Jim Carrey Art

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Yes, it is true, Ace Ventura creates art. Just like the famous Terry Crews, many Hollywood celebrities are into art.

Half of you may have been wondering, or none of you have been wondering (if you have a life) where Jim Carrey has been all this time. Suspecting that he has found a new cave to crawl into and grow a caveman-beard is not such a far-fetched thought considering what we know about the guy. Not-so-surprisingly, he has found an unexpected hobby, or passion as he likes to refer to it. Jim Carrey has recently released an interview/documentary that can answer most of your questions about his whereabouts. Splashing paint at a blank canvas in some corner within his mansion, he has grown fond of the abstract arts and spirituality. It is an intriguing and exciting thought to wonder what kind of abstract art can come out of his mind.

A Closer Look at Jim Carrey Art

Mostly politically motivated with metaphorical depictions of politicians, he spends his time on a floor doodling colors together to create a new sense of what he thought he always was meant to be, an artist. When looking at the pieces, there is definitely a sense of pleasantness given the amount of bright and vibrant colors used within them. During an interview, Jim Carrey has stated that the inspiration behind his artwork was motivated simply by “needing more color” in his life. He has explained his frustrations with the current aspects of our society and describes a sense of enlightenment after a long time spent alone to ponder within his own thoughts. This is of course what he would say, given how out of touch most celebrities may become from the realities of the everyday life as an average Joe.

His paintings are very familiar to Alec Monopoly’s cartoonist and satirical portrayals, and reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s focus on celebrities and popular figures. Understandably, this is a very fitting method of illustration for whom most would consider, a very abstract, goofy and eccentric actor. Pictures of Jim Carrey in the act show him in a very free-like state of mind and demeanor, with simple clothes and the cliché art-guru oil coloring paint on his beard.

Jim Carrey has been drawing and painting since he was a child. Also, for quite a long while now, Carrey has been making artwork that is as expressive and emotive as his work as an on-screen character. When he isn’t working on new film content,he spends most of his time in his New York art studio cooking up a color storm.

A portion of his work has been shared on Twitter, however much has never been seen; which isn’t much of a surprise as he has been known to be very secretive about his private affairs. Not much is known about the quirky, strange and lively actor, but he has continued to be an icon of nostalgia within America.

Jim Carrey’s artwork can be seen at Wyland Galleries Beachwalk – Waikiki, Hawaii and Wyland Galleries Lake Tahoe, California where he is a permanent artist.


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