The Best Art Websites for Kids

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Before one can determine where their brilliant child should spend his/her time immersing themselves in within the wonders of art, several things must be considered before diving in.

Firstly, safety’s first

The online world is full of entertainment, information and various outputs of imagination and wonder. This of course is a good thing…until you realize that along with the pros, there have always been cons; yes, people have managed to ruin it for the others, as surprising as it may be. Pornography and online sexual predators run rampant among the unsuspecting innocent, which is of course why you should always avoid allowing your child to surf online without supervision or proper filtering services; this includes avoiding websites in which your child can get in touch with others via chat rooms or forums. Taking this into account, is the first step in the right direction.

What’s your Goal?

Thinking about what you should drop your kid’s attention to would depend entirely on what you would like for them to get out of the experience. Simply pursuing to expand their scope of vision to spark inspiration would warrant the use of an art exhibit website. Most Art exhibits have accompanying websites displaying their artwork, along with any corresponding details of the history (if any) or expression of the art. Art exhibit websites can be just as educational as they are inspiring for young artists on training wheels, which provides a good excuse to spend some time on.

On the other hand, if you are seeking to give a good kickstart to your kid’s creativity, then websites that incorporate input from the user is a great path in which one should take. Most kids (right-brained at least) will tend to produce better results from practicing critical thinking and creativity than simply regurgitating any information that they’ve received. Websites that employ awards as motivation alongside instruction on how to improve within art practices are the epitome of perfection for your little Leonardo da Vinci. The only con to such a website would be that they tend to charge money for such services. Albeit, no worries should come to you as we intend on doing some digging and placing the results within this article!

Art Websites for Children

Art Exhibit Websites

  • – The Denver art museum has done a fine job of placing their artwork with clarity on their website. Illustrations are usually accompanied by descriptions corresponding with any historical significance (if there is any).
  • – The Metropolitan Museum of Art displays pictures of 3D artwork amongst wall art with descriptions of origins and time frames for each piece.
  • – A more clear-cut website – This website displays nothing but abstract art; if you are interested in seeing confused expressions from your children, then this is definitely the place to put them.

Free Participation Websites

Purchase-Based Participation Websites


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