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Best Art Galleries in the United States of America

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The good ol’ US of A, or better known as the country of all countries and the place where all cultures can mend together into one giant lump of colorful variation. When you think of how many different things have evolved together from around the world to create what today’s America is, it is a bit inspiring. Along with these blends, new forms of art have arrived to put a gleam of creativity against any eyes that come to visit; and with it has the tsunami of art galleries to accompany it. Down below, we’ve compiled a list of galleries that would fit you well the next time you’re in the states or out on your vacation.

Some Places to Consider

  • National Gallery of Art – This gallery, located in Washington, DC, is known for its impressive exhibit of pieces like The Sculpture Garden, “A Naval Encounter Between Dutch and Spanish Warships” by Verbeek and “Antico: The Golden Age of Renaissance Bronzes Exhibition. The hall was a gift to the people of the United States by Congress and specifically the financier Andrew W. Mellon.
  • The Broad – Located in Los Angeles, California, this museum focuses on illustrating contemporary art. The exhibit contains work derived from Eli and Edyth Broad’s formerly private collection of more than 2,000 works of modern art from the 1950s up unto the present day. The building features 300 skylights which can provide more than enough illumination to allow for better absorption of the pieces. The gallery is inhabited by pieces created by artists such as Roy Liechtenstein, Jeff Koons, Ed Ruscha, Julie Mehretu and Andy Warhol. Yayoi Kusama’s beautiful installation piece called Infinity Mirrored Room-The Souls of Millions of Light Years Awayis also present for you to become lost in.
  • Space 1026 – A gallery operated by an artist, the place is dedicated to becoming an easy to access medium for artists within the community. The exhibit is located within a two-story building and has a DJ play music in the background while you take your time to look around and breath in the fresh arty air.
  • Museum of Modern Art – Located in New York, New York, this institution contains a magnificent collection of contemporary and modern art. Starting out as an educational institution in 1929, it maintains lectures via film screenings, classes,and children’s programming. The Museum of Modern Art is also home to some of the most prestigious pieces of the twentieth century, including Picasso’s monumental painting Les Demoisellesd’Avignon and Van Gogh’s Starry Night.
  • The Getty Center – This gallery is located in Los Angeles, California and is constructed with beautiful white travertine marble that shines brightly against the sky. The art collections are divided between buildings by their respective time periods. If you’re ever in the Los Angeles area, this place is something to behold. The place contains eighteenth-century French decorative arts that will put your eyes to good use.