Those old glass coke bottles aren’t trash – they may actually be worth quite a lot! In our guide, we’ll take you through 10 of the most valuable coke bottles available to buy (or sell) today. There’s also a helpful section on how to identify your coke bottles at the end, so you can find out if you’re holding onto a vintage bottle or just some old junk.

The Coca-Cola company have been producing glass bottles since 1899, so there’s over 120 years’ worth of bottles to find. Keep reading to discover the most valuable bottles and where to buy and sell them.

10 of the Most Valuable Coke Bottle Designs to Collect

These are 10 of the most valuable coke bottles sold online, starting with 5 previous sales from Collection Hero and ending with 5 currently for sale bottles from individual sellers on eBay. Although some bottles are rare, don’t forget that glass coke bottles were mass produced. There’s no shortage of them! This means that most coke bottles have a low value as an antique, but still may be valuable to collectors.

Markets are always changing as more people find bottles, so don’t take this as a definitive list. Use our guide below to find out places where people buy and sell vintage coke bottles, and to analyze current prices yourself.

1 – Coca-Cola Hutch Bottle (100+ y/o)

Coca-Cola Hutch Bottle
Image: Cocacola.collectionhero

The image may be a little blurry, but this is a great example of a very old Coca-Cola bottle. Printed with ‘Property of Coca-Cola Bottling Co’ it’s a good example of what some early 1900s coke bottles looked like.

On the antique bottle forums, there was some debate over whether this bottle was genuinely worth the $6,500 it was priced at… but regardless, it sold! It’s a good example of what a rare coke bottle can sell for. Typically, if there’s a misspelling on the bottle or if it was a prototype rather than a mass-produced design, it will be worth thousands of dollars.

Most old coke bottles sell for hundreds.

2 – Bangladesh 1975 Bottle

Bangladesh 1975 Bottle
Image: Cocacola.collectionhero

Selling for $5,788 in 2021, this bottle from Bangladesh was in near mint condition – it had never been opened and the bottle was completely undamaged. These two factors certainly add a lot to the price.

What drew collectors to this bottle was that it’s 190ml and quite rare in design. They were able to date the bottle based on the markings on the base of it. You can read our full guide to identifying coke bottles below. With most 1970s and more modern bottles, imprints on the glass will tell you a lot. Older bottles, on the other hand, have different indicators that can be used to work out the age.

3 – 1940s NFL Collectors Coke Bottle

1940s NFL Collectors Coke Bottle
Image: Cocacola.collectionhero

This particularly distinctive Coca-Cola bottle was created to celebrate the NFL’s 25th anniversary, putting the production date in the 1940s. This limited-edition design is the reason it sold for $5,000. It was highly sought after by certain collectors.

The fact that it was never opened and was in completely mint condition only added to the value. With many opened bottles that are discarded after the coke is consumed, the label also starts to wear away. In this case, the intact label enabled the owner to quickly identify it as the Dallas Cowboy coke bottle. Identifying coke bottles isn’t always this easy.

4 – 1900-1920 Vintage Coke Bottle

1900-1920 Vintage Coke Bottle
Image: Cocacola.collectionhero

It’s the combination of the age and unusual trademark that make this bottle so valuable. Like the antique coke bottle above, this one sold for $5,000 on eBay. The variation of the trademark design on the sticker is what gives this bottle value, even though it’s not in mint condition and the coke inside has been consumed.

With bottles like this, we recommend you carefully assess the authenticity before placing a bid. The shining white label could be an indication that it’s a fake – it doesn’t appear to have aged at all since the early 1900s. Nonetheless, one buyer clearly though it was worth the money as this bottle sold in 2020.

5 – Tuskegee Alabama Coca-Cola Bottle

Tuskegee Alabama Coca-Cola Bottle
Image: Cocacola.collectionhero

This is a prime example of a Hutchinson bottle. It is stamped with Tuskegee Alabama on the front too (you’ll have to squint to see it with this blurry photo) and dates back to the early 1900s. Although it’s empty and there’s some minor damage to the lip of the bottle, the simple fact that it has survived this long in great condition is what gives it value.

The owner managed to sell this valuable coke bottle for $4,200 in March of 2021. They are increasing in value (albeit very slowly) so if you have a bottle that looks like this it will be worth hanging onto.

6 – 1982 Japanese Root Coke Bottle

1982 Japanese Root Coke Bottle
Image: Ebay

For sale on eBay at $1,380 at the time of writing, this vintage Japanese bottle was designed to be valuable. It comes with a wooden case that has a plaque announcing it as celebrating the 25th anniversary.

In the 1970s, people became more aware that old coke bottles were valuable. It’s also the decade when Cecil Munsey published ‘The Illustrated Guide to the Collectibles of Coca-Cola’ – a book that outlined some of the most valuable bottles ever produced by the company.

So, in the last half century we start to see Coca-Cola sold in bottles that are designed to be collected and increase in value over the years.

7 – A Rare Bottling Error!

A Rare Bottling Error
Image: Ebay

This 1-pint glass cola bottle was made in the Berlin, PA factory and is currently for sale on eBay for $999. It’s not just the age and mint condition of the bottle that makes this so valuable. If you look closely, you can actually see that there’s a metal component lodged inside the bottle itself! This is what gives the bottle more value – it’s a quirk. While it doesn’t have as much value as an antique, it is still an attractive item to Coca-Cola bottle collectors.

The seller shows photos of the cap on the bottle to prove authenticity. Not all sellers will go to such lengths, so if you’re buying unusual bottles like this elsewhere, be sure to check the photos carefully.

8 – 1980 Georgia Coke Bottle

1980 Georgia Coke Bottle
Image: Ebay

Commemorating the 1980 Georgia Bulldogs National Championship, this unopened bottle is in great condition and is listed to sell at $950 on eBay at the time of writing. It’s not entirely mint condition – if you look closely at the front, part of the ‘L’ sticker in ‘National’ has peeled away.

You can also see some damage to the surface of the bottle cap. Thankfully, it’s only surface damage that has worn away the writing rather than a piercing type of damage that would de-pressurize the contents. Nonetheless, it’s a great collectible item and in very good condition considering its age.

9 – Straight Sided Empty Glass Cola Bottle

Straight Sided Empty Glass Cola Bottle
Image: Ebay

Sometimes, the age and rarity of design is enough to raise the value of an old coke bottle even if it has damage. This straight-sided Coca-Cola bottle from Fredericksburg, VA is a good example of this. If you look closely at the photos, you’ll see a crack running down one side.

We are very glad to see that the seller of this item is responsible and points out this minor damage in the product description. They’ve also taken photos of the bottle from all angles, which is another sign that the seller is confident in the rarity and value of the coke bottle. It’s currently for sale at $699.99.

10 – 1974 Coca-Cola Bottle

1974 Coca-Cola Bottle
Image: Ebay

This vintage Coca-Cola bottle is dated to 1974, although the seller admits that this is only an estimate. If you’re thinking of buying it you should definitely get a second opinion from an expert – it is listed for $559.99, after all!

Unlike many of the bottles on our list that are the standard size, this bottle holds approximately 64oz of coke and still has the original cap on top. Like many bottles, the fact that it’s unopened and in good condition (just some minor wear and tear on the label) really adds to the price. You can find it on eBay, along with many other vintage coke bottles that are up for sale.

Complete Guide to Valuable Old Coke Bottles

Valuing old coke bottles isn’t an easy task. Coca-Cola is produced in numerous countries around the world, with the original US bottles being manufactured for well over a century. Records were not always kept and there’s no single big database that you can use.

This means there’s often a lot of guess work involved.

How to Identify Coke Bottles – Bottom Markings!

The first thing you want to do is identify the style of the bottle and the country it was likely made in. Common coke bottle styles include:

  • Hobbleskirt/contour – these have the ribbed glass at the bottom, swelling outwards where the Coca-Cola label is, then narrowing up to the cap. This is the style still used for modern coke bottles, so it’s easy to spot.
    • Embossed Coca-Cola Writing – if the glass itself is molded to say Coca-Cola, it’s likely quite old. They started making these bottles in 1916(ish).
    • Painted CocaCola Writing – if the brand name is painted on, usually in a white color, it is no older than the 1960s.
  • Straight-sided – as the name suggests, these bottles have straight sides. Made between 1900 and 1920, these are usually valuable. The glass will have join lines on the side where it was manufactured and it’s common to see bubbles trapped in the glass too.
  • Hutchinson (or just ‘Hutch’) – the earliest (and incredibly rare) bottles are Hutchinson. They were hand-blown inside molds and are similar to straight-sided, except the cylindrical body reaches far higher up. These bottles have a shorter neck and a Hutchinson style closure. These bottles were produced from 1890 to around 1907.

Hutchinson bottles are worth the most, but they are incredibly rare and there are counterfeits out there, so be careful.

With regards to markings on the bottom or side of the bottle, it’s really hit and miss. Some bottles have a name embossed on them, e.g. Root to represent the Root Glass Company, while others have small numbers that are located on the base or neck of the bottle. The numbers are usually in 2-digit format. E.g., ‘47’ might indicate that it was made in 1947.

There may be multiple numbers on the bottle in a sequence – you can guess which one refers to the date based on the style of the bottle and where it was likely produced.

Vintage Glass Coke Bottle Value Chart

Vintage Glass Coke Bottle Value Chart

Coming up with a value for your bottle is not easy. With only three common bottle shapes and a lax policy of dating bottles (there’s no reason or rhyme as to why some bottles are dated and others aren’t) it’s a tough job.

The best thing to do is try to find similar bottles on auction sites – see our links below. You can also try taking the bottle to an antiques expert or uploading photos to a forum for help.

Although we can’t give prices, we have created a very rough guide to rarity:

Coke Bottle Era Rarity Value
Hutchinson 1890 – 1907 Extremely Rare $$$$$$
Straight Sided 1900 – 1920 Rare $$$$
Hobbleskirt – Embossed 1916 – 1955 Sometimes Rare $$$
Hobbleskirt – Painted 1955+ Sometimes Rare $$
Prototype (Unreleased) Any Extremely Rare $$$$$$
Limited Edition Before 1970s Rare $$$
Limited Edition After 1970s Sometimes Rare $$

Generally, the older and rarer the bottle is, the more value it will have. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. Furthermore, the condition of the bottle is very important for the price you can sell it at.

An unopened bottle in mint condition will demand a high price. An empty and obviously damaged bottle will not sell for much at all, even if it’s fairly rare.

Where to Buy and Sell Old Coke Bottles

eBay and Etsy are often good places to find Coca-Cola bottles for sale. eBay gets the most expensive ones, where collectors look to buy and sell via auction. Etsy tends to have cola bottles that are unvalued. They are sold for crafts purposes rather than collection purposes… but you might stumble onto something valuable if you are lucky.

If you really want to get a good price for your old valuable coke bottles, try reaching out on forums and heading to specific collector websites. You can sell and/or buy from:



How much is a 1923 Coca-Cola bottle worth?

As with all Coca-Cola bottles, how much they are worth comes down to the rarity of the design, any defects, and the condition of the bottle. Bottles made in the 1920s – a century ago – will have some value if they are in good condition. They may sell for a few hundred dollars. Very rare bottles from this era and the 1910s have sold for $100,000 or more – but that’s incredibly rare.

How much is a 1970 Coca-Cola bottle worth?

In the 1970s, bottles of Coca-Cola still sold for a meager 5 cents. Nowadays, some obscure 1970s bottles have sold for several hundreds of dollars. Unlike the rare and prototype early 1900s coke bottles, they rarely sell for thousands of dollars unless there’s a defect that adds value.

What is the most expensive coke bottle?

In February 2012, it was reported that a coke bottle sold for a record $240,000 – nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Most coke bottles sell for a few hundred dollars if they are rare.

Are old coke bottles worth anything?

Most valuable coke bottles are worth a few hundred dollars. The very rare bottles may be worth a few thousand dollars. There have been a couple bottles sell for more than this, but those were prototypes and one-of-a-kind bottles. The majority of mass-produced modern glass coke bottles are worthless.

How can you tell how old a coke bottle is?

You need to analyze the date code, the trademark and language of the writing, as well as the font used and other factors. Coke bottles have been made for over a century in factories not just across the US but all over the world. This makes dating bottles quite challenging, especially if they are rare. If you can’t find a date for it online, try asking in forums or take it to an antiques expert.

When were the first coke bottles made?

This history of Coca-Cola stretches back more than a century. Originally, it was a fountain soda drink but by 1899 it was sold in bottles. The glass bottles are still produced today, but plastic versions are more widely sold unfortunately.

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