You all heard about  Avon, right? 

For decades, Avon was the leading company in the beauty industry. Their products were mainly make-up, fragrance, body lotions, and massage products. What was special about this brand was the fact that they used a wide range of interesting containers for bottling their products. Most of these products are highly collectible items nowadays. 

However, one specific product was and still is the most interesting one to many collectors worldwide – the perfume bottles. These vintage Avon perfume bottles still hold some of the most cherished scents from the past and this is what collectors crave for. 

We are pretty sure that if you take a look at your grandma’s house you’ll find an extensive collection of these fragrance bottles since they were sought-after for their beauty and rarity for many decades.

In this article, we will talk about why collectors and antique enthusiasts are ready to pay a small fortune for vintage perfume bottles. In the following, you’ll find a list of the most valuable Avon bottles ever sold at auctions. Also, we throw in some of the most useful details about each piece, so you’ll know how to recognize them.

If You Are In A Hurry Read This

The market is always changing, some prices go up and some go down. Also, with time more Avon bottles appear, some of them we didn’t have the chance to see before and some are old classics that we love. 

So if you don’t have the time to scroll down to our guide and read a complete review, here you can find a short list of the most sought-after and valuable Avon bottles you can buy.

  1. Vintage Avon Ming Blue Lamp Bottle$22
  2. Vintage Avon Buffalo Bison Decanter Wild Country$32
  3. Vintage Empty Bottle Avon Pony Decanter Wild Country Aftershave Horse Shape$79
  4. Vintage Avon Fashion Figurine Gay Nineties Unforgettable Cologne Decanter Rare$79
  5. Vintage Avon Pair Of Milky Glass Bottles Decorative Perfume Bottle$155

What Makes Avon Perfume Bottles Valuable?

Let’s make one thing clear right away a majority of Avon bottles are not valuable today. Remember that only vintage Avon bottles are worthy collectibles. Avon Inc. has been manufacturing products for decades now, so that explains why only a few selected items from their very beginnings are collectible items.

So in fact what makes an Avon bottle a valuable item is the rarity, age, and naturally the condition a perfume bottle is in.

The older a product is, the more value it holds. Also, these products were packed in bottles that feature a much more creative design than the later ones that feature a simpler design. This increases their value and attractiveness significantly.

These Avon bottles are hard to find due to their rarity. This mainly refers to pre-1965 Avon bottles which can bring you a nice amount of cash. Logically, the closer these bottles are to their original condition, the more value they have.

Here is the list of factors that determine the condition and the value of Avone bottles:

  • It makes a big difference if the bottle is opened or unopened. Meaning, if the bottle contains the original perfume. Is your bottle full, partly full, or empty?
  • Look at the brand label and stickers. Are they intact? It is important how clear and readable the markings on them are.
  • Do you have the original box of the Avon bottle?
  • Is the bottle damaged in terms of scratches and cracks?

So, if your Avon bottle is unopened, contains the original fragrance, and has all stickers intact it will be very valuable. However, that does not mean that empty bottles are lower in value. In fact, some of the most valuable antique and vintage perfume bottles do not contain any perfume, they only feature all the stickers and are free of scratches and cracks.

Price Guide For Avon Bottles Worth Collecting

Although Avon collectibles tend to be affordable compared to some other brand collectibles it’s still a good idea to know as much as you can about each item and market prices. You know how people say – knowledge is power, so let’s learn together.

In the following text, you’ll learn some basic information about each collectible item so you can avoid buying a fake product, or one that isn’t priced appropriately.

1. Avon Mickey Mouse Cologne Bottle Figurine with Spring Legs

  • Year: 1930s
  • Price: $358
Most Valuable Avon Bottles - Avon Mickey Mouse Cologne Bottle Figurine with Spring Legs

Everything Disney-related sells well, even better than well. Especially, if it originates from the earliest Disney years, the era between the 1920s and 1940s. These items are very popular among the Disney collectors. Avon was one of the first companies that got licensed to produce merchandise with Disney characters.

One of Avon’s most valuable perfume bottles ever made is the spring-legged Mickey Mouse perfume. It was created in the 1930s with a pie-eyed Mickey design. 

2. Avon Thomas Flyer 1908 Bottle Rare Car Collectible Perfume Bottle

  • Year: 1970s
  • Price: $275
Most Valuable Avon Bottles - Avon Thomas Flyer 1908 Bottle Rare Car Collectible Perfume Bottle

This particular Avon bottle was inspired by the Thomas Flyer’s car Model 35 which won the New York-Paris race in 1908. You’ll notice that this Avon bottle features an open roof, four seats, and the mounted spare tire at the car’s rear which forms the lid of the bottle. It is made from glass that is mainly white, while the seats are red and blue and detachable.

This bottle originally was filled with 6 fl. oz. of Wild Country aftershave. The production started sometime in the 1970s (probably 1975). An average value of this bottle is from $150 to $200 and above, depending on the condition.

This particular bottle was sold for $275 bottle due to the fact it features all the original content stickers at the bottom of the car, it is in fine condition, with minor scratches.

3. Rare Vintage Avon Wild Country Aftershave Blue Motorcycle Bottle 

  • Year: 1970s
  • Price: $179
Most Valuable Avon Bottles - Rare Vintage Avon Wild Country Aftershave Blue Motorcycle Bottle 

Similar to the previous Avon bottle this one also holds Wild Country aftershave. As you can see it features a very interesting design that was in production during the 1970s. The motorcycle-shaped bottle is made from blue glass and features a gloss finish. It comes with a detachable handlebar.

What makes this particular bottle attractive is its detailing on the motorcycle, as well as its condition since the bottle still has its original content and is unopened. Also, you’ll find the protective nylon on the handlebar, and the original content sticker on the bottom.

With its almost-new condition, this vintage piece is extraordinary and very valuable thus the $179 price tag.

4. Vintage Avon Little Blossom Whisper Soft Cologne

  • Year: 1982
  • Price: $155
Most Valuable Avon Bottles - Vintage Avon Little Blossom Whisper Soft Cologne

Avon launched the Little Blossom line of cosmetic products for young girls in 1982. These were in competition with products such as Strawberry Shortcake and Cabbage Patch Kids. Products in this line featured characters with flower fragrance and design themes.

However, the ‘Whisper’ fragrance isn’t the only one from the Little Blossom collection that is a valuable collectible. You should also look for the Daisy Dreamer set. 

Depending on the product, these bottles can cost around $200. This particular bottle of Whisper perfume was sold for $155 considering the original box is damaged, yet the original perfume is intact.

5. Avon Sweet Honesty Boddy Splash Full Bottle

  • Year: 1970-1985
  • Price: $149
Most Valuable Avon Bottles - Avon Sweet Honesty Boddy Splash Full Bottle

If you prefer a simple and clean design this beautiful transparent glass bottle must be high on your list, or it will be after reading this article. What makes it different from so many other Avon bottles is the fact that this bottle is all-glass, meaning the stopper isn’t made from rubber or brass like with all others.

This particular item is unopened and holds original content a 6 fl. oz. of Avon Sweet Honesty body splash. The bottle features all the original content stickers that are still in excellent condition.

A bottle in a mint condition like this is very valuable. In all honesty, this price is much lower than estimated, so if you ever run across a specimen like this for a price of around $200, make sure you don’t miss out on it!

6. Avon Disney’s ‘Small World” Perfume Bottles

  • Year: 1970s
  • Price: $145
Most Valuable Avon Bottles - Avon Disney's 'Small World Perfume Bottles

Rounding in the top most valuable collectible Avon bottles on the market is once again an item from the Disney “Small World” collection. In total Avon produced eight different bottles, each one portraying one of the characters from the Small World ride. What makes perfume bottles from this collection valuable is the fact that only they were made from glass.

In most cases, these bottles sell in partial sets and the average price goes from $100 up to $200. For instance, this particular set is full and it was sold for $145 due to the small damages on some items, also, some items are full and some are empty.

7. Avon Chess Set and Board Cologne Bottles

  • Year: 1976
  • Price: $125
Most Valuable Avon Bottles - Avon Chess Set and Board Cologne Bottles

It seems that in the 1970s Avon created many interesting designs that became wildly popular. In 1971 they released a two-toned chess piece-shaped collection of cologne and aftershave bottles. If you are lucky enough to acquire all the figures from this collection you’ll get the complete set that fills an entire playable chessboard. 

What made these bottles insanely popular was Bobby Fischer’s historic win during the 1972 World Chess Championship. Depending on the condition you can buy the entire set for a price between $50 and $150.

On the other hand, some people sell partially full sets for that same amount of money. However, since these bottles are very sought-after their price will continue to rise.

8. Vintage Avon Cranberry Perfume Bottle

  • Year: 1950s
  • Price: $115
Vintage Avon Cranberry Perfume Bottle

If you prefer vivid colors and simple design this particular perfume bottle is just for you. The vibrant cranberry color paired with the delicate floral design together created an elegant and sophisticated artsy-like bottle.

It is made from fine glass and with a brass top that can be unscrewed allowing you to refill this bottle with ease. Owning such a piece is special, especially if the item is in good condition.

This particular vintage bottle has a few minor scratches which slightly diminish its real value. Also, this bottle comes empty.

9. Collectible Perfume Bottle

  • Year: 1970s
  • Price: $110
Most Valuable Avon Bottles - Collectible Perfume Bottle

Only a certain amount of Avon bottles are valuable collectible items, and one of them is for sure this divine perfume bottle. Like with most other Avon products masculine fragrances and aftershaves were packed in bottles shaped like a gun, cars, motorcycles, trains, trucks, clocks, or a shoe. 

However, this particular perfume was packed in a less gendered bottle in the shape of a dolphin. It helps to know that the bottle is almost full and in pretty good condition with small scratches which affected the price. The average selling price of this bottle in almost-new condition is around $150 to $200.

10. Vintage Avon Big Mold Glass Train Aftershave Bottle

  • Year: 1970s
  • Price: $93
Most Valuable Avon Bottles - Vintage Avon Big Mold Glass Train Aftershave Bottle

This is a very rare vintage Avon bottle, it was made sometime in the 1970s and was used for packing after-shave lotions. It is made from deep green glass and shaped like a train locomotive with a brass stopper in the rear area. Also, the train-shaped bottle has “Avon” embossed on it at the front part of the bottle.

Even though this particular bottle is empty and does not have the original content sticker it is very valuable due to the great condition. The bottle was sold for $93, which is pretty affordable considering the rarity of this bottle.

Current prices of some of the most valuable collectible perfume bottles on the market

As you may noticed in the past years more people started collecting vintage perfume bottles. We can freely say that these are small works of pure art, and their prices can be pretty high. However, which ones do you think have the highest value in today’s market?

If you are passionate about collecting valuable perfume bottles, keep reading to get some answers. 

Name Brand Year Price
1914 Osiris by Vinolia, Important and Rare Baccarat Perfume Bottle Vinolia Osiris 1914 $85,000
Rare Art Deco Czech Hoffmann Perfume Bottle, Buddha Hoffmann 1920s $32,500
Rene Lalique Phalene Perfume Bottle Lalique 1913 $20,000 – $30,000
Galle French Cameo Perfume Bottle Emile Galle 1900s $17,500
Thomas Webb White Fish Cameo Glass Perfume Bottle In Case  Thoms Webb 1880s $15,600
Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Eva Rene Lalique 1926 $15,000
Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle The Unknown Flower Rene Lalique 1913 $12,600
Thomas Webb Swan Cameo Glass Perfume Bottle Thoms Webb 1880s $12,300
Rare Tiffany Studios Favrile Glass Perfume Bottle Tiffany Studios 1900 $11,875
Rene Lalique La Sirene Flacon Pafume Bottle Rene Lalique 1912 $9,000
Rene Lalique for Erasmic “de lui” dancer and butterflies flagon/ art deco Perfume Bottle  Rene Lalique 1925 $9,060
Thomas Webb Owl Cameo Glass Perfume Bottle Thoms Webb 1885 $8,500
Large Steuben Paperweight Perfume Bottle Steuben Glass 1900 $8,500
Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Six Masques Rene Lalique 1911 $8,200
Rene Lalique Flacon Leurs Ames Perfume Bottle Rene Lalique 1914 $8,000
Tiffany Studios Feather-Pulled Red Favrile Glass Perfume Bottle Tiffany Studios 1905 $7,500
Rare Czech Bottle, Curt Schlevogt Ingrid Pompeii Perfume Bottle Curt Schlevogt 1930s $7,500
Corum, Baccarat Crystal “Golden Bridge” Clock Perfume Bottle Corum 1990 $5,250
Thomas Webb Cameo English Glass Perfume Bottle Thoms Webb 1880s $5,100
Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Anna Rene Lalique 1927 $4,600
Rene Lalique Flacon Night Perfume Bottle Rene Lalique 1925 $4,600
Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Canarina Rene Lalique 1928 $4,000
Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Un Jardin la Nuit Rene Lalique 1922 $3,500
Poivre Caron Peper Parfum Extrait, Limited Edition, Baccarat Caron 1954 $3,450
Rene Lalique Perfume Bottle Oree Rene Lalique 1913 $3,000
Guerlain, Guerlinade, Flacon, Parfum Extrait, Baccarat Jacques Guerlain 1921 $2,825
Tiffany Studios Favrile Glass Heart and Vine Perfume Bottle Tiffany Studios 1904 $2,750
Galle Green Glass With Lilly Motif Perfume Bottle Emile Galle 1900 $2,629
Eau de Cologne Impériale Guerlain Bee Gold Perfume Bottle Jacques Guerlain 1853 $1,915
Thomas Webb Overlaid, Etched, Silver-Mounted  Red Glass Perfume Bottle Thomas Webb 1890 $1,560
Van Cleef & Arpels 18k Gold Perfume Bottle Van Cleef & Arpels 1955 $1,250
Thomas Webb Ruby Cameo Glass Perfume Bottle Thomas Webb 1885 $1,200
Diamond, Glass, 18k Gold Perfume Bottle, Tiffany Studios Tiffany Studios 1894 $1,187
Hermes Paris 24 Faubourg Perfume Rare Unopened 600 ML Bottle  Vintage French Perfume Hermes 1995 $865
St. Louis Cased Glass Perfume Bottle  St. Louis 1987 $812

What Different Styles Of The Collectible Avon Bottles Are There?

There are many different types of Avon bottles, but as we already said not all of them are worth collecting. Collectible Avon bottles that are worth placing a focus on belong to specific categories or themes. Here is the list of the most popular types of Avon bottles among collectors:

  • Disney – Disney is one of the franchises whose merchandise sells like crazy no matter what type of product it is, or which brand bought the rights to create and distribute them. Avon was among the first brands who got the rights to create bottles featuring Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Little Mermaid, etc.
  • Cars, trains, motorcycles – Avon produced a wide variety of gender-based bottles such as vehicle-shaped bottles intended for packing man fragrances and aftershaves. These bottles are very sought-after items among collectors, especially those shaped like classic cars. This includes Ford cars, Thomas Flayer racing car, 1936 MG, and modern sports cars Corvette and Thunderbird.
  • Animals – Who doesn’t love animal-shaped anything literally? From figures to boxes, jewelry, knives, pottery, or bottles, everything that features an animal shape is attractive to collectors. Avon bottles shaped like cats, dogs, horses, birds, kangaroos, skunks, poodles, and peacocks are valuable collectibles.
  • Household items – Avon also created bottles that reminisce household items such as a telephone, iron, teapot, or a sewing machine. Once again these gender-oriented bottles were used for packing lady’s fragrances, lotions, or talcum powders.
  • Famous people – Logically, a company as big as Avon also created a number of bottles in honor of famous people like Elvis Presley, George Washington, and Mark Twain. These bottles are valuable and rare collectible items. 
  • Holiday themes – Everything that reminds us of fun holiday times like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter is a money maker. Avon bottles in the shape of decorations or symbols like Christmas trees, Halloween pumpkins, or Easter bunnies are a real deal.

However, these are only just a few examples of a wide variety of types of vintage Avon bottles that are popular among collectors. The good news is that there are many more categories and themes you can choose to collect depending on your interests.

How to date vintage Avon bottles according to type? 

The safest and fastes way to date collectible Avon bottles is by type and looking for the dates or year ranges when that specific type was made. Here you can find the list of the production dates for the most popular types of Avon bottles. However, if your type of bottle isn’t listed here, some bottles have a chain of numbers on the back of the bottle where the exact date is printed. If you can’t figure out the date from the chain, you can use that code to help you find out when that series was in production.

  • Disney bottles from the 1930s and during the 1970s
  • Animal bottles from the 1940s and during the 1970s
  • Cars and trains from 1968 until the 1970s
  • Angel bottles shoer period during the 1970s
  • Clocks produced only in the 1950s
  • Guns produced in the 1970s
  • Bells produced in the 1970s

Tips For Collecting Vintage Avon Bottles

When it comes to collecting, besides the fact you need to know basic information about the item you are looking for, there are a few factors you must include. If you are interested in collecting vintage Avon bottles, pay attention to the following:

  • Different types of bottles – We just talked about it but that is a crucial factor since each different type has its own value. That also means you’ll need to search different books, online resources, and collector groups that will help you identify genuine vintage Avon bottles.
  • Condition – The most important factor in determining the value of any classic collectible item! Always look for bottles that are in the best possible condition. They shouldn’t have chips, cracks, or damage, and if they do the minor ones are acceptable. Also, make sure the label, decoration, and engravings are intact. By the way, you’ll want to acquire a bottle that comes with an original packing since they are more valuable,
  • Rarity – Some collectibles are rarer than others. This is what directly affects their value. The golden grails are bottles produced in limited quantities, those made as part of a special collection, or those that are for some reason discontinued.
  • Proof of authenticity – This is what you need to inspect always no matter which type of collectible are you hunting for. Unfortunately, nowadays, the thing is that you can’t be sure about any collectible item, and there are always risks of counterfeit or replicas. Buy from reputable sellers or dealers and look for proof of authenticity just to be sure.
  • Storing – After all, make sure you adequately keep and store your bottles, especially the full ones, since fragrances evaporate! Make sure the storage compartment for your bottles is in a cool and dry place, far away from sunlight and dust. You can always use display cases to keep them protected.

Where Can You Trade Valuable Avon Bottles?

Both full and empty vintage and antique perfume bottles are valuable collectibles. In the past few decades, they have become as sought after as any other collectibles of this type such as vases, dishes, jewelry, etc.

The fact is that these vintage and antique bottles were discontinued from production a long time ago so you won’t find them being sold by their manufacturers, not even the original supply chain sells them. That means that your only options are the all-mighty Internet, private collectors, and specialized shops.

You can only buy collectible bottles at local garage sales and flea markets as well, you just have to look really hard and be patient. People here tend to sell a wide variety of items under the price!

However, if you are looking for some hard-to-find specimens we advise you to try your luck with reliable dealers and auction houses. Here is our list of auction houses and web pages that are proven and reliable – Heritage Auctions, Sotheby’s, Vintage Treasures A to Z, eBay, Ruby Lane, and Etsy.

Even though the Internet is a place where you can easily get scammed, there is a good side to it as well. There are a lot of different groups, forums, and web pages dedicated to collecting Avon collectibles where you can learn a lot and find necessary information.

If you own a bottle that you can’t figure out fully you can always speak with an antique appraiser online or in person. This way you can be sure you’ll get the best sense of a piece’s value. Remember that appraisals always cost money and for items that are typically low-cost, that is not always the best decision.


Who designed the first perfume bottles?

The majority of people think that a perfume bottle is simply the vessel that houses the fragrance, but they forget that these containers can be real pieces of art. Especially those made by hand! The reality is that perfume bottles are as old as the art of perfume making. 

The first perfume made originates from ancient Egypt, so naturally they were the ones to craft the first bottle as well. These ancient Egyptian perfume bottles were carved from stone by sculptors and potters. With time technology evolved, and perfume bottles came to be made by glass makers by the glass-blowing process.

Throughout history, perfume bottles have been influenced by artistic movements, so you can find many different designs and materials used. Some of the most popular and valuable perfume bottles include the works of:

How much a collectible bottle can be worth?

This depends on the artist, detailing, age, rarity, and condition. For instance, an antique perfume bottle can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The same goes for vintage bottles, many of these old pieces are worth 5 figures.

However, bottles from manufacturers like Avon are usually worth a few tens to a few hundred dollars when in good condition, only those that are full and in mint condition can bring you over a thousand dollars.

How many Avon car bottles were produced?

A fact is that Avon stopped producing decorative bottles in the late 90s, which adds some additional value to already valuable and rare types of bottles such as cars and animals. The most sought-after ones are vehicles and animal-shaped specimens. 

The total number of car bottles is still a mystery but at least 10,000 car bottles must have been produced, the same goes for the animal-shaped bottles.

Granny Easthetics Is Making A Big Comeback

We don’t know what but there is something incredibly appealing about perfume bottles. It must been related to their refined elegance and intricate designs that make us want to keep each and every one. In fact, many people do that as a hobby, and to be honest it can be pretty lucrative.

The special ones with their breathtaking appearances and rarity will keep collectors on the edge and make them spend money that some of us won’t even pay for a full bottle. 

If you are interested in collecting perfume bottles but you don’t know how to start we recommend you go small and first invest in collectible Avon bottles. Build slow and invest your money smart, and with time your collection will grow.

All of you who are reading this and who are into this matter please do not hesitate to share your knowledge and bits of advice in the comment section below. We will wait for them. Good luck and happy hunting!

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