rare coins. There is something exciting in owning an error coin that no one else has. Minting errors, from the wrong denomination to two bonded separate coins, all are incredibly sought-after among numismatics.

Even though manufacturers eliminate most of the error coins, some of them still manage to slip through and end up as very valuable collectible items. The estimation says that these coins end up with a price tag way more than their face value. Naturally, this depends on the rarity and mint error.

That means you will come across values ranging from a few dollars to several hundred thousand. Here is a list of some most valuable 2022 quarter errors that can be fond on coins from the American Women Quarters Program.

Maya Angelou Washington Quarter Errors

Maya Angelou was the first black woman to appear in the United States quarter coin. She was born in St. Louis, and she was a writer, artist, actress, and civil rights activist. The quarters that portray American women are in circulation from January 2022 and the mintage amount is roughly estimated to be $480 million.

There are a few varieties of the errors that occur on this coin and they are named after the place where is the die marking located:

  • “Drooling George” or “Drooling Washington” error quarter
  • 2022 P “Wart on the nose” and “Cold sore” Washington error quarter
  • Nesting bird quarter – a die gouge that is located in a bird’s beak seems like an eagle is carrying a twig for nesting
Name and year Mintage and varieties Metal composition Diameter and weight Price on Ebay
2022 P Quarter Error drooling George flower in the hair very rare clover George N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams

2022 P Maya Angelou quarter with a drooling Washington error N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams

2022 new Maya Angelou drooling Washigton mint error coin with major flaws to Maya N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams

2022 P Maya Angelou Quarter RARE FRONT AND BACK IMPROPER STRIKES DIE GOUGE ERROR N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams

2022 P Maya Angelou Quarter. In God Error coin, circulated N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams

2022 D Maya Angelou Washington Quarter-DIE CHIP/CRACK ERROR- Drooling George N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams


Dr. Sally Ride Washington Quarter Errors

Dr. Sally Ride was a physicist, astronaut, educator, and the first and youngest American woman in space.

The most common error in this particular quarter is located on the reverse side of the coin. Take a good look at the spot behind the neck of Dr. Ride, if you see an extra line behind her neck, and another by Earth, you hit the jackpot! The reason why this happens is a unique minting error that displays outlines of George Washington’s face from the obverse side. This is a very valuable coin!

Name and year Mintage and varieties Metal composition Diameter and weight Price
2022 D Quarter Dr. Sally Ride Drooling George Denver Mint Coin

Multiple Errors on the face and neck

N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams

2022 P Quarter Dr. Sally Ride MAJOR ERROR Ghost Comet Tail N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams

2022 P Quarter Dr. Sally Ride Major Die Clash Error on her face N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams

2022 D Quarter Dr. Sally Ride Drooling George Mint Error coin with die clash and deformed lips N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams


Wilma Mankiller Washington Quarter Errors

Wilma Mankiller was a first woman elected as principal chief of the Cherokee Nation. She was also a strong voice worldwide for social justice, native people, and women.

Now, let’s talk about coin design, or more precisely, coin errors in design. In fact, this particular coin has the most minting errors discovered in a such short period of time. Here I will mention just some of them.

A lot of coins show signs of retained corner die break on the obverse side. This happens when a  piece of the die breaks off and sank below the die face so the fragment stays stuck between the collar and the die neck.

On the reverse side of the coin, you will notice a lot of stepped die cracks with a vertical displacement. This happens when the surface is cracking or goes through some deformation. Also, a lot of early staged coins have been struck through grease or they were weakly struck since the imprintings are very unclear.

Name and year Mintage and varieties Metal composition Diameter and weight Price Ebay
2022 P Quarter Wilma Mankiller MINT ERROR scarface and the deformed C N/A cooper-nickel 24.26mm

5.67 grams

2022 P Quarter Wilma Mankiller minting error die cracks on both sides N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams

2022 D Quarter Wilma Mankiller Misprint In the Star!! Rare! N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams

2022 P Quarter Wilma Mankiller Lots Of Errors die cracks, misprints, and scares on face N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams


Nina Otero-Warren Washington Quarter Errors

Nina Otero-Warren was New Mexico’s leader of the suffrage movement. She was the first Hispanic woman to run the Congress and the first woman to superintendent public schools in Santa Fe.

It seems like these coins have not been sufficiently studied yet so the errors are still very minor. Nina Otero-Warren coins have three minting errors that you can find:

  • Drooling George which can be found on all American Women Washington Quarters
  • “Flowers in hair”
  • Nose scares and craters on the Nina Otero-Warren portrait
Name and year Mintage and varieties Metal composition Diameter and weight Price Ebay
2022 P Quarter Nina Otero-Warren Double Die Obverse Error N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams

2022 D Quarter Nina Otero-Warren Error

Drooling George

N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams

2022 P Quarter Nina Otero Warren Double Die Obverse Error N/A cooper-nickel 24.26 mm

5.67 grams


Currently you can find a Nina Otero-Warren error coin on eBay where the coin with two die cracks is auctioning for $8,300!

Anna May Wong Quarter Errors

Anna May Wong was the first Chinese American film star in Hollywood. She appeared in silent films and in one of the first movies made in Technicolor. Wong filmed over 60 movies and was also the first Asian American lead actor in a U.S. television show.

The Quarters with her portrait are the least in this series and they were released in circulation on the 24th of October so there is still no information about if there are any coins with errors and how valuable they can be.

Where Can You Look For 2022 Washington Quarter Coins With Minting Errors?

Since these coins are in circulation for less than a year you need to be aware that some errors aren’t yet discovered. This means you should pay a lot of attention to these coins when you get your change back, your golden coin might be there. Vending machines are a great place to look for these coins as well.

Also, you can go to your local bank and ask to take quarters in rolls. For a $10 value, you will get 40 quarters in a roll. Take as many rolls as you want, the greater the number of rolls the higher the chances are that you will come across some valuable error coin.

If you want to buy a 2022 quarters coin with error and you want to play safe then the best place for you to look is a local numismatic shop or event. The second stop should always be some of the reputable coin web pages such as Coins For Sale or Littleton Coin Company.

Naturally, places like eBay, Etsy, and LiveAuctioneers are always good options just make sure you are buying from a proven seller that has a lot of positive feedback. My kind advice is to always consult a specialist when you are buying a coin that is relatively new on the market to avoid paying high prices for nothing.

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Epilogue Of The Story

For a lot of people concept of investing money in old and damaged money might come across as a wasting time and resources, yet they are wrong. Coin collecting can be a very fruitful and profitable hobby if you are willing to learn.

If you want to dive into coin collecting than your first step must be choosing a reputable mentor as some mint errors can be faked with ease. However, you can always play safe and look for the graded coins. Keep in mind that some cheaper errors are not certified, since the process of grading the coin sometimes costs more than the actual price of the coin.

If you think about investing in rare and valuable coins and those that come with unique errors better choose to invest in older coins with mint errors. The minting process nowadays with all that new technology is much more precise, so some very valuable errors will less likely to occur.

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