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A Casual Date to An Art Museum Can Increase Chances of Sex?

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I read with great pleasure an article about taking a date to an art gallery or museum, but had no idea that some savvy men were thinking with their “other heads” when they planned this venture.  Apparently, according to an article, men who take women to an art gallery are scoring culture points which could lead to trust, which could indeed lead to sex.  Today I share my take on this topic and try to put some clarity behind why this line of thinking is probably true.

Why Visiting an Art Gallery is a Great First Date Idea

Most men are into sports, which means that they can talk statistics, trends, and recap the game with just about anyone.  Naturally, this leads men to wanting to go on dates to a bar, a sporting event, or a watch party whenever there is a big game.  Having common ground on something of knowledge creates and easy dialogue and it makes things very comfortable on a first date.

However, when men want to score major points, an art gallery visit is a solid date idea.  Just ask “The King of Casual Sex,” a man who goes by Casual Sex Calvin, a famous blogger who writes about a lot of erotic topics as they pertain to dating and getting in bed with women.

art gallery date idea

The first thing a man will have to do is his homework.  You’ll want to look into the exhibits and make sure you will see something that will draw oohs and ahhs out of your date, and it’s always smart if you do some due diligence on your curator or actual artists you’ll be seeing.  This will allow you to speak intelligently and sound a bit more worldly, even if you would much rather be belching tap beers or eating greasy french fries while watching your team on the big screen in a loud bar!

Some of the places that would be an absolute smash destination hit would be one that is local to me, would be the Art Basel, which I attended in 2018.

If your date is the fun and trending type, she may be into the art galleries that are in Miami at the new trending Wynwood District.  There are many works of art, some even by famous graffiti artist Alec Monopoly, who is usually at the trending Miami restaurants with his gorgeous girlfriend, Alexa Dellanos.  Monopoly has many cartoonish, monopoly-style takes on making money, and his pieces have made him one of the hottest names in art over the past few years.

Dating isn’t always a lay-up, and the results are always different.  What I can promise you, if you are a man, is that you will score major points by showing an artistic side to you by even remotely considering doing a date that will share culture, conversation, and hopefully an appreciation for the exhibit, gallery, or artist.

Women, I think we can all agree that off the wall date ideas like this one are always a great idea, am I right?  Of course, everything could be enhanced with a glass of good champagne!


Jamie is a thirty something Mom, fitness buff, and art enthusiast. When she's not keeping the house intact, she enjoys a good cup of coffee while she shares her thoughts on art and interior design on this website.

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