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New York City Art Dealer Scores Big on Storage Locker

As a big fan of the show “Storage Wars,” I just had to tell you about something I read about today involving a New York City Art Dealer.

Man Buys Locker for $15,000 and Wins

In a story I read about on this website, a New Jersey storage locker that was bought for $15,000 (sounds like a lot, right?) ended up being a total bargain.  When David Killen, a dealer who bought the contents of the locker, he found six paintings that are believed to be the work of artist Willem de Kooning.  In the past, de Kooning has sold art for millions upon millions of dollars in various auctions.  The paintings found were originally part of an art studio owned by a conservator named Orrin Riley, who passed away way back in 1986.  He also had a partner, Susanne Schnitzer, who passed away in 2009.

Photo of David Killen

Pictured: David Killen, art dealer.

While the art paintings are not signed, experts have gone on record saying that they were done by de Kooning, who was from the Netherlands but eventually moved to the USA, where he passed away back in 1997.  He was known as an abstract experessionalist.

So here I am perusing sites like this one, where I’m a frequent buyer, and this man takes a stab on an abandoned storage locker and potentially makes millions of dollars?

Well, I guess I am going to have to take some risks some day and maybe follow his lead.  For now, however, I’ll be here showcasing every cool art story that I come across.

Have any of my followers purchased a storage locker?