For many young people in the 90s, Marvel trading cards were their first exciting introduction to the Marvel Universe. Striking artwork and detailed information drew numerous fans into the incredible franchise.

The 90s was a special time for the Marvel Universe. TV adaptions of some of the most famous comics of all time enraptured entire generations of children and teenagers – Spiderman and The X-Men probably being the most famous examples.

Alongside these popular animations were a whole host of trading cards, a serious trend in the 90s. While Marvel trading cards weren’t as famous or widespread as the real hits such as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, they were a real hit among Marvel Universe fans.

Today, the Marvel Comics Universe has really broken through to the mainstream. This can make retro trading cards much more valuable as new fans begin to collect high quality Marvel spin-off products. In general, 1990 Impel Marvel Universe Cards are not highly valuable collectibles. However, rare, autographed, and complete sets of cards in mint condition can fetch thousands of dollars.

Whether you’re looking to form a collection yourself, or want to find out how much your old card collection is worth, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled an identification and value guide for 1990 Marvel trading cards, as well as a buying and selling guide to help you out on your retro trading card quest.

Marvel Universe Cards: Background

Marvel Universe Cards Background

Marvel Universe Cards were first published in 1990 by the company Impel (later known as SkyBox International Inc.), and are also known as Series 1 in the Marvel Universe collectible trading cards series. The card set featured a total of 162 cards jam-packed with key Marvel characters, heroes and villains alike.

The 1990 Impel Marvel Universe cards featured either an individual hero or an event on the front of the card, depicted in beautiful graphic artwork. The back of the cards displayed important information like real names, origin stories, a “did you know” section and critical win-loss statistics. Some of the key themes included on this card set are: Super Heroes, Super Villains, Rookies, and Famous Battles. Unique to this card set are 12 “Spiderman Presents” cards, a card featuring Stan Lee, multiple trading cards within the same category (e.g. 3 Spiderman cards within the Super Hero category), and nicknames!

Following the success of Series 1 in 1990, another four series were released between 1991 and 1994. The cards focused on specific characters, events, or the work of particular artists such as Andy and Adam Kubert.

1990 Marvel Card: Identification And Value

Before finding out how much 1990 Marvel cards are worth, its important to identify card types and subsets. Once you know what you’re looking for (or what you’re looking to sell), you can easily do a little market research to find out their current value.

Each card pack was sold with 12 cards, and limited-edition factory boxes were sold with 36 cards. Usually, each box contained one hologram card.

Complete collections, complete subsets, sealed packs and boxes, and cards in mint condition are the most valuable. For example, the auction record for 7 sealed cases was $9,100 in 2020!

Let’s take a look at the subsets and themes contained within the Impel 1990 Marvel Cards set to help with card identification. We will also list the average value of individual cards according to PSA using a few handy tables. Additionally, we have included some top auction records for the most valuable 1990 Marvel Cards of all time.

Please note that values stated are correct at the time of writing but are subject to fluctuation according to supply and demand, card condition, and card rarity. Values are based on the grades NM-MT 8 and GEM-MT 10, and some card values are missing because there is not enough data available from market transactions to calculate an average value.

For accurate values, make sure you check out current listings through reputable auction sites or trading card specialists.

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Heroes And Villains

Heroes And Villains

The entire first half of the card set is composed of Marvel heroes and villains. On the front is a portrait of the character along with their hero or villain nickname, and on the back is detailed information including their real names, group affiliation, height, weight, battles fought, wins-losses-ties, win percentage, nicknames, arch-enemies, first appearances, some background information, and a “did you know” section with interesting facts.

A Spiderman card with a GEM-MT 10 PSA grade made an auction record by selling for $1200 in September 2022! While a Loki card made an auction record by selling for $500 in 2020! A super rare PSA grade 10 Black Panther smashed these records by selling for $4800 in 2023!

Heroes And Villains


Number and Name
Average Value ($USD)
Average Value ($USD)
1 Captain America 40 450
2 Spider-Man 40 350
3 The Hulk 20 700
4 Daredevil 15 300
5 Nick Fury 10 160
6 The Thing 10 180
7 Professor X 20 280
8 Cyclops    
9 Marvel Girl    
10 Wolverine 25 550
11 Phoenix 20 200
12 Power Man    
13 Dazzler    
14 Dagger    
15 Quasar    
16 Sub-Mariner    
17 Hulk (gray) 20 250
18 Thor 35 650
19 Mister Fantastic    
20 Black Panther 40 500
21 Archangel    
22 Iceman    
23 Wolverine 20 270
24 Storm 15 180
25 Shadowcat    
26 Moon Knight    
27 Lockheed    
28 Aunt May Parker    
29 Spider-Man 40 1200
30 Cosmic Spider-Man 30 1400
31 Captain America 10 150
32 Silver Surfer 20 250
33 Human Torch    
34 Doctor Strange    
35 Havok    
36 Colossus    
37 Wolverine 10 150
38 Nightcrawler    
39 She-Hulk    
40 Captain Britian    
41 Rogue    
42 Iron Man 40 1200
43 Invisible Woman    
44 Punisher’s Battle Van    
45 Longshot    
46 The Beast    
47 Punisher    
48 Storm    
49 Elektra    
50 Cloak    
51 Wasp    
Number and Name
Average Value ($USD)
Average Value ($USD)
52 Kingpin    
53 Baron Zemo    
54 Loki 15 400
55 Juggernaut    
56 Nightmare    
57 Sabretooth    
58 Electro    
59 Doctor Octopus    
60 Doctor Doom 10 280
61 Ultron    
62 Enchantress    
63 Magneto 25 350
64 Bullseye    
65 Mr. Sinister    
66 Sandman    
67 Lizard    
68 Mole Man    
69 Dormammu    
70 The Leader    
71 The Blob    
72 Black Cat    
73 Venom 30 550
74 Green Goblin 10 250
75 Galactus    
76 Mandarin    
77 High Evolutionary    
78 Mephisto 15 170
79 Thanos 10 450
80 Apocalypse 10 140
81 Red Skull    



The Rookies subset includes 6 cards numbered 82 to 87, featuring newer characters and reinvented examples of characters such as Ghost Rider.

Number and Name
Average Value ($USD)
Average Value ($USD)
82 Ghost Rider 15 200
83 Deathlok    
84 Guardians of the Galaxy 10 150
85 New Warriors    
86 Nomad    
87 Foolkiller    

Famous Battles

Famous Battles

An exciting host of the most epic and renowned battles in Marvel Universe history (pre-1990) are featured on the Famous Battles subset.

Famous Battles
Number and Name
Average Value ($USD)
Average Value ($USD)
88 Thing vs. Hulk    
89 Fantastic Four vs. Galactus    
90 Fantastic Four vs. Doctor Doom 10 100
91 Thor vs. Surtur    
92 Spider-Man vs. Kraven    
93 Spider-Man vs. Dr. Octopus    
94 Daredevil vs. Bullseye    
95 Daredevil vs. Kingpin    
96 Silver Surfer vs. Mephisto    
97 Captain America vs. The Red Skull
98 Dark Phoenix Saga    
99 X-Men vs. The Avengers    
100 X-Men vs. Magneto 10 150
101 Fantastic Four vs. X-Men    
102 Fall of the Mutants    
103 The Evolutionary War    
104 Atlantis Attacks    
105 Acts of Vengeance    
106 Spider-Man vs. Venom 15 180
107 Nick Fury vs. Hydra    
108 Armor Wars I    
109 Daredevil vs. Wolverine    
110 Daredevil vs. Punisher    
111 Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin 15 140
112 Spider-Man vs. Hobgoblin    
113 The Hulk vs. Wolverine 10 120
114 The Hulk vs. Spider-Man 10 150
115 Captain America vs. Wolverine 10 120
116 Silver Surfer vs. Thanos    
117 X-Factor vs. Apocalypse    
118 X-Men vs. Freedom Force    
119 Wolverine vs. Sabretooth 10 120
120 X-Men in the Savage Land    
121 Iron Man vs. Titanium Man    
122 Thor vs. Loki 10 130
123 The Kree-Skrull War    

Most Valuable Comics

Most Valuable Comics

There are 13 cards in the Most Valuable Comics subset, with the value of each comic according to the 1990 Overstreet Price Guide. This is a historical theme which features important issues (along with their issue number) for their value as stories as well as the artists and writers that created them.

Most Valuable Comics
Number and Name
Average Value ($USD)
Average Value ($USD)
124 Fantastic Four #1 10 140
125 X-Men #1 10 120
126 Amazing Fantasy #15 20 260
127 Punisher Series II #1 5 120
128 Journey into Mystery #83 5 100
129 Amazing Spider-Man #129 15 160
130 Avengers #1 10 150
131 Amazing Spider-Man #1 10 100
132 Giant-Size X-Men #1 15 150
133 Wolverine Mini-Series #1 15 200
134 Incredible Hulk #181 30 220
135 Tales of Suspense #39 10 120
136 Avengers #4 10 150



The Teams subset features the main groups or affiliations from the Marvel Universe such as The X-Men.

Number and Name
Average Value ($USD)
Average Value ($USD)
137 Fantastic Four    
138 Avengers 25 300
139 X-Men 15 160
140 X-Men 15 200
141 Cloak and Dagger    
142 New Mutants    
143 X-Factor    
144 Excalibur    
145 Brotherhood of Evil Mutants    
146 Sinister Six    
147 Hellfire Club    
148 Alpha Flight    

Spiderman Presents

Spiderman Presents

12 “A dozen Spider-Man Presents cards have the wall crawler chatting it up with various characters. These are done across multiple panels on both sides. These get to the personality of both Spider-Man and those he’s chatting with. Each sets up a joke, showing a little trading card humor.”

This 12 card subset is a real display of Marvel Universe comic humor. Spiderman Presents cards feature the hero himself interviewing other key characters from the Marvel universe. They involve humorous and insightful questions and answers.

Spiderman Presents
Number and Name
Average Value ($USD)
Average Value ($USD)
149 Spider-Man 20 150
150 Doctor Doom 10 150
151 Doctor Octopus    
152 The Hulk 10 120
153 Silver Surfer 10 175
154 Thor 10 120
155 Punisher 10 120
156 Magneto 10 100
157 Captain America 15 125
158 Doctor Strange 15 150
159 Iron Man 20 180
160 Wolverine 5 120

#161 Stan Lee, #162 Checklist

161 Stan Lee, 162 Checklist

A card that deserves its own heading is number 161, potentially the most famous card in the whole 1990 set. This card features a portrait of Stan Lee, a Marvel comics legend, which is an amalgamation of several of the infamous characters he helped to create within the Marvel Universe. This is an incredibly popular and valuable card for its iconic appeal and historical value. This set of 9 Stan Lee cards sold for $599.99 in 2020! Cards which have been autographed by Stan Lee himself are worth a small fortune.

The final card in the set, number 162, is an Impel 1990 Marvel Cards checklist.

Number and Name NM-MT 8
Average Value ($USD)
Average Value ($USD)
161 Stan Lee 35 600
162 Checklist 5 120

Hologram Cards

Hologram Cards

There are 5 hologram cards to collect in the 1990 Marvel Cards set. Hologram trading cards were ubiquitous in all the popular trading cards packs during the 90s. While these early Marvel hologram cards might be a pretty basic representation of hologram card technology, they are highly collectible and showcase the main fan favorites:

Factory Tin Sets and Binder

The pre-packaged factory set came complete with a custom tin. Only 4000 of these were produced, and the unique numbering can be found on the bottom of the factory tin. It’s very rare to find these tins still sealed, but a 1990 Marvel factory tin which has never been opened and is in mint condition is a very valuable find. A recent auction record for a sealed factory tin containing all 162 cards and 5 holograms sold for $875 in November 2022!

Binders were available by mail order, originally costing $19.99. It is a black album which features a hologram of Spiderman on the front, and a color image of Spiderman on the reverse. It also has a 1990 copyright on the reverse. Binders containing a complete set of cards can reach hundreds of dollars. A recent auction record goes to one complete original binder including hologram cards which sold for $275 in November 2022!

Error Cards

Error Cards

There are a few error cards within the Impel 1990 Marvel Card collection which can sell for a high price if they are in mint condition. These include the:

  • Spiderman vs. Green Goblin hologram error card (the auction record for this card was $499 in 2023!)
  • Upside-down blurb Hulk error card (at the time of writing a rare Hulk error card was listed for $15000 in PSA9 grade!)
  • Magneto hologram error card (auction record: $204.80 in 2023!)
  • Wolverine negative print error card

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