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  • 100 U.S. Wheat Pennies With Steel Cents in a Custom Vx Investments Microfiber Pouch (2 Rolls of U.S. Wheat Cents). 100 Old

    Grade Rating Circulated
    Graded By Seller
    Variety Rare, Wheat
    Material Copper
    Year 1945

    • 100 WHEAT PENNIES – Each Bag Includes 100 wheat cents from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Every bag includes at least 3 1943 Steel Pennies.
    • COLLECTIBLE COINS – Perfect for the coin collector in your life or anyone you know who likes antiques and collectibles.
    • WWII MEMORABILIA – Every bag includes 1943 Steel wheat pennies made during World War II. A real numismatic collectors dream.
    • COIN COLLECTION SUPPLIES – A Perfect Starter Coin Collection. Unsearched grab bag of copper lincoln wheat pennies. A genuine example of U.S currency history.
    • COLLECTIBLE COIN SETS – Fill up your coin album and penny rolls with this us coins collection.
  • 1883 to 1912 Liberty Nickels Set of 7 Coins Set Good

    Grade Rating Good
    Graded By Seller
    Material Nickel, Copper
    Mint Mark Collection
    Unit Grouping Set

    • Set of 7 Liberty Barber or V Nickels
    • Mixed Dates
    • Circulated
    • All from 1900s
    • Great Starter Set of Coins
  • 1900 Era 90% Silver Coin Lot Kennedy Half, Washington Quarter, 5 Mercury Dimes VG and Better

    Grade Rating Very Good
    Graded By Seller
    Material Silver
    Year 1900
    Mint Mark No Mint Mark

    • Great collection — $1.25 face 90% Silver
    • All full date and will grade VG and better
    • On hand and ships immediately
  • 1976 U.S. Proof Set in Original Government Packaging

    Grade Rating Mint State
    Graded By US Mint
    Variety Proof
    Material Nickel, Copper
    Year 1976

    • This official 1976 U.S. Mint 6 coin proof set contains a Eisenhower dollar, Kennedy half dollar, Washington quarter, Roosevelt dime, Jefferson nickel and Lincoln cent
    • All coins bear the San Francisco “S” mint mark, and feature extra sharp images and mirror-like surfaces
    • The Eisenhower dollar, Kennedy half & Washington quarter feature the 1776-1976 dual dating and bicentennial reverse designs, and are copper-nickel clad
    • Comes with the original U.S. Mint packaging. Please note that Proof Sets prior to 1990 did not include a certificate of authenticity
    • Profile Coins & Collectibles – More Coins for the Money!
  • 1983 S Proof set Collection Uncirculated US Mint

    Grade Rating Proof
    Graded By Seller
    Variety Proof
    Material CN-Clad
    Year 1983

    • 1983 US Mint Proof Set
    • Original Box in nice shape
    • (1) Kennedy half dollar
    • (1) Washington Quarter
    • (1) Roosevelt dime (1) Jefferson Nickel (1) Lincoln Cent
  • 2002 S US Mint Proof Set Original Government Packaging

    Grade Rating Proof
    Graded By US Mint
    Variety Proof
    Material CN-Clad
    Year 2002

    • 2002 US Mint Proof Set
    • Original Box in nice shape
    • (1) Native American Sacagawea Dollar, (1) Kennedy Half Dollar
    • (5) Washington Quarter
    • (1) Roosevelt dime (1) Jefferson Nickel (1) Lincoln Cent

    Grade Rating Average Circulated to BU
    Graded By Seller
    Material Silver
    Year 1971
    Brand US Mint

    • Great set of 4 coins — all different dates. Ikes were produced from 1973 to 1978 — an exceptionally short run.
    • One from the 4-coin set with be have the dual date 1776-1976. The other 3 coins will be dated 1973 to 1978
    • Coins have been picked for quality and eye appeal. The coins will grade from average circulated to BU
    • No holes, grime or counter-stamps. Great collectible at an extremely affordable price
    • On hand and ships immediately.
  • The Franklin Mint Founding Fathers Coin Collection – 7-Piece 24-Karat Gold-Plated Collectible Coins with Wood and Metal Storage

    Grade Rating Fine
    Variety Commemorative
    Brand LIVVEasy
    Unit Grouping Set
    Total Eaches 7

    • ☑️ BEAUTIFUL GOLD-COATED COINS – Each coin in our Founding Fathers collection is lavishly coated in 24K gold. Each token displays the name and image of these great men of American history.
    • ☑️ SOLID MINTING – The Franklin Mint is known as the “gold standard” in the collectible and gift world. Thus, you can be sure that you’re getting nothing short of the best in this collection.
    • ☑️ DIVE DEEP INTO HISTORY – Our gold coin collection mint set includes detailed fact cards about each of the 7 founding fathers: Washington, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, and Jay.
    • ☑️ SEE EACH COIN IN DETAIL – Our collection set includes a pair of white inspection gloves and a magnifying glass. This safely allows you to hold and closely inspect the gold coins in full detail.
    • ☑️ EYE-CATCHING DISPLAY – Add a touch of luxury and some bits of history into your study or office with our gold coin collection box. It’s one display that will definitely turn heads around.