When we think of luxury, most of us picture high-end cars, villas, expensive clothing, and of course, crystals. Jewelry is irreplaceable when it comes to showcasing the wealth and one’s luxurious lifestyle. And what more expensive jewelry is there than the one covered with crystals?

But, when we think of expensive, luxurious jewelry, we can’t help but wonder what the actual cost of the crystals is; are the crystals really that expensive, or are we paying for the creation of the jewelry that contains crystals?

That is why, in the following paragraphs, we’ll go through the actual costs of the crystals, like Swarovski, amethyst, quartz, and many others. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How Much Are Crystals Worth?

Before we begin, it is essential to mention that, even though we consider crystals highly expensive, they can actually be affordable and accessible for a much lower cost than one would expect. Also, it is important to bear in mind that the cost of a crystal is determined by numerous factors, such as the size of the crystals, the color, the origin, the clarity, and of course, the carat. So, when purchasing a crystal, you can expect to pay significantly more or less depending on the aforementioned factors. This could also explain the cost of the high-end jewelry, or basically anything made with crystals.

Quartz Crystals Worth

Quartz crystals are some of the most common crystals out there. Now, considering that something being common usually lowers its worth, one cannot help but wonder whether the same logic applies to crystals.

According to the current 2022 updates, in their raw form, quartz crystals are estimated to be around $0.01 per carat. However, a cut quartz crystal is estimated to be somewhere between$1-7 per carat. For example, clear quartz is estimated to be around $2 per carat, but that is because it is not especially unique or high in demand, compared to amethyst or pink quartz. The same applies to white quartz.

Of course, there are different varieties of quartz crystals, including the well-known amethyst and rose quartz, which surely affect the average worth estimate.

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Amethyst Crystal Worth

We’re still talking about the quartz crystals, but we wanted to create separate paragraphs just for amethyst crystals; there seems to be a higher demand for this particular quartz crystal, so this would be a more convenient overview.

Now, as you may know, amethyst is a violet variety of quartz crystals. It is qualified as a semiprecious stone. As adornment, natural amethyst has been in use for over 2000 years and even nowadays has a high demand in the jewelry and adornment industry.

So, what would be the worth of this crystal/gemstone? In its peak condition, an amethyst crystal is estimated to be worth between $7-15 per carat. This, of course, means that the crystal has minimal or no imperfections, the color is clear and vibrant, the clarity is high, etc. The lower the quality of the crystal, the lower the price per carat. And, this applies to pretty much any crystal out there.

Rose Quartz Crystal Worth

Another variety of quartz that is increasingly high in demand is pink quartz. It is also known as Hyaline quartz, commonly found in regions like Brazil, Japan, Madagascar, and regions in the USA. Because of its soft and feminine appearance, the crystal is being increasingly used to create jewelry and adornment.

So, what would be the worth of pink quartz? According to the current estimation, rose quartz can go anywhere between $2-4 per carat, but you can definitely expect to pay more if the color and clarity of the crystal are pristine and even. Uniform coloring of ‘colored’ quartz stones surely increases the wort per carat and makes the crystals more desirable.

Swarowski Crystals Worth

Swarowski crystals are probably the best-known crystals in the world. Everybody knows of them and surely wants to own them (or anything covered in Swarowski crystals). But, did you know that Swarowski crystals are actually made from glass? Well, yes, the Swarowski crystals are, in fact, made from high-end, precision-cut glass, which makes them incredibly more expensive than regular glass because of the fine materials and intricate production process.

Now, considering the luxury status of the Swarowski crystals, we cannot help but wonder what their actual worth really is. According to the 2022 updates, Swarowski crystals can cost anywhere between $60 and $125.

The cost of a Swarowski crystal is determined by considering the size, clarity, and color of the crystal. However, these aren’t actual, natural crystals, and they do have chemical coatings that give them the precious color and finish. Therefore, unlike diamonds, for example, the Swarowski crystal’s worth isn’t calculated in theper caratgrade standard.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Worth

Black Tourmaline crystal belongs to the schorl species of tourmaline gemstones and is currently one of the most sought-after crystals. Its intriguing color and properties make this crystal unique and desirable among crystal collectors and jewelry makers. Because this is an opaque gem, black tourmaline doesn’t fall under a specific clarity grade. However, its shape, inclusions, and brilliance affect the worth and cost of the black tourmaline crystal.

So, what would be the worth of this incredibly unique crystal? Currently, the cost of a back tourmaline goes between $3 and $6 per carat. This would be an estimated cost of the crystal; of course, the price can go higher depending on the size, brilliance, and shape of the crystal.

Final Thoughts

So, now that we’ve gone through the average cost of the most sought-after crystals in 2023, we can all conclude that crystals don’t have to be as expensive as we’re usually convinced by the crystal and jewelry sellers. Some of the crystals are super affordable, even in their prime condition. So, if you’re interested in crystal purchase, don’t be afraid to check them out. Surely, the better the crystal, the higher the cost, but once you find a good crystal, and a good seller, you may be in for a treat. We suggest you go after the more common crystals since you’ll be getting a great deal, but if rarety and brilliance are something you can afford, then even better.

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