Did you know that old perfume bottles are among the most desired collectible items? These highly ornamented and luxurious bottles can bring you or cost you a small fortune. However, in this article, we won’t talk about regular old perfume bottles, instead, we will take you through the world of Lalique collectible bottles.

Rene Lalique was one of the most celebrated and unique glassmakers of the 20th century. Internationally admired for his creative vision, precision design, and clarity he crafted some of the most valuable pieces ever seen.

So our task in this article is to sort out the most valuable Lalique perfume bottles and create a price guide to help you value them.

If You Are In A Hurry Read This

Prices on the market fluctuate frequently, so some items might cost more or less than a month ago, for instance. That only means you need to regularly check the market and wait a perfect moment for purchase.

If you don’t have the time to scroll and read a complete guide, here you can find a short list of the currently most affordable Lalique perfume bottles:

Most Valuable Lalique Perfume Bottles - Rene Lalique Amphitrite Perfume Bottle for D’Orsay 1920

Who Was Rene Jules Lalique?

René Jules Lalique was born in France in 1860 and died in 1945. He was a well-known glass designer, famous for his amazing. Lalique was a maestro in crafting items made of glass and crystal such as perfume bottles, decorative bottles, jars, jewelry, vases, chandeliers, and clocks.

As a young teenager, he became an apprentice to the Parisian jeweler, Louis Aucoc. After that,  he attended Sydenham Art College in London, England. In 1882 he returned to France and started working for several top jewelry houses like Aucoc, Cartier, and Boucheron where he upgraded his skills further.

Four years later, Lalique established his own jewelry workshop. Lalique soon became recognized as one of France’s most prominent Art Nouveau jewelry designers, his name was a synonym for quality and creativity. He was also recognized as one of the world’s greatest glassmakers and jewelry designers of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods.

What Makes Lalique Perfume Bottles Valuable?

An interesting fact is that until 1905 René Lalique crafted only jewlery and vases. That year a perfumer François Coty asked him to put his talent into crafting bottles for the perfume industry, and that’s how all began. Their collaboration was a revolution in the perfume industry since this was the first time that perfumes were packed in attractive bottles at affordable prices. 

Up until his death, Lalique worked increasingly on designs for the perfume industry devoting his entire work to improving industrial techniques of glass production.

Lalique used the most modern and innovative manufacturing techniques and equipment available at that time. This way he managed to produce more than one glass piece at a time, yet they all still looked handmade. That was the main reason why his perfume bottles were available to the general public for affordable prices.

In his career, he made several thousand perfume bottles and over 250 different models! All his creations were elegant and innovative, for both Maison Lalique and other famous companies he cooperated with like D’Orsay, Guerlain, Rogeret et Gallet, Forvil, Houbigant, and Worth.

We must mention that his rarest and most valuable perfume bottle bears his signature. The model is “Bouchon Mures”l sold in 1990 at Bonhams for £38,000 or converted to US dollars – $47,473.

The glass he created was clean, matte, and in a wide variety of colors from amber to yellow,  plum, gray, green, pink, blue, and black. One of his signature signs was the use of opalescent glass that reminisced diamonds or opals. He used this method especially when modeling figurines, bottles, vases, plates, bowls, chandeliers, and car mascots.

Price Guide For Most Attractive Lalique Perfume Bottles

Rene Lalique’s products is some kind of relic considering he is one of the most famous glassmaker ever. He used a combination of mold and blow techniques with a wide variety of finishes for his creations. Also, he always followed the trend so he embraced the clean lines of the new geometric style.

All these helped him create perfume bottles which are in fact miniature art figures. There are several hundred different bottle designs and each one is a valuable collectible. The price range goes from a few hundred dollars up to a few tens of thousands of dollars.

1. Rene Lalique Cadeau De Paques Perfume Bottle

Most Valuable Lalique Perfume Bottles - Rene Lalique Cadeau De Paques Perfume Bottle

This unique bottle was made in an edition of only 200 pieces for Worth in Easter 1928. It is egg-shaped and only 2 1/6 inches (5.5 cm) tall. The design features frosted glass decorated with horizontal lines separated by repeating rows of connected W’s. A removable stopper is represented as the top of the egg.

2. Rene Lalique Le Parfum Des Anges Perfume Bottle

Most Valuable Lalique Perfume Bottles - Rene Lalique Le Parfum Des Anges Perfume Bottle

This bottle as the name suggests, was created for the opening of the Oviatt Building in Los Angeles. This bottle is available in three versions but only this one features a cross-shaped stopper that portrays the seal of the City of Los Angeles. Also, only this version has the molded name “Le Parfum Des Anges” on the bottle.

This one was made as a bell-shaped bottle from a combination of clear and gray glass. The name “Le Parfum Des Anges” is molded around the shoulder of the bottle. Also, two angels facing each other are engraved on the bottle.

3. Rene Lalique Amphirite Perfume Bottle

Most Valuable Lalique Perfume Bottles - Rene Lalique Amphirite Perfume Bottle

Amphitrite is the 3-1/2 inches (9.5 cm) tall frosted glass shell-shaped bottle with a sepia patina. It features a kneeling nude sea goddess as a stopper. Four different versions of the 1920 Amphitrite bottle were produced – sepia, transparent, green, and electric blue.

Keep in mind that this bottle is a variant of the 1914 Le Succès Perfume Bottle Lalique made for D’Orsay. The main difference is that the D’Orsay bottle has a different nude female stopper.

4. Rene Lalique Le Corail Rouge Perfume Bottle

Most Valuable Lalique Perfume Bottles - Rene Lalique Le Corail Rouge Perfume Bottle

The Red Coral bottle was designed in 1922 for the launch of the Forvil perfumery. What is interesting about this bottle is that Rene designed both the packaging and the bottle. This  4-1/8 inches (10.5 cm) tall clear, frosted, and red enamel bottle is packed in a card box, that mirrored bottle’s decorative design perfectly.

5. Rene Lalique Petalia Perfume Bottle

Most Valuable Lalique Perfume Bottles - Rene Lalique Petalia Perfume Bottle

Lalique Petalia bottle is one of the most admired designs. This particular bottle is a 3-1/2 inches (9.8 cm) tall bottle. The central design of the bottle is the face of a Pierrot. A pierrot is a male pantomime. This bottle is made from clear, frosted, and grey stained glass with a glass stopper. 

It was made for the American cosmetic brand Tokalon and used to hold two fragrances -Petalia and Captivant de Tokalon.

6. Rene Lalique Fougeres Perfume Bottle

Most Valuable Lalique Perfume Bottles - Rene Lalique Fougeres Perfume Bottle

Fougères in French means ferns and you might notice that the design of this bottle is painted with a fern motif. A bottle is 3-1/2 inches (9 cm) tall and frosted with a delicate fern motif on a rectangular-shaped glass with a glass stopper. Also, there is a different glass central medallion on each side of the bottle. 

This model is available in three variations. The first one is frosted glass with a patina, then frosted glass with a green glass stopper, central medallions, and patina. Lastly, it is also available in blue glass variety with patina.

The medallions that you can find on each side of the bottle are made in the same style but are not identical.

7. Rene Lalique Bouchon Cassis Perfume Bottle

Most Valuable Lalique Perfume Bottles - Rene Lalique Bouchon Cassis Perfume Bottle

This is a rare 4-1/2 inch (11.5 cm) tall green glass bottle with a tiar-shaped stopper in electric green glass. It features matching enameled lines on the container. Bouchon Cassis in French means blackcurrant stopper, and if you take a better look you’ll notice it really looks like blackcurrant.

A bottle is available in four different colors – red, black, blue, and green. This bottle is similar to the container used for the Bouchon Mûres.

 8. Rene Lalique Althea Perfume Bottle

Most Valuable Lalique Perfume Bottles - Rene Lalique Althea Perfume Bottle

This is among the most complex bottles designed. It was crafted in 1911 but never put into full production. There are only a few examples of it available, hence the price. Althea was made in clear glass with sepia patina and black enamel highlights. Lalique was inspired by the Greek mythology story about Althea a Queen of Calydon.

Keep in mind that the stopper for this bottle is the same as stopper for the Fleur bottle created in the 1911.

Current prices of some of the most valuable Lalique collectible perfume bottles on the market

As you may noticed in the past years more people started collecting vintage perfume bottles. We can freely say that these are small works of pure art, and their prices can be pretty high. However, which ones do you think have the highest value in today’s market?

If you are passionate about collecting valuable perfume bottles, keep reading to get some answers. 

Name and model Size Year Price
Rene Lalique Clear and Frosted Glass Ambre De Siam Perfume Bottle For Volnay  4-3/4 inches (12.1 cm) 1920 $23,750
Rene Lalique Clear and Frosted Glass Fougères Perfume Bottle with Green Patina and Gold Foil 3-1/2 inches

(9 cm)

1912 $22,500
Pair of Rene Lalique Clear and Frosted Glass Croix Saint Georges Perfume Bottles 4 inches 

(10.1 cm)

1914 $21,250
Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle for ‘Raquel Meller’ fragrance by Roditi & Sons, Enameled, Orange and Black 2-7/8 inches 

(7.5 cm)

1925 $20,315
Rene Lalique Glass Le Baiser Du Faune Perfume Bottle For Molinard With Original Presentation Box 7-1/2 inches (19.1 cm) 1928 $15,535
Pair of Rene Lalique Clear and Frosted Glass Bouchon Cassis Perfume Bottles 4-1/2 inches

(11 cm)

1920 $13,000
Rene Lalique “Lézards” A Frosted and Clear Glass Perfume Bottle 4-1/4 inches (10.8 cm) 1912 $11,950
Pair of Rene Lalique D’Orsay Clear and Frosted Glass Leurs Âmes Tiara Perfume Bottles 4-7/8 inches (12.5 cm) 1913 $11,250
Rene Lalique Clear and Frosted Glass D’Heraud La Phalene Perfume Bottle with Sepia Patina 3 inches

(7.6 cm)

1925 $8,962
Rene Lalique Clear Glass De Vigny D’ou Vient-il Perfume Bottle 3-3/4 inches 

(9.5 cm)

1922 $8,962
Rene Lalique Clear and Frosted Glass Bouchon Mûres Perfume 4-3/8 inches

(11.1 cm)

1920 $8,750
Rene Lalique “Au Coeur des Calices” A Frosted Blue Glass Perfume Bottle for Coty, Marcilhac No. 20 2-1/2 inches 

(6.4 cm)

1913 $7,170
Pair of Rene Lalique Clear Glass Quatre Soleils Perfume with Sepia Patina 2-3/4 inches

(6.9 cm)

1912 $6,875
Rene Lalique Black Glass Dandy No. D’Orsay Perfume Bottle  2-1/2 inches

(6.3 cm)

1927 $6,562
Rene Lalique Clear Glass Serpent Perfume Bottle With Gray Patina 3-1/2 inches

(8.9 cm)

1920 $6,250
Lalique Opalescent Butterscotch Glass Perfume Bottle for Morabito No. 7 8-1/2 inches (21.6 cm) 1950 $6,250
Rene Lalique Clear Glass Bouchon Figurines Perfume Bottle 5-1/4 inches (13.3 cm) 1912 $5,975
Rene Lalique Glass with Black Enamel Lucien Lelong Skyscraper Perfume With Case 4-3/4 inches (12.1 cm) 1929 $5,750
Rene Lalique Clear Glass Coty L’Effleurt Perfume Bottle With Gray Patina 4-1/2 inches

(11.4 cm)

1910 $5,377
Rene Lalique Opalescent Jade Glass Amphitrite Perfume Bottle 3-3/4 inches

(9.5 cm)

1920 $5,250
Rene Lalique Frosted Glass Pavot Perfume Bottle with Sepia Patina 2-7/8 inches

(7.3 cm)

1910 $5,250
Rene Lalique Clear and Frosted Glass D’Heraud Semis De Fleurs Perfume Bottle With Black Enamle and stopper 2-3/4 inches 

(7.0 cm)

1923 $5,078
Rene Lalique Clearand Frosted Glass and Enamel Roger & Gallet Narkiss Perfume Bottle in Original Leather Case  4 inches

(10.2 cm)

1912 $4,780
Rene Lalique Frosted Glass Quatre Soleils Perfume Bottle with Sepia Patina 2-3/4 inches 

(7.0 cm)

1912 $4,000
Rene Lalique Glass Cyclamen Perfume Bottle with Green Patina for Coty 5-3/8 inches (13.5 cm) 1912 $3,875
Rene Lalique Clear and Frosted Glass Sous Le Gui Perfume for Jean De Parys 4-1/8 inches

(10.4 cm)

1926 $3,750
Three Rene Lalique Clear and Frosted Glass Habanito Perfumes for Molinard. With green and pink patinas 3-3/4 inches

(9.5 cm)

1929 $3,750
Rene Lalique Clear and Frosted Glass Roses Perfume Bottle for D’Orsay with Blue Patina 4 inches

(10.1 cm)

1912 $3,750
Rene Lalique Perfume bottle for ‘Le Jade’ by Roger et Gallet, in jade green opaque glass 3-1/8 inches 

(8 cm)

1926 $3,585
Rene Lalique Frosted Glass En Fermande les Yeux Perfume for Arys 5-3/4 inches

(15.6 cm)

1925 $3,000
Three Rene Lalique Glass Perfume Atomizers, yellow, pink, and blue 4-1/2 inches

(11.5 cm)

1923/1925 $2,750
Rene Lalique Two figural perfume bottles; ‘Poesie’ for D’Orsay with a blue patina and ‘Ambre Antique for Coty’ with sepia 11 inches

(27.9 cm)

1920 $2,750
Rene Lalique Clear Glass Forvil Trois Valses Perfume Bottle Withe Sepia Patina  4 inches

(10.2 cm)

1929 $2,629
Two Rene Lalique Clear and Frosted Glass Perfume Bottles with Sepia Patina 3-1/8 inches 

(8 cm)

4-7/8 inches (12.5 cm)

1922 $2,625
Rene Lalique Clear and Frosted Glass Panier de Roses Perfume Bottle 3-7/8 inches 

(10 cm)

1912 $2,625
Rene Lalique Toutes Les Fleurs for Gabilla Frosted Glass Perfume Bottle with Green Patina 3-3/4 inches 

(9.5 cm)

1925 $2,625
Rene Lalique Frosted Glass Panier de Roses Perfume with Blue Patina 4 inches

(10.2 cm)

1912 $2,500
Rene Lalique Opalescent Glass Quatre Flacons Box with Satin-Lined Card Base and Four Glass Perfume Bottles for Houbigant 5-1/2 inches 

(14 cm)

1928 $2,500
Rene Lalique Gilt and Clear Glass Pierre Précieuse Perfume for Lionceau 3-3/4 inches

(9.5 cm)

1927 $2,375
Rene Lalique Blue Glass Les Yeux Bleus Perfume for Canarina 2-1/8 inches

(5.4 cm)

1928 $2,250
Rene Lalique Clear Glass and Black Enamel La Violette Perfume for Gabilla 3-1/2 inches

(8.9 cm)

1925 $2,250
Pair of Rene Lalique Clear Glass with Sepia Patina La Belle Saison Perfume in Original Box for Houbigant 4 inches

(10.2 cm)

1925 $2,125

How To Recognize A Fake Lalique?

As with many sought-after collectible items fake specimens are not uncommon. Luckily, identifying an authentic Lalique is surprisingly straightforward when you know what to look for. 

Lalique incorporated many small details into its designs which are often missed by the keen eye of counterfeit manufacturers. Knowing these details and the historical timeline is key to recognizing real from fake.

Remember fake Laliques tend to be frosted glass items made in the Lalique style, but they always have a fake signature. The second thing is that you can search for it on the web. You should be able to find multiple specimens available since Lalique manufactured each model in limited quantity but never just a single piece.

Look for subtle markings hidden within the piece. Always look for the letter R – after his death in 1945 not even one piece featured the first initial of his name. They are instead marked with “Lalique France”. A common mistake seen in counterfeit Laliques is that they have “made in France” or “made in Paris” engraved.

Characteristics of pre-1945 Rene Lalique bottles:

  • Signature is small and usually less than 3mm
  • Signature is never decorative or in fancy lettering 
  • Marks were never acid etched
  • Marks are located on areas like the bottom rim, or within the design

Characteristics of post-1945 Rene Lalique bottles:

  • No “R” in signature 
  • The word France always appears on all post-1945 Lalique items
  • All post-1945 items feature an acid etched marks in uppercase and not cursive

Lalique pieces will never have mold seams. One of Lalique’s defining qualities is that sleek and seamless finish. It is crafted with such skill that there should be no signs of manufacturing or imperfections! If there is the presence of a seam that means the glass has been molded and therefore not a Lalique.

Types of vintage perfume bottles

Antique and vintage perfume bottles no matter the brand and maker are sorted in a few different types, but there are three main categories. The shape and type affect their price broadly. So let’s quickly discuss that.

1. Rococo perfume bottles

The Rococo perfume bottles are made from porcelain or glass. They feature smaller openings and seams. They are more nature-themed and have animal or floral inscriptions along the edges. Generally, they are white but some newer varieties can also be transparent, tinted, or green.

Characteristics for them are golden or silver embellishments and crystal-cut sidings. All this makes them highly precious and valuable, with prices ranging from low $100 to a few thousand dollars.

2. Gemel perfume bottles

These are curved European bottles shaped like fish and paired with pineapple caps. Usually, they are small with white or green sidings and opaque finish. However, examples from the 18th century might have two different necks. These cost from $150 each and up.

3. Art Nouveau perfume bottles

Art Nouveau perfume bottles are short and conical with hinged stoppers and caps. The colors are mostly silver, pink, or brown. Sometimes they feature flower-leaf patterns and webs at the sides. The labels are placed on the base.

These bottles also vary with the metal and type of overlay. Crystal bottles are always grooved, while silver models are thin and pointed. Art Nouveau bottles are classified as:

  • Silver overlay bottles – Thick and silver-coated with a short neck and round base. The value is from $50 to $100.
  • Crystal overlay bottles –  Chamfered glass bottles with crystal motifs and caps. The value goes from $40 to $60.
  • Chrome overlay bottles – Bright-colored, onion-shaped, gold speckles and a bottom casing. The value goes from $30 to $50.
  • Glass overlay bottles – Brown ceramic bottles from designer glass and floral embellishments. Due to the mass manufacturing, they have a low value, the highest price is $30.

How to determine the value of Lalique collectibles?

The most expensive René Lalique pieces are cire perdue works. These unique creations are manufactured by the lost wax process that requires that the mold be broken in the process. Logically, these cire perdue Lalique specimens were produced in small quantities, hence their value is higher.

Besides this, the value is always linked to scarcity which is determined by the length of production, colors, special finishes, subject matter, and the crispness of the molding. Keep in mind that colored Lalique bottles are rarer than clear ones.

Also, the opalescent finish is much more sought-after among collectors compared to the monochrome version. On the other hand, figural bottles are the IT items everyone is looking for, so cash out! 

Condition is always paramount in collecting. Damages like chips and cracks will severely reduce the value. Post-war Lalique is less expensive than the pre-war pieces.

Tips To Identify And Value Vintage Perfume Bottles

It can be pretty hard to identify and value an old perfume bottle. However, it can be done if you follow some common rules. Make sure you pay attention to these:

  • Look for smaller bottles that are 2 to 5 inches high, back in the day perfume bottles were usually smaller
  • Most have crystal, glass, or wood corks. This is what increases their value. On the other hand, plastic, metal, or bakelite caps are newer versions and their value is lower.
  • Search for free-blown or hand-molded bottles. In most cases, machine-made bottles have a low value, the exception is for instance Lalique.
  • European brands are on the prize!

We must mention that after you buy, or in case you already have a vintage valuable perfume bottle, keeping it in adequate condition is crucial! Most people think this is not important, and damage their bottles.

You need to store the bottle in a cool, shady place so you maintain the fresh smell. If you place it in moist places the chances are high it will catch fungus and mold. Smelly items lose their value.

Where Can You Trade Valuable Lalique Perfume Bottles?

As with any item of value, the most important thing is that you purchase it from a reputable source. Also, don’t diminish the value of good research prior to purchase. Looking for a collectible perfume bottle is a fun thing to do. They can be full or empty, either way, they are very valuable and sought-after collectibles.

Many specimens available on the market are discontinued from production and are very old.  So your only option for acquiring them is to look for them in specialized shops, private collections, and auction houses.

When you are looking for highly valuable items such as Lalique bottles we advise you to try your luck with reliable dealers and auction houses. Here is our list of auction houses and web pages that are proven and reliable – Heritage Auctions, and Sotheby’s. Our favorite source is by far RLalique.com, you can find every imaginable Lalique perfume bottle here.

Even though the Internet is a place where you can easily get scammed, there is a good side to it as well. There are a lot of different groups, forums, and web pages dedicated to collecting vintage and antique perfume bottles, make sure you check them out.

If you have a hard time figuring out the real value of your Lalique bottle we advise you to speak with an antique appraiser online or in person. Only this way you can be sure you won’t overprice or underprice your item.


Is there a market for Lalique collectibles?

Lalique has never completely gone out of fashion, even after Rene’s death the company still continued with work, in fact, they are still running hard. As you noticed Lalique is not an affordable brand anymore.

Lalique began to acquire a collector’s status and value in the 1960s when dealers and collectors started to get interested in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements. Demand for vintage Lalique items in past decades has risen significantly. Nowadays, we have an international market with collectors across Europe, Asia, and America.

What’s the most expensive Lalique collectible item?

During his life, Rene Lalique crafted so many different items, and somehow all of them are exquisite and have some collectible value. Some are less expensive some are extraordinarily expensive.

One of the most expensive Lalique collectible items is the Lalique ‘cire perdue’ vase sold for $347,341!

Lalique – An Everlasting Investment

Truth is that all art is created to be displayed and admired, however, only a small fragment of all art pieces possesses an actual and timeless value. The great thing is that Lalique collectibles are a unique example of how art’s value can increase with time.

Rene Lalique’s glass art is so appreciated and admired that a lot of his pieces can be seen in  art galleries across the world, from New York’s Metropolitan Museum to Paris’ Musée D’Orsay. 

However, private collectors are also aware of the value of Lalique glasswork in terms of investment. More then thousands of Lalique items have changed owners over the past decades. The thing that is in common for all of them is that auction prices have never crashed, instead, they grew.

For us, this is a reason enough to make anyone think about investing in old Lalique collectibles. It greatly pays off in the long run.

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