Places to Purchase Wall Art

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Wall art is the foundation in which most people visualize when the word “art” is said. It’s presence can modify and perfectly finish a bare space on any surface, as a consequence, the sales of such a thing are alive and well. When considering where to spend one’s hard-earned money to purchase such a fine thing, several things must be taken into account.

Whether you are a casual or regular art consumer, there has always been room for most people to enjoy taking a visual breath of fresh creativity and conglomerations of beautiful patterns and colors. When taking a look at where you should place your attention towards for making any purchase decisions, one needs to know a few things before proceeding.

Is Cost Related to Quality?

Generally, artists tend to have a particular formula to determine the price in which to sell their artwork; this of course does not pertain to contracted artists or those who are partnered with any prestigious art exhibits. Unless an artist is desperate, they will (on average) price their piece by the hours of work required to create it ($20/hour), incorporate the cost of materials used and create a sum figure in which to sell the piece. So, for the most part, if you are looking to obtain a piece in which is highly detailed and produced from high amounts of recourses, then there’s no way to beat around the bush. Albeit, thankfully, when it comes to quality in art, one will know for sure what they’re getting by simply looking at the piece (obviously). Avoid purchasing artwork from exhibits, as the sum of the pieces are made from not only the artist’s work, but the agency/company’s contribution as well.

Online or Offline?

When a determined price range in which to buy artwork has been set, your next move is to find a venue, and this is where the difference between purchasing online vs in person comes into consideration. If your price range for what you are seeking falls below what you would consider to be expensive, then your best bet for your buck would be to find a piece online, considering that the web is a much broader spectrum in which artwork is sold and coincidently, you are more likely to stumble upon a deal significantly better than that of a physical location in which the price includes the cost of the physical venue and retailer’s services to the artist.

Auction or Fixed Price?

When it comes to artwork, uniqueness almost becomes synonymous with the essence of what art is (especially abstract art). In auctioning, one of the biggest factors that determines the price of the item is exactly what most art is derived from (for the most part); rarity and uniqueness. Hence, if you are looking for a steal, then you should stray from art that’s under an auction’s spotlight. Therefore, your best bet would be to go for artwork sold at a fixed price.

Places to Consider…

Below are several websites that could offer relatively inexpensive price ranges for what you’re looking for:

  1. Ebay – This list would not have been complete without the first thing that comes to mind, Ebay. It is one of the most renown eCommerce websites known for it’s prestigiously inexpensive prices.
  2. Amazon – Being the king of inexpensive online prices, Amazon offers direct to consumer prices from aspiring artists and artwork companies alike.
  3. Etsy – A website that has become much more popular in recent years, Etsy offers a wide variety of artwork from artists across the globe.
  4. iCanvas – An online store that offers a wide assortment of art from a multitude of different artists.
  5. Great Big Canvas – The name speaks for itself; what better place to buy great big canvases than from Great Big Canvas?

For more destinations, view this page of various places where you can purchase art.




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