How Alec Monopoly Girlfriend Alexa Dellanos Makes Money on Instagram

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Artist Alec Monopoly leads quite the life these days.  In addition to making an insane amount of money on his art, he travels the world with his lovely girlfriend, Alexa Dellanos, posting pictures of themselves in exotic places, doing crazy things, and literally having the times of their lives.  I did some homework on Alexa Dellanos and found out she is an Instagram “Influencer,” and today I’ll share with you how she makes some great money to add to the power couple’s wealth.

Alexa Dellanos Instagram Earnings

Alexa Dellanos has 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and she’s doing a great job at making sure those followers have some awesome content to look at.  The most impressive part of her Instagram account is that she charges a minimum of $5,000 for an Instagram promo, even though she has yet to disclose that these indeed are advertisements.  Last year alone, she earned over $60,000 doing promotional posts on the popular social media platform, all while galavanting across the world in private jets, yachts, and living a life of luxury with her boyfriend, artist Alec Monopoly.

Alex Dellanos

Dellanos is a catalog model as well as an influencer, and she mainly works with clothing companies, skin care brands, hotels, and makeup brands.

She told Insider:

I don’t take every brand that comes to me, I prefer to pick and choose my favorites; that way my social media is not a page filled with ads.  My work is a representation of me as a person, and for that reason I only post things I would want to share with my followers even if I wasn’t being paid.



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Vamos a Colombia! 🇨🇴

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She often tags brands and locations, but again, does not identify which posts are sponsored, so it’s hard to tell an ad from her just enjoying life.

Alexa Dellanos Plastic Surgery

She’s also been very open about her plastic surgery, and she actually credits the surgeries to helping her grow her massive Instagram following.  It was published that her treatments have exceeded $17,000 in total.

“I had about 200,000 followers on Instagram before my cosmetic procedures and before I started working out regularly,”

-Dellanos told Insider.

She went on to say that her breast augmentation was done in 2018 for a cost of $15,000.  Additionally, she did lip fillers for around $2,000.  Lastly, she said “I also enhanced my booty a little,” and added that she’ll talk about that on her YouTube channel one day.

While it all looks great on the outside, she did say that there are some downsides about being so famous online.  The lavish lifestyle has led to strangers sending dick pics (gross) all the way to being a victim of online trolling and harassment.  There’s even been flowers sent to her home along with a marriage proposal!  (Hey, I’d take the flowers any day!)

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