Welcome to Vip Art Fair, your number one source for identifying, valuing, and selling coins, currency, and antiques. We are a team of collecting enthusiasts who want to share our knowledge and help others build valuable collections.

Our Story

Vip Art Fair was founded in 2008 by James Wilson and Anne Smith, avid collectors with over 20 years of combined experience. We started this site to educate others on how to spot rare finds, avoid pitfalls, and get fair prices when buying and selling noteworthy pieces.

Our founders have built substantial personal collections over decades of searching auction houses, estate sales, flea markets, and more. We have learned how to spot treasures that the average person might overlook. Now we want to help our readers do the same.

Our Mission

Our goal at Vip Art Fair is to make collecting accessible and rewarding for anyone. We provide insider guides on:

  • Identifying rare coins, currency, antiques, and collectibles
  • Researching and determining fair market values
  • Safe handling, cleaning, and storage methods
  • Locating underpriced gems at auctions and sales
  • Selling your finds profitably once they gain value

We want to spread our passion while helping our readers build collections to cherish and potentially profit from. Although we specialize in coins, paper money, and antiques, we also provide tips on assessing any type of rare collectible.

Meet Our Experts

The Vip Art Fair team includes:

  • Mark Wilson – Our lead numismatist and coin specialist. He has authenticated rare quarters worth over $100k.
  • Amanda Bell – An antiques guru able to date items within 5 years. She helped auction a 1920s doll for $30k.
  • Michael Rhodes – A paper money expert who owns rare star notes and misprinted bills valued at $50k+.

Together our experts have over 50 years of collecting experience across a wide range of materials from coins and fine jewelry to ancient artifacts and vintage technology.

Let Us Help You Build Your Collection

As fellow collectors, we know how thrilling it is to uncover a unique find or watch your collection gain value over the years. We want to help our readers have those same memorable experiences.

Explore our site for guides, value charts, expert tips, and more. And please contact us if you have any questions – we are always happy to help fellow collectors like you!