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Alec Monopoly Art

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A goofy yet fun way to express illustrations, the famous game-based artwork of our time is more than alive and well within the art-loving community. Ranging from the original illustrations used within the monopoly games and famous iconic pop culture characters to new abstract versions with a twist, plenty of forms can be seen and appreciated. Alec Andon (Alec Monopoly) is known for his famous depictions of such characters and uses it to not only express who he is but profess messages about the current crises in our time.

Who is Alec Monopoly?

Alec Andon, also known as Alec Monopoly, is a graffiti artist from New York City. He is most well known for his depictions of well-known pop culture icons and cartoonist portrayals. As a brand ambassador of the Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer, Alec has worked to gather unique attention via his artistic channels which have attracted the attention of art followers at a larger scale from late 2010. Growing up in Westhampton Beach, NY, as the son of wealthy financiers, he moved out to Los Angeles in 2006. His move was motivated by his ability to gain more work as the city was filled with plenty of billboards and the New York City art world was a bit too discerning. Alec Andon is for the most part considered to be shrouded in mystery, though it only adds to the attraction to his artwork.

Alec Monopoly Artwork

Best known for his tuxedoed and top-hatted graffiti character of Monopoly Man (which was an idea originally brought up by stockbroker Bernie Madoff), Alec was featured in December of 2010 during an exhibition at the Mondrian Hotel as part of Art Basel Miami Beach. In 2013, he hosted a Samsung sponsored yacht party at Art Basel Miami Beach. His pieces are all 2D, usually placed on canvases or walls. These depictions are usually very colorful, lively, vibrant and contain attributes of graffiti. Alec usually uses his artwork to comment on real-world issues, delivering exaggerated yet justified messages concerning the economic system. If one is looking to light up a room of any sorts, then there is nothing catchier and eye absorbing than a take from Alec’s pool of artwork.

alec monopoly money umbrella carry away

There have been rumors in recent years as to whether Alec is completely original, as a street artist “Mimo” has claimed to be the “creative force” behind the Alec Monopoly art campaign. This is, however, still up for speculation, as neither party has agreed to any mediations.

Where to Purchase Art by Alec Monopoly

Alec’s artwork can be purchased via various outlets online such as eBay, Canvas Cultures, Etsy, as well as this store we recommend here. Price ranges for wall art usually hover around the 20-30-dollar area, with originals mostly sold out online. We have a handy guide here on places where to find his works. Understandably, since his entire character is considered to be intriguing and mysterious, to add to it, there aren’t very many pieces in which he has produced; so, if you intend on seeking out an original somewhere out in the ether, expect to spend some dough. Your best bet to purchase one of the originals is to reach out to the area where he lives and inquire on any new showings.

Pics of Alec Monopoly

Here is the man, the myth, and the legend.  (I recently also updated this site with a photo of his girlfriend, Alexa Dellanos.)

Alec Monopoly Photo

Photo Credit: LA Times.


Photo Credit: LA Times.