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With the advent of social media websites in our lives, it was only inevitable that we would seek out to explore every option of what we could share with the rest of the world. Pinterest has become a coffee shop for many subjects of discussion and illustration including all types of artists. For one looking to explore and examine new forms of artwork, Pinterest provides a perfect medium for such a task. Within this article, I will compile an intriguing list of artists that may fancy your interest upon Pinterest.

Popular Pinterest Artists

  1. Orlando Arocena

Orlando Arocena might intrigue the attention of those interested in abstract portraits and conceptual art. If you are a fan of Comics and film poster artwork, then a quick visit to Orlando’s Pinterest should provide you with a very pleasant time well spent on the internet.

  1. Robin Lucile Anderson

Very detailed and intrinsically gifted at producing realistic illustrations, Robin can be relied upon and is well grounded within his ability to capture still objects and life. From Southern California, he is poised in beautiful oil paintings consisting of plants, fruits/vegetables and buildings; his work can only be described as a sight for sore eyes.

  1. Claire Desjardins

Moving away from the conventional approach, Claire captures the essence of creativity and boundarylessness. Born in Montreal, Quebec – Canada, she is well known for her “gestural expressionist paintings” in which contain very bright pastel colors. Claire had worked for many years as a graphic designer before she pursued her life-long love of painting. Her work has since appeared in television shows and in the Warner Brothers feature film, “Winter’s Tale” (released in February 2014). 

  1. Honey Larson Self

Occupying her painting time with the beauty of wildlife, Honey pursues capturing animals within their natural habitat. Teaching artwork at the Honey’s Artwork Studio Bee, she has influenced the growth and development of young artistic minds within her community. Given her depictions within her portraits, animal lovers and art lovers alike will not be disappointed when giving some spare time to peek.

  1. Ted Reed

A professional artist and instructor, Ted enjoys mainly painting portraits of people as well as capturing still objects in a breathtaking clarity. From Vienna, Virginia, he paints his work inside his home studio as well as teaching portrait, figure and still-life paintings at The Art League School located in The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia. Ted was raised in a very artistic family, which lead to his inevitable involvement in the arts; he has won a numerous amount of international and national awards.

  1. Masako Miyazaki

From San Francisco, California, visual artist Masako Miyazaki enjoys illustrating both abstract and still capture artwork as well as printmaking to film/animation and creating sculptures. Recently finishing her MFA degree from Stanford University, Masako has won awards including the Black Maria First Prize Juror’s award. Being quite successful at her work, Miyazaki has had her work distributed amongst many nationwide publications including the Smart Project Space in Amsterdam.

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