Will Vaping Ruin The Art On My Wall

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Vaping has taken the world by storm. The world has gone so electronic that even cigarettes have also joined the train. For those new to the concept of vaping, here is a brief introduction. Vaping is a technology that uses a cigarette-shaped device that releases nicotine through the heating up of a combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Sorry about the chemistry jargons, in simple terms, a vape is an electronic cigarette.

Why has vaping been this popular all of a sudden? This is because research shows that smoking a vape can reduce addiction to the traditional harmful cigarettes, reduces the risk of liver damage and it is 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Don’t take my word as an authority; this was contained in a report by Public Health England (PHE). What’s more? You get to enjoy different flavors of this e-cig as it comes in.

Let’s get back to the topic in view. Many vapers are worried whether or not vaping can stain the art on their walls and by extension, their walls. Normal cigarettes can pose a threat to the walls of your house and the art in it. Apart from leaving the smell at every point of your room, traditional cigarettes can leave dark spots called nicotine residue on the arts on your wall. The good news is vaping does not affect the art on the walls of your house. Let’s take a deeper view of this.

The combination of nicotine and several chemicals is what causes tobacco discoloration in the form of dark nicotine residues. We can see the effect of this on the teeth and fingernails of tobacco smokers. This nicotine residue also forms on the walls and arts on the walls of the house when tobacco is smoked in a closed door. It settles on not just the arts on the walls but also on the curtains and some utensils.

Nicotine is present in e-cigs no doubt, but they are present in very minute quantities. Also, the vaping technology takes its root form from vaporization. The vapor from the vape evaporates easily and quickly into the air. There is little or no time for it to settle on the art or the walls of your house. Another good reason to prove that vaping will not affect the art on the wall of your house is that vapes have no tars in them and so do not leave dark residues on your walls.

Therefore, e-cigarettes must be one of the best things to happen to the “smoking industry”. Vaping is not harmful to health, not destructive to the walls and not even harmful to the art on the walls of your house. To add to this advantages, your room will also smell good due to the various flavors it has.

Does vaping affect art on the walls of your house? The article has done a good job in answering that. I believe you are now convinced beyond reasonable doubt that it doesn’t. Thanks for reading.


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