How To Choose Right Size Of Oil Painting

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Are you making your mind work hard about what size would do justice with your painting? With the wide range of size charts available on the market— from too big, too small and ‘just right’, picking up the one that best fits your art-canvas size cannot only be tricky but also be highly subjective.

No matter if you’re a minimalist who likes to keep it small and sleek, someone who likes it Jackson Pollock Jumbo-style, or maybe an idealist, who favors something in between, here’s our basic guide to choosing the right size of oil painting.

Don’t know yet what you want, worry not, you can experiment with either of the following options and find out what works and feels the best for your oil painting reproduction:

First know the Common Canvas Sizes:

Common Canvas Sizes

Typically, Oil painting canvas sizes are expressed in inches, and you can find a few basic sizes! While the uncommon sizes can either be custom made or availed online from specialty store, here we shall primarily focus on the most common sizes so a layman can easily understand the ‘size-basics’ of oil paintings.

Mini Canvas: Add that extra detail ANYwhere

While these canvases are quite small in size, they make an excellent piece of decoration to bolster the overall visual appeal little of your living rooms. From sitting smartly on a shelf to forming a part of the photo collage set up on the wall, mini canvases are great to add that extra touch and detail to your rooms.

The following are some of the most common sizes of mini canvases:

  • 5 by 7 inches
  • 6 by 6 inches
  • 6 by 8 inches

Small Canvas Sizes: Perfect for hallways, Inlets, small walls & rooms.

Small Canvas Sizes

The second smallest of all the standard sizes of Oil Painting, small canvases closely resemble the typical size of printing papers. It is largely used for portraying a single person as there is lesser possibility of adding more faces.

But wait, small canvases make the best size for nooks and crannies of your house including the ornate hallways, inlets, in addition to being the best fit for your bookshelf, study table, and coffee table, etc. All in all, small art canvas size can be accommodated anywhere without taking up much space— and thus being the picture-perfect souvenir for your dear ones.

The following are some of the most common sizes of small sized canvases:

  • 8 by 10 inches
  • 11 by 14 inches
  • 9 by 12 inches

Medium Sized Canvas – Best for Washrooms, Kids bedroom & dens

Medium Sized Canvas

Here’s the classic oil painting resolution size that can easily fit in one or two people into the frame. Even better, it also offers sufficient space for the artist to add an extraordinary background to bolster the overall appeal of the portrait.

While there’s no second opinion that the medium artwork canvases do make a lasting statement, they often need to be placed on a wall supported with other art, which makes them a perfect fit for placing on a thinner wall or in a smaller room like that of a child’s.  Also, it makes a great fit for small art galleries where it can be framed and kept with other art pieces.

The following are some of the most common oil painting sizes of medium artwork canvases:

  • 16 by 20 inches
  • 20 by 20 inches
  • 20 by 24 inches
  • 24 by 24 inches

Large Sized Canvas: Perfect fit for large rooms, master bedrooms, and game rooms:

Large Sized Canvas

Here comes the second largest portrait size on our size chart that can accommodate as many as four to five people, and can also go beyond as per your preference and requirements. While this size of portraits is ideal for bigger rooms such as the living room and master bedroom, they make beautiful centerpieces fixed above the couch or the bed. What’s more; this size is most usually recommended for family portraits as they command attention in the room as nothing else!

The following are some of the most common sizes of large canvas:

  • 24 by 30 inches
  • 24 by 48 inches
  • 30 by 40 inches
  • 36 by 36 inches

The Statement Sized Canvas Sizes:

The Statement Sized Canvas

While the statement sized canvas is the largest of all sizes on the list, it goes an extra mile to accommodate 6-7 people within one frame and can be accommodated for more as per your choices. Not only is it the premium size of Oil Paintings if you want to give an unexpected surprise to someone, the jumbo size portraits are super fun, and perfect fit for larger spaces aligned with higher ceilings.

P.S. These statement sized canvases are sure to make the mega impact in a room, while promising a definite wow factor!

The following are some of the most common sizes of Extra-large canvases:

  • 36 by 48 inches
  • 48 by 48 inches
  • 60 by 40 inches
  • 72 by 36 inches
  • 72 by 48 inches


So, it was all about the basics of different sizes of oil paintings. Remember that choosing the right size of portrait largely depends on the purpose of the painting.  No matter if you’re going to use it as a show piece the table or the central attraction of your living room, before you order your perfect oil painting always make sure what purpose would the painting serve!


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