First established in 1840, Haviland & Co. have been producing fine Limoges in France for almost 200 years – and they’re still going! This porcelain China has been used by the highest figures and establishments in society, including the American White House and renowned hotels like The Ritz.

Naturally, some of the pieces produced by Haviland are incredibly valuable. So, this guide is going to show you some of the sets and individual China items that have sold for incredible amounts.

Carefully check your Haviland against the 14 most valuable items below and use our guide to valuing Haviland China to learn more about your antiques.

Psst. We have some FAQs at the end to help you know more too.

Round-Up List of Top 14 Most Valuable Haviland China Sets

We have used Invaluable to find 14 auction lots of Haviland China that have sold for incredibly high amounts! These items are often sets (containing many items rather than a few) and are in excellent condition – these are key to getting a good price for your Haviland China.

Many Haviland Limoges sell for less than this – usually a few hundred dollars if they are rare. Use our guide below if you need assistance valuing your Haviland China.

All values are accurate as of August 2022.

1 – Haviland Limoges Porcelain ‘Matignon’ Service

Haviland Limoges Porcelain 'Matignon' Service
  • Year: 1941 approx.
  • Design: Green Matignon
  • Back Mark: Mark C-6
  • Value: $14,000

Since 1974, the green Matignon design has been the official dinnerware of the French Prime Minister.

This 175-piece set, marked with a back mark that was typical of 1941, sold for $14,000 in October 2021. This is the highest price we can find for any Haviland Limoges set, and it’s a full-service collection.

Full service means that everything you need to serve dinner, a meal, or just afternoon tea, is included. It comprises 35 dinner plates, 36 side plates, 35 salad plates, 19 soup plates, 35 dessert plates, and 20 teacups and saucers.

2 – Abraham Lincoln White House Limoges Porcelain Dinner Plate

Abraham Lincoln White House Limoges Porcelain Dinner Plate
  • Year: 1860 – 1861
  • Design: Purple Lincoln
  • Back Mark: N/A
  • Value: $9,200

This plate is in poor condition, and it doesn’t come with a full set like the $14,000 lot above. But what makes it valuable is its history.

The Lincoln design, with the Solferino purple border, gold Alhambra pattern, and central eagle, was ordered by Mrs. Lincoln (wife to President Lincoln) in 1861 for the White House.

The history of this particular plate can be traced back to the original order placed by Mrs. Lincoln herself. While many copies were later made, some with back marks, this was an original piece of the Lincoln China set used by the Lincolns.

3 – Haviland Limoges “Oasis Green” Dinner Service

Haviland Limoges "Oasis Green" Dinner Service
  • Year: 1998
  • Design: Oasis Green
  • Back Mark: Oasis
  • Value: $8,000

The Oasis Green dinner service set began production in 1998, which barely makes this set vintage. And yet, it’s already incredibly valuable, mainly because the set is extensive. Featuring 150 pieces total, including dinner plates, salad plates, bread-and-butter plates, salad bowls, cups and saucers, serving bowls, platters and coffee equipment, it has everything you could possibly want.

The set sold for $8,000 in 2021, despite having an estimated auction value of $2,000 to $4,000.

Sometimes, with the right auction and good marketing, you can find a buyer who is willing to pay a lot of money for a set that’s near-mint like this one.

4 – Haviland Ritz Club Burgundy Dinner Service

Haviland Ritz Club Burgundy Dinner Service
  • Year: 2002 – 2013
  • Design: Ritz Club Burgundy
  • Back Mark: Ritz Club
  • Value: $7,100*

The Ritz Club is another modern design from Haviland, produced between 2002 and 2013. This set, in the rarer burgundy color, features part service for 12 people and was originally estimated to get up to €600 ($598) at auction.

Now that the Ritz Club designs are no longer in production, their value will start to creep up. Although this set was in used condition, the burgundy color and number of pieces in the set led to a much higher bid at auction.

*This product sold for €7,150 at auction.

5 – 20th Century Limoges Porcelain

20th Century Limoges Porcelain
  • Year: 1983 – 2013
  • Design: Marjolaine
  • Back Mark: Mark C-6
  • Value: $6,956*

Stamped with the C-6 Mark that was typical of 1941, this mid-century 171-piece service sold at auction for just below $7,000 in France. The Marjolaine pattern is more typical of the China pattern you expect from Haviland Limoges – it’s floral and delicate, with bouquets and blue palms.

The Marjolaine pattern was first used in the 1980s and was in production up until 2013. It’s stamped with CH Field Haviland, which means it’s made by a factory that’s owned by Robert Haviland and C. Parlon. There’s a whole history of different Haviland men in the same factory creating porcelain – but all you need to know is that it’s authentic Haviland and can be worth a fortune!

*This product sold for €7,000 at auction.

6 – Limoges Porcelain Dinner Service Grand Siècle Collection

Limoges Porcelain Dinner Service Grand Siècle Collection
  • Year: 1998
  • Design: Oasis Green
  • Back Mark: Oasis
  • Value: $6,736*

The green Oasis design is always popular and large sets like this one (and the other set listed above) can sell for vast amounts if they are in perfect condition.

Oasis is part of the Grand Siècle collection from Haviland. In recent decades, Haviland tends to release collections where all the designs are inspired by one particular element. Grand Siècle refers to the 17th century in France, so many of the designs in this collection are inspired by the patterns, colors, and shapes typical of this period.

By designing modern tableware to look like centuries-old porcelain, Haviland can be hard to judge for age by the untrained eye.

*This product sold for CHF6,500 at auction.

7 – Modern Composite Haviland Limoges ‘Val de Loire’

Modern Composite Haviland Limoges 'Val de Loire'
  • Year: 1998
  • Design: Val de Loire
  • Back Mark: 1990s Theodore Haviland
  • Value: $6,465*

The Val de Loire has a more classical style than some of the other Haviland sets on our list, and yet it’s one of the more modern ones. The back mark is typical of Theodore Haviland through the 1990s, however this design (Val de Loire) wasn’t produced until 1998 so that’s the oldest this set could be.

The set consists of both dinner and breakfast service, including salad plants, a fruit basket, and rectangular trays. Selling for several thousands in the UK, it’s a great example of the global fascination with the Haviland brand.

*This product sold for £5,500 at auction.

8 – Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Fish Plates by Haviland & Co.

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Fish Plates by Haviland & Co.
  • Year: 1880
  • Design: Fishes
  • Back Mark: Haviland and hand-signature
  • Value: $5,500

Selling for $5,500 in 2018, this is another presidential set that once graced the dinner table of an American president. Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th president of the US from 1877 to 1881, received these fish-themed plates in 1880. Each is stamped by Haviland, with a patent number and hand-painted signature from Theo. R. Davis.

Even though several of the items in this set have been restored (particularly the gold edging), the fact that they have the presidential eagle and are hand-signed ensured that they received a high price at auction.

9 – 63-Piece Monet by Haviland for Tiffany Set

63-Piece Monet by Haviland for Tiffany Set
  • Year: 1991 – 2010
  • Design: Monet
  • Back Mark: 1990s Haviland
  • Value: $4,500

The Monet set is blissfully simple, yet when you hold a plate in your hands you know it’s a true Haviland just thanks to the quality. With yellow and blue block colors, this dining set was created by Monet himself for his home in Giverny.

Haviland Parlon decided to produce it commercially from 1991, eventually discontinuing it in 2010. Now that it’s over 10 years since the set was last sold (officially), it’s starting to appreciate a little in value.

This auction lot contains 63 pieces in total and was produced for Tiffany.

10 – 221 Piece Collection Theodore Haviland Porcelain Dinner Set

221 Piece Collection Theodore Haviland Porcelain Dinner Set
  • Year: Early 20th Century
  • Design: Schleiger (unknown number)
  • Back Mark: Mark I
  • Value: $4,400

This very pretty 221-piece set sold for a considerable amount back in 2016. Identified as a Schleiger pattern (the exact number has not been disclosed), the back mark would indicate that it was produced by Theodore Haviland between 1894 and 1931.

With intricate floral designs, this is what Haviland is most well-known for. Each floral design is said to be different, and the patterns themselves are so delicately painted. Beautiful! Although not as valuable as other Limoges (if we look at it piece by piece), the sheer volume of matching items in this set led to a high price at auction.

11 – Haviland Colbert Porcelain Set

Haviland Colbert Porcelain Set
  • Year: 1988 – 1992
  • Design: Colbert
  • Back Mark: Haviland Colbert
  • Value: $4,134*

The Colbert design features a bold, midnight blue color with gold detailing. Produced in the late 80s and early 90s, it’s a fairly modern design but still much bolder and more lavish than some of the current Haviland porcelain items in production – this is possibly why this set sold for so much in 2018.

This Colbert Blue Haviland Limoges set contained the usual plates, bowls and cups, plus some unusual service items including cake dishes, a sauce/gravy boat, and a covered sugar bowl.

*This product sold for €4,160 at auction.

12 – 205 Piece Set Haviland Limoges Louveciennes Dinner Service

205 Piece Set Haviland Limoges Louveciennes Dinner Service
  • Year: Late 20th century
  • Design: Louveciennes
  • Back Mark: Haviland Louveciennes, numbered
  • Value: $3,800

Selling for a few thousand dollars, this 205-piece Limoges set was produced in France but made its way to America. This is not that uncommon. While many Haviland pieces are made directly for American stores and sellers (there’s a huge market for the China here), other sets are made in Europe and purchased by American buyers.

The Louveciennes design is a more well-known pattern. Also known as the Marie Antoinette pattern, it was first produced in 1974 and influenced by the neoclassical patterns that were popular in the 18th century. It’s beautifully elegant.

13 – Haviland Drop Rose (Schleiger 55 Pattern) Set

Haviland Drop Rose (Schleiger 55 Pattern) Set
  • Year: 1880s – 1930s
  • Design: Drop Rose
  • Back Mark: Mark I
  • Value: $3,750

The Drop Rose pattern is easily distinguished from other floral Haviland patterns by the simple “dropped” rose that falls off the uniform loop on each plate, cup and porcelain item. Selling for under four thousand dollars, this set contained just 18 pieces!

The Schleiger number 55 pattern porcelain is stamped with back marks that were in use from the 1880s up to the early 1930s, making this set firmly on the line between vintage and antique. Given their age, they are in great condition.

14 – Haviland Jardin D’Hiver Table Service

Haviland Jardin D’Hiver Table Service
  • Year: 1990 – 1995
  • Design: Jardin D’Hiver
  • Back Mark: “Jardin D’Hiver” de Marie-Pierre Boitard pour Haviland
  • Value: $3,677*

Another design from the 1990s, Jardin D’Hiver features a solid blue border with elegant dark green foliage detail. It’s another of the more popular Haviland designs, with numerous lots of Jardin D’Hiver porcelain up for sale online. This particular set featured 52 pieces to serve dinner for 12 people. It sold in Italy in 2020 for almost double the estimated auction price – proof that the antique market can survive even the worst pandemics.

The back mark for this set is also unique, stating not just the pattern name but also who it was produced for.

*This product sold for €3,700 at auction.

How to Value Haviland China

Four important factors matter the most when it comes to Haviland China:

  1. The condition of the item(s),
  2. The completeness of the set,
  3. The pattern on the plates,
  4. The year they were produced.

Assessing the condition and completeness of the set is simple. Look for wear, muted colors, chips, and cracks. The more pieces you have from the same set, the better.

Figuring out a name for the pattern is not so simple. If you cannot find the pattern listed on Haviland’s official website, use the online sites listed below to check.

Working out the year comes down to the back marks printed on each item. To make it super confusing, you might have multiple back marks or none at all. Use this back mark guide to figure out a rough year.

If you have a large set of Limoges, it will be worth getting the advice of a professional. Otherwise, you can always check out the antique Reddit forum.

How (and Where) to Sell Haviland China

How (and Where) to Sell Haviland China

To sell your Haviland China, you need to know how much it is worth. Do this by asking on forums, reaching out to expert evaluators, or by finding identical Haviland China for sale online. Many local antiques stores and dealers in your state may be interested in purchasing your most valuable Haviland China pieces. If not, try these nationwide (and global) sites instead:

  • eBay – always popular, but not always the best place for a high price.
  • Invaluable – a great place for the most valuable items (and the source for all items on our list).
  • Classic Replacements – good for selling one-off pieces.
  • 1st Dibs – they only sell porcelain that’s verified as authentic from reputable dealers.
  • RubyLane – a great place for vintage Haviland produced in the last century or so.

Wherever you decide to sell your China, don’t forget to factor in the cost of shipping plus materials. You need to make sure that everything is packaged securely and won’t get damaged in transit. It may also be worth getting the parcel insured with the mail company you use.

Conclusion – Valuable Haviland China!

Haviland China can be valuable. A single plate may be worth more than $100 if it has some important significance. Larger sets can sell for several thousand dollars if they are in great condition. But the most valuable Haviland China is the rare items and patterns that have seemingly disappeared from history.

With tens of thousands of different patterns made by Haviland over the years, you can come across some truly unique pieces. Good luck!



How can I sell Haviland China?

If it is very valuable, use an auction site to get it in front of a collector audience. If it’s in good shape but not an overly valuable pattern, try selling it on eBay. If it’s not worth much at all but you still want to get a little money for it, some Etsy shoppers will buy it and use it for crafts.

Is Haviland China valuable?

Some Haviland China is very valuable, especially if it is old, in good condition, and has a traceable history (e.g., it was used in a famous hotel or by a famous figure). The best sets sell for tens of thousands, the most valuable singles sell for a few hundred dollars.

How much is Haviland China worth?

A single Haviland China plate or cup may not be worth much at all. The most valuable items are sets of tens (or even hundreds) of pieces that are all in excellent condition. Good Haviland sets sell for a few hundred dollars, with the best sets selling for a few thousand dollars.

What is Limoges China worth?

Not as much as you might think! The market for second-hand Haviland China is flooded, so you only see top prices (thousands of dollars) for the most unique or rare patterns. Items that have a history (e.g., owned by a famous figure) also sell for higher amounts.

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