The sweet teddy ornaments, widely known as Cherished Teddies, can have quite a high value! In this guide, we will help you find the value of your ENESCO Cherished Teddies model plus give you some tips on how to maintain it and whether to sell it.

You can also discover 9 valuable Cherished Teddies that sold recently at auction online. Check to see if you have the same teddy at home – it could be worth a fortune!

Psst. You may have more luck selling your Cherished Teddies in a set too. Read our FAQ at the end for more helpful answers and tips.

Cherished Teddies Value

Cherished Teddies

The value of a single Cherished Teddies item ranges from $50 to $500 on average. This is a reasonable price for an excellent condition item from the 90s, with the original packaging. To get a higher price for your Cherished Teddies, you can sell them as a set or just hold onto them for longer. Produced since 1991, Cherished Teddies may get more valuable as time goes by.

If you want to find the most valuable Cherished Teddies, check out list below. The most valuable Cherished Teddies are usually:

  • Signed or unique in some way,
  • A retired model that is no longer produced,
  • One of the early models from the early 90s,
  • In pristine condition with the original packaging and paperwork.

How to Identify and Value Your Cherished Teddies

If you have a Cherished Teddies ornament that you want to see, follow these steps to work out the value. You may want to write down the important info as you go.

Model and Registration Numbers

Identifying the model and registration numbers (two separate numbers) is the first step and one that cannot be skipped. Without these numbers, you cannot accurately value your item. Furthermore, the serious collectors who are willing to spend a lot of money to collect Cherished Teddies won’t spend a dime if you cannot verify the model and registration number for them.

Model Number

The model number is either a short string of letters or numbers. It could be the letters CRT or CT followed by some numbers, or a string of numbers with a letter at the end, or simply just a string of numbers.

Registration numbers, on the other hand, always have a slash in the middle. That’s the easiest way to tell them apart.

Registration Number

The first part of the registration number identifies the year it was made. This is codified, to a certain extent, so don’t expect to see ‘1997’ printed clearly! The first number, e.g. 4, would indicate that it was made in 1994. If you have a Roman numeral instead, e.g. IV, that would instead indicate that it was made in 2004.

You can usually work out the date with a little common sense, but often the quicker way is to just type the registration number into Google or eBay, and you will quickly find the model you have with the year clearly indicated.

Factors that Impact Value

These are the factors you want to look for when determining how valuable it is.

  • Condition – if there is a lot of damage, it’s not going to be worth much. Some collectors can stomach a little damage if the item is retired or limited (see below) but large cracks and chips are going to make most items worthless.
  • Age – the older the better! Cherished Teddies began production in 1991, so they are vintage items. The older your model is, the more likely it is rare too.
  • Packaging – although not essential, having the original packaging in good condition can add a little extra to the value.
  • Retired Status – Cherished Teddies are made with a mold. When the mold breaks, the model is retired and cannot be made again. This makes it far more valuable as the number available becomes limited.
  • Unique and Limited Editions – some Cherished Teddies were purposefully released as limited edition or have been signed or have another discernible feature that sets them apart. This adds to the value, as long as the model is authentic.

Note down these features. If your model is chipped, without the original packaging, and doesn’t show as retired when you look for it online, then it’s probably not worth much.

Finding a Price Online

To find the value of your Cherished Teddies, the easiest thing to do is type in the model number and registration number into Google, eBay, or Reddit to find other sellers who have the same item.

Bear in mind that some Cherished Teddies have the same model number but a different registration number – this is because the model was produced in multiple years. In this scenario, the older the model, the more it is worth.

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9 Most Valuable Cherished Teddies Sold Recently

Here are 9 examples of high value Cherished Teddies that have sold recently. All prices are rounded to the nearest dollar and are sourced from Mavin which pulls records from eBay.

1. Shea & Lexy

Shea & Lexy Teddies

  • Model: 4016841
  • Registration: XICO/103
  • Retired: No
  • Price: $610

Featuring two teddies in a garden, this adorable model is known as Shea & Lexy ‘Friendships and Gardens Grow with Love’. Not only is it in excellent condition, but it also comes with the original paperwork and packaging.

It’s a lovely set and despite not being retired, it fetched an impressive $610 on eBay back in 2020. The model has a registration number starting with the Roman numerals XI, indicating that it is from 2011. You can see the copyright on the model dates to 2009, showing when it was first manufactured.

2. Teresa & Randall

Teresa & Randall Teddies

  • Model: 4047368
  • Registration: XVIC/626
  • Retired: No
  • Price: $380

Another duo, Teresa and Randall ‘Trick or Cheese’ is a cute Halloween-themed Cherished Teddies model. Another modern piece, this item in excellent condition sold for a generous $380 in 2023.

Holding a jack-o-lantern, and toy mouse and cheese, these teddies are dressed up as mice for Halloween. These special occasion Cherished Teddies are popular with collectors, and they also make great gifts.

3. Priscilla, Norman & Glenn

Priscilla, Norman & Glenn Teddies

  • Model: 4008963
  • Registration: Unknown
  • Retired: No
  • Price: $250

‘On The Hunt For Tricks And Treats’ features an adorable trio of Cherished Teddies. Released for Halloween, it’s a great example of how a relatively modern model can fetch a high price.

The seasonality of the design, as well as the excellent quality and inclusion of the original packaging is what inflates the price. We have also seen this model signed in a different lot, which fetched approximately $100 more.

4. Imogen & Pam

Imogen & Pam Teddies

  • Model: 4004847
  • Registration: Unknown
  • Retired: No
  • Price: $225

‘Two-gether Times Are The Best of Times’ is a sweet Cherished Teddies model dating from around 2005. Already over 15 years old, it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that you can find it in perfect condition with the original packaging, which is why this particular one sold for $225.

The larger duo and trio models also sell for more in general. This may be because they were sold at a higher price originally. If you are looking for Cherished Teddies at yard sales to sell online, look for duos like this one!

5. Flora

Flora Teddies

  • Model: 4012272
  • Registration: Unknown
  • Retired: No
  • Price: $225

‘Spring is Filled With Egg-citement’ features the Cherished Teddies Flora model being pulled along by a pretty white duck. It is undeniably spring themed with a hint of Easter too.

This sold in 2023 for $225 via eBay. It is in excellent condition and comes with the original packaging, paperwork, and certificate. The seller notes that it was manufactured in 2008. The artists behind this model (and many other models) are Priscilla and Glenn Hillman.

6. Kimberly, Katheryn & Katie

Kimberly, Katheryn & Katie Teddies

  • Model: 4015559
  • Registration: XCO/851
  • Retired: No
  • Price: $225

Despite some very obvious dirt and glue on the bottom of this model, this Cherished Teddies is in excellent condition. The trio Kimberly, Katheryn and Katie is also called the ‘Our Friendship is Hoppin’’.

Manufactured in 2010, this item is already a decade old and despite being used, it looks pretty good! Again, it fetched more as a trio than a comparable single model might.

7. North Pole Express Collection

North Pole Express Teddies

  • Model: 116470, 116471, 116472, 119034
  • Registration: Unknown
  • Retired: No
  • Price: $193

The North Pole Express Collection features four individual models that link together to create a train. Like many of the highest priced Cherished Teddies, it’s a festive piece that celebrates an occasion. Furthermore, it’s in very good condition and comes with all the original packaging.

The combination of the rarity and novelty of this item makes it more valuable than others.

8. Dianne

Dianne Teddies

  • Model: 4016849
  • Registration: XICO/649
  • Retired: No
  • Price: $192

A Dianne Cherished Teddies sold for almost $200 in 2021 via eBay. Titled ‘Friends of a Feather’ it’s one of the smaller models and only sold at this high price due to the excellent condition and original packaging that it was sold with.

Copyrighted in 2009, the model has been manufactured over several years. The registration number indicates that this particular one was from a lot in 2011.

9. Bev, Bertha & Bethany

Bev, Bertha & Bethany Teddies

  • Model: 104632
  • Registration: 02078 out of 10,000
  • Retired: N/A
  • Price: $158

You can tell that this Model, titled ‘Friends Keep Your Spirit On Its Toes’, is an exclusive item. Instead of a registration mark, it has a number out of 10,000 to indicate that only 10,000 were ever made.

Copyrighted in 2002, this is definitely one of the older Cherished Teddies that we’ve seen that’s still in good condition. Add on the exclusive design and we can see why it fetched almost $160 when it sold in 2020.

Where to Sell Cherished Teddies

The best place to sell Cherished Teddies is on eBay, with some models also sold on Etsy and the Facebook marketplace. As Cherished Teddies are vintage items not antiques (they’ll be classified as antiques starting from 2091), they aren’t usually found on antiques websites like 1st Dibs.

Besides these three online sites, you might try local charity shops and yard sales. Sometimes collectors might advertise their Cherished Teddies on social media sites, including Instagram, for people to contact them via DM.


Which Cherished Teddies are worth the most?

Retired Cherished Teddies (models that are no longer produced and won’t be in the future) are worth the most, especially if they are in perfect condition and come with the original packaging.

How much are Cherished Teddies worth?

In good condition, a rare or old model could sell for a few hundred dollars. Most good condition models sell for less than $100, while used ones sell for less than $20.

When were Cherished Teddies made?

Cherished Teddies started production in 1991. The registration number on the base indicates the year it was made using numbers or Roman numerals.

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