Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) collectors are no longer little kids and gawky teens – as Pokémon has aged, so has the players, collectors and champions who love it. And now they have some spare cash laying around, they’re ready to pay a pretty penny of a rare Pokémon card.

Gold Pokémon cards are, by definition, rare. They’re the kind of card you squeal about when you find in a booster pack. But how much exactly are they worth?

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell Pokémon TCG cards, this guide will explain what price to expect for a gold card (and also explain the difference between standard golds, alt-arts, and those real gold cards).

Let’s go, Pikachu!

TLDR; Gold Pokémon Cards Are Valuable!

Mewtwo Gold Pokémon Cards

Gold Pokémon cards are rare, but not 200-year-old-grandfather-clock rare. These items are vintage, not antiques after all. Nonetheless, collectors will pay for them. First, there are different types to straighten out:

  • Standard gold cards – the kind you find in a booster pack. They’re gold all-over, but otherwise look like a standard Pokémon card.
  • 1990s metal cards – these are Pokémon cards made with a gold-colored metal, often released with Burger King meals.
  • Real gold cards – The Pokémon Company has released some legitimately gold cards over the years, to commemorate special occasions. These are incredibly rare and would fetch thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

The first two categories – standard gold cards and 90s metal cards – sell for less than $100 on average, although some valuable cards (see below) can sell for up to $500.

The best places to sell these cards is on eBay, which is where most collectors hunt for the perfect card to complete their collection. However, there are some other places to sell them, and you’ll also need to know data like the PSA mint score for the card before you sell or buy it. Learn more about this in our guide below.

Gold Rare Pokémon Cards – Top 5 Most Valuable

Typically, full-art, rainbow, shiny or alternative art cards are the most valuable you can have in a deck. But The Pokémon Company wanted to make some of the most-played and common cards valuable too – and thus, the gold card was created.

Gold cards are quite literally gold in color and impossible to miss. They are not going to be super rare either – it’s not just a Mew that comes in gold. From balls to potions to Snorlax, all manner of card designs are made in gold.

The typical price for a gold card in excellent condition is less than $100, but there are exceptions. Here are five valuable gold Pokémon cards that have been sold through eBay.

1. Umbreon – Pop Series 5, PSA 10

Pop Series 5, PSA 10 Umbreon

For the highest prices, cards need to be PSA 10 which means gem mint condition! An Umbreon card fetched $10,200 when it sold in 2017. The one pictured above is near mint. This particular card is probably the rarest in the game.

2. Rayquaza – Ex Deoxys, PSA 9

Pop Series 5, PSA 10 Umbreon (1)

In mint condition, this Rayquaza sold for $8,500 in 2020. Although Rayquaza has been released several times throughout the game, it’s this gold card from the Ex Deoxys series that is particularly valuable.

3. Latios – Ex Deoxys, PSA 10

Ex Deoxys, PSA 10 Latios

Another card from the Ex Deoxys series that’s worth a lot of money is this gold Latios card. It sold for $5,600 through eBay and is in gem mint condition (PSA 10). It’s also a Holo card, meaning part of the design sparkles or stands out.

4. Pikachu – EX Holon Phantoms, PSA 10

EX Holon Phantoms, PSA 10 Pikachu

Pikachu cards are always popular, as it’s one of the most well-known and loved Pokémon in the game. Selling for $4799.99, this gold star Pokémon card was rated gem mint by PSA and is from the EX Holon Phantoms expansion pack. The card pictured above is of a lower quality (notice the crease marks).

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5. Charizard – EX Dragon Frontiers, PSA 10

EX Dragon Frontiers, PSA 10 Charizard

Charizard is a powerful dragon fire Pokémon. The final evolution of everyone’s favorite starter Pokémon, Charmander, this card is insanely valuable if you find a mint condition gold star version! One card sold for $4,495 back in 2019 on eBay.

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Gold Plated Pokémon Cards – Top 5 Most Valuable

Gold Pokémon cards are not actually gold, unless you happen to find a limited edition one created by The Pokémon Company themselves. For example, they released a 24k gold card that comes with an acrylic stand and box in 2016. It sold for $2,000.

Most gold-plated Pokémon cards refer to the 1999 Burger King release. When you bought a meal, you would also get a metal plated card – it looks gold in color, but it’s not made of real gold.

The original release included: Charizard, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Pikachu, Poliwhirl, and Togepi.

In recent years, fans and artists have created their own gold metal cards for other Pokémon, just like they also paint (or deface, depending on who you ask) cards to make them alternative art or full art. While these handmade cards aren’t technically collectible – in 100 years, an antiques collector is going to want genuine cards, not the hand-painted ones – they are still valuable and Pokémon trainers will pay a lot of money for them.

Let’s look at how those original Burger King gold-plated Pokémon cards are selling today, with top five most valuable we could find.

1. Pikachu

Pikachu 1999 23 carat Gold Plated Bar Card

A gold-plated Pikachu card from the original 1999 Burger King promo sold for $676 on eBay. This is totally overpriced when you notice how used and scratched the card is! Nonetheless, it’s a great example of how collectors will pay a lot for a Pikachu.

2. Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff 1999 23carat Gold Plated Bar Card

Jigglypuff is another cute Pokémon, though arguably not as cute as Pikachu. This gold-plated Burger King PTCG card sold for $500 this year (2022) which could indicate that the price is only going up. Like many gold-plated cards, it isn’t valued by the PSA.

3. Poliwhirl

Poliwhirl 1999 23 carat Gold Plated Bar Card

When first released in 1999, we bet the original customers were hoping to get a Pikachu or Charizard when they opened their packet! Nonetheless, Poliwhirl also has a loyal following and some collectors will pay a lot for this card. One Poliwhirl gold-plated card sold for $391.

4. Charizard

Charizard 1999 23 carat Gold Plated Bar Card

Selling for $346, this gold-plated Burger King Pokémon card has never even been taking out of the box. As collectors will tell you, untouched items still in the original packaging can be worth a lot. Taking the card out of the box will instantly lower that value.

5. Full Set

Full Set of 1999 23 carat Pokemon Gold Plated Bar Card

For $320 you could have bought the entire set of gold-plated Pokémon cards on eBay. This is a much more reasonable price for a set of 6 Burger King cards. The above prices are basically unicorns! Regardless, some collectors will be willing to pay quite a bit given the current popularity of Pokémon.

Are 23k Gold Plated Pokémon Cards Worth Collecting?

If you love Pokémon, they are worth collecting because they are rare. You’ll have eternal bragging rights!

As for antiques investors, Pokémon cards are currently going through a craze of popularity. After the release of the Pokémon Go app, more and more kids (and Millennials) are getting back into the world of Pokémon.

However, that doesn’t mean that the cards will be valuable forever. In 100 years’ time, Pokémon may be dead in the water – if there is no one interested in buying the cards, you won’t get a good price for them.

Right now, with a surge in interest, you are more likely to get a high price for your gold Pokémon cards. Whether they’re worth holding onto… well, that’s a gamble you will need to decide if you’ll take.

Burger King Gold Pokémon Cards Value

Burger King Rayquaza from Ex Emerald Card

A good example of Pokémon cards NOT gaining value is the Burger King gold plated card release. Although they’re worth more than standard cards, collectors are generally disappointed to find that the cards are worth far less than they thought, primarily due to how many were released in the 1990s.

For buying, selling, and researching Pokémon cards, check:

Regular Gold Pokémon Cards Value

The value of a card doesn’t just depend on how rare it is, although it is the main driving factor when it comes to price. You should also consider:

  • The value of the card in terms of the PTCG, e.g., is it a good card to play? Collectors who purchase cards to play with will care about this.
  • When it was released. As with all vintage and antiques, older equals rarer, so the latest gold Pokémon card may get more valuable over time.
  • The quality of the card – this is measured by PSA.

Quality matters. You’ll often see a condition status for the card – mint, excellent, good, etc. – or an indication of how it was used, e.g., ‘like new’ or ‘slightly worn’. When you’re buying a card, it’s wise to look for details about the condition of it.

Some cards may have been evaluated by PSA.

PSA Mint Levels

PSA grading comes with multiple benefits. Any card that has a PSA grade has been checked for authenticity and is secured in a clear plastic sleeve, which prevents any further damage in transit. If you have a very valuable card, it is well worth the price of getting it graded by PSA, even though it’s quite expensive.

PSA uses a 10-point grading scale, with gem mint 10 being the highest possible, and poor 1 being the lowest. This makes it easy to compare a card and figure out what quality it is, and thus what price it is worth.

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Other Rare Pokémon Cards to Look For

Galarian Moltres Pokémon Card

Besides gold card, there are other Pokémon cards that are valuable. If you are a collector or want to sell some of your Pokémon cards for cash, look for these particular card types:

  • Shiny – an alternate color of a standard Pokémon. These sell for $300 on average.
  • Full Art – the entire card is covered with artwork. Prices vary widely from $5 to tens of thousands.
  • Alternative Art – typically valued between $100 and $500, these cards are super rare and feature alternative art to the standard card.
  • The Pokémon Company special releases – ranging from free promo cards to tournament rewards and anniversary releases. These can range from very common to extremely rare or even one-of-a-kind.


Are Pokémon gold cards worth anything?

Pokémon TCG cards are valuable to certain collectors. Very limited edition and rare cards can sell for thousands of dollars, however most gold cards (rare gold and/or gold plated) sell for between $5 and $500.

Are gold Pokémon cards rare?

Yes, although not as rare as the ultra-valuable alternative-art cards, gold cards are rare to find in booster packs. As for the gold-plated cards that were sold through Burger King in the 1990s, these aren’t so rare. Thousands were made! You can usually buy these from eBay for around $20.

Are the gold Pokémon cards made of real gold?

Pokémon cards made officially by The Pokémon Company may actually be made with real gold – these are extremely rare and were released for special occasions, like the 20-year anniversary. As for the Burger King gold-plated cards and other mass-produced gold cards, these items are not made from real gold. Instead, they’re made of a cheaper metal foil to mimic the appearance of gold.

How much is a gold Charizard card worth?

At the top end of the market, a PSA 10 gold star Charizard from EX Dragon Frontiers sold for just under $5,000. Most gold cards sell for a few hundred dollars at most, but it really depends on quality and how much buyers are willing to bid.

How much is a gold Pikachu card worth?

Along with Charizard and Umbreon, a gold star Pikachu card can sell for a few thousand dollars if it’s in gem mint condition and sellers are eager for it! Most gold Pikachu cards in mint condition sell for a few hundred dollars.

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