Elvis Presely, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is still a prominent and well-loved figure in music history. During his lifetime and especially after his death in 1977, the market has exploded with Elvis collectibles and memorabilia. Perhaps some of the most accessible Elvis collectibles are the stamps which were issued to celebrate his legacy.

The most famous and widespread Elvis stamp is the U.S. Postal Service commemorative 29¢ stamp from 1993. This forever stamp can still be bought and used for postage today! Many people like to buy rolls of this commemorative stamp depicting Elvis as a young rockstar, to use them for special occasions like addressing wedding invitations.

As testament to his worldwide popularity, many countries have brought Elvis Presley stamps into circulation, exhibiting dazzling images of Elvis starring in blockbuster movies, on stage in black-and-white, and painted pop-art portraits.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at the different kinds of collectible Elvis stamps out there, as well as their value, some auction records, and a buying and selling guide.

Elvis Presley Stamps: Background

Elvis Presley Stamps: Background

The first ever Elvis Presley stamp was issued just one year after his death in 1978 by Grenada. Through the years, more than 37 countries released Elvis themed stamps but the most famous of them all is the US 1993 Postal Service commemorative stamp.

It is customary for the US Postal Service to wait for 10 years after a well-known figure has died to issue a commemorative stamp featuring their portrait. So why did they wait 16 years to issue an Elvis stamp? In short, there was a controversy surrounding the death of the star, with many questioning whether he had really died.

Eventually, after widespread popular demand from the US public, the US Postal Service announced they would issue a commemorative stamp. They chose two artworks – one exhibiting a younger Elvis pictured in the 1950s, and the other a more mature version of the rock ‘n’ roll hero during his “Aloha from Hawaii” special concert in 1973. These portraits were sent out to the public in a nationwide poll, asking people to vote for their favorite.

Elvis Presley Stamps: Background

More than 1.2 million people voted and the 1950s Elvis won, making this forever stamp the most iconic and, to many people, the nation’s enduring favorite forever stamp. The stamp was issued in January 1993 in over 500 million copies, around three times the amount of commemorative stamps normally issued for one person! Many of these were bought and preserved as collectibles and can be found in rolls and sheets in mint condition, making them highly sought after today.

In 2015, the US Postal Service issued another commemorative stamp, making Elvis Presley the only music artist with two commemorative stamps issued in the US – a great honor! This stamp featured a black and white photo of the icon looking directly at the camera, and was released at the same time as “Elvis Forever”, his greatest hits compilation album.

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Most Valuable Elvis Presley Stamps: Identification & Value

There have been so many stamps featuring Elvis over the years that the exact number in existence is unknown. However, according to Stamp World there could be as many as 1707! Comprehensive stamp collector’s books such as Elvis on Stamps, and stamp collecting websites like Stamp World contain catalogues including all official Elvis Presley stamps.

Elvis Presley Stamps: Identification & Value

Here, we will feature some of the most common and most interesting Elvis stamps out in the world today, helping you to identify them and eventually place a value on them.

1993 U.S. Postal Service Commemorative 29 Cent Stamp (Forever Stamp)

1993 U.S. Postal Service Commemorative 29 Cent Stamp (Forever Stamp)

  • Issue date: 1993
  • Issuing country: USA
  • Value: 1 stamp = $2-$3; 1 sheet of mint condition stamps = $10-$35
  • Auction record: 19 Sheets of 1993 USPS Elvis Presley 29 Cent Stamps in mint condition, $140!

Starting with the most famous Elvis Presley stamp, the 29¢ stamp issued by the US Postal Service in 1993 is one of America’s favorite stamps to this day. The winning design features an airbrush and acrylic painting by the artist Mark Stutzman. A young Elvis from the 1950s is singing into a microphone clutched in his hand. He wears a yellow suit, and is depicted with his iconic smile and a glint in his eye. The background is pink and dazzling.

These stamps can still be bought today from private sellers in rolls or sheets in mint condition. As forever stamps, these can still be used as a valid form of postage and are worth the value of first-class postage today.

2015 U.S. Postal Service Commemorative 29 Cent Stamp (Forever Stamp)

2015 U.S. Postal Service Commemorative 29 Cent Stamp (Forever Stamp)

  • Issue date: 2015
  • Issuing country: USA
  • Value: 1 stamp = $2-$3; 1 sheet of mint condition stamps = $10-$35
  • Auction record: 8 Sheets of 2015 USPS Elvis Presley 29 Cent Stamps in mint condition, $80!

The Elvis forever stamp issued in 2015 was one in a series of USPS Music Icon stamps. It was brought out during the annual Elvis Week celebration. The black and white photograph portrait designed by Antonio Alcala and Leslie Badani was based on a striking 1995 photo taken by William Speer. Tp the right of Elvis’s head is his signature in gold, and between the words “forever” and “USA” is a small gold crown as a nod to his fame as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Like the 1993 commemorative stamps, these stamps can be bought today in mint condition, and can still be used as valid forever stamps. However, they tend to sell for less than the 1993 stamps as they are not as iconic.

Elvis Presley 70th Anniversary Stamps

Elvis Presley 70th Anniversary Stamps

  • Issue date: 2005
  • Issuing country: São Tomé and Príncipe
  • Value: 1 sheet of mint condition stamps = $30
  • Auction record:

Elvis Presley’s legendary status permeated the entire globe, and a great number of countries outside the US issued stamps in honor of the star. The Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe released this exciting set of stamps to mark the anniversary of Elvis’s 70th birthday.

This set of 9 stamps with different images on each is q real collecting gem. One even features the singer Frank Sinatra posing opposite Elvis Presley, a shot from The Frank Sinatra Timex Show: Welcome Home Elvis.

While unfranked stamps are officially valid and can be used for postage, most of them were intended only as collectors items and were precancelled.

Other countries including Ghana, Tuvalu, Grenada and Dominica also released 70th anniversary stamps.

Elvis Presley 75th Anniversary Stamps

Elvis Presley 75th Anniversary Stamps

  • Issue date: 2010
  • Issuing country: Grenada
  • Value: 1 sheet of mint condition stamps = $20-$30

This unusual set of 4 commemorative stamps features the artwork of the famous rock artist Joe Petruccio. He has captured portraits of Elvis at 4 different parts of his life. The first shows him as a young child, the second captures him in the 50s, and the third and fourth show Elvis in the 60s and 70s.

These stamps were released on the 75th anniversary of Elvis’s birthday. A high number of stamps was issued and, while these are postally valid, many were intended as collectibles. Other countries including Tuvalu, St. Vincent, Togo, Sierra Leone,  and Liberia marked the 75th anniversary in stamp form.

Other Elvis Presley Stamps: Value Chart

Here’s a quick guide to other kinds of Elvis Presley stamps out there, and their average values. Please note that values are subject to change and may be influenced by other factors such as condition and edition, for example if the stamps are part of a precancelled collector’s pack or collection book.

Issuing Country Issue Year Theme Value
Antigua 2013 Records: Sun Don’t Shine, Puppet on a String, Fame and Fortune $13-$15
Grenada 2012 Elvis in the movies $18-$23
Liberia 2014 Gold foil, photograph $20-$23
Madagascar 2022 Elvis and motorbikes $30-$40
Micronesia 2014 Gold foil, photograph $10-$20
St. Vincent 1992 15th anniversary of death $30

Other Elvis Presley Stamps: Value Chart

As well as music, Elvis was known for his starring role in 31 different movies including G.I. Blues and Jailhouse Rock. Keep an eye out for stamps highlighting his role in movies, iconic stage shows and dance routines he performed during his career.

We recommend checking Stamp World to perform a thorough search which can be filtered by country and year. This will help you gauge the value of the Elvis stamp you want to buy or sell, or simply put a price on.

Buying And Selling Elvis Presley Stamps

Perhaps you have inherited or stumbled upon a collection of Elvis Presley stamps? Or you would like to add a few to your collection? Once you have identified the type of stamp and its value, it’s time to look at buying or selling options.

Buying and selling through popular auction sites such as eBay, or vintage sites such as Etsy may be a good bet for you. Make sure you include detailed information and photos in your listings to ensure you fetch a fair price. Alternatively, go for listings with plenty of detailed information from a reputable seller and don’t be afraid to ask the seller for more information or close-up photos.

You can also try stamp collection blogs where stamp enthusiasts gather to discuss and swap stamps. Some of these include:

  • Stamp Community – a comprehensive and popular forum for stamp discussions.
  • Stamp Boards – an organised community of stamp collectors with up to date information and advice.
  • The Stamp Forum – a useful resource for stamp collectors worldwide.

Online marketplaces and auction sites that are good for buying and selling stamps include:

  • Mavin – an excellent one-stop shop for a range of collectible items. You can search for Elvis Presley stamps and filter to see stamps which have been successfully sold and for what price. You can also find current listings and keep track of auction items.
  • Stamp specialist sites like Stamp Center and Mystic Stamp Company are a great place to start and often have a great range of Elvis stamps in stock.
  • eBay – filter by condition, date, and theme. This will help you find the exact stamp you are looking for and deduce the right price.
  • Etsy – this is a great resource for vintage and rare stamp sourcing. Try searching for the right type of Elvis stamp and browse to see a great range of collectible stamps.
  • Amazon – companies and private individuals sell a vast range of collectible stamps through Amazon. Make sure you are buying genuine stamps from a seller with a high rating to avoid getting scammed by fakes and reproductions.


What stamps are valuable?

Some of the most valuable stamps in the world are the Mauritius 1874 Post Office Stamps, British Guiana 1856 1 Cent Magentas, Benjamin Franklin Z Grills, Swedish Treskilling Yellows, Sicilian Error of Colors, Two Penny Blues, and The Whole Country is Reds.

Where can I get my stamps valued?

If you are not able to value your stamps yourself, you can get them valued in-person with a stamp specialist at an auction house or collectibles store. Otherwise there are experts online to whom you can send scanned images or photos. They will be able to give you an evaluation based on their professional opinion. Bear in mind that appraisal services will cost you.

What is the rarest American stamp?

Many believe the Inverted Jenny is the rarest stamp in US history. It is a stamp featuring a plane which was famous during World War I, the JN-4HM. The Inverted Jenny is an error stamp whereby the image of the plane is upside down! This makes it rare and hence valuable.

When did the 29 cent Elvis stamp come out?

January 8th 1993.

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