Welcome to my art blog! I never thought I’d be a blogger but once I had children, I knew I had to do something other than slouch around the house and start losing my creative touch!

I’m based in Northern California but have lived on the East Coast, and even the South, as my family moved a few times when I was growing up.  My addiction to art and love for sharing things with the world comes out with this blog, but more than anything, I just like to document my experiences and trips where I see any unique art that I know I’ll want to look back at in the future.

While this was never “about the money,” I am starting to examine creative ways to earn money with page views and do hope that one day I can get there.  As for now, I’m just enjoying the ride and occupying my time.

In my spare time, I like to work out (yoga, anyone?), cook, go for hikes, and of course, I’ll never turn down a good glass of red wine!

If you want to follow my musings on social media, I’ve recently set up a Twitter account.  Give me a follow and connect with me whenever you’d like.