With Wakanda Forever—the latest in the line of smash hits from Marvel—on the cards, it is time again to appreciate how well these comic characters have permeated the public subconscious and integrated themselves into our lives.

Marvel head or not, we can all appreciate how these relatable figures balance superhuman powers and fantastical existential threats with the relatable problems that worry us all, consistently crafting them into captivating tales that are sure to impress.

Hence, it is no surprise that these superheroes, who were first created in the 1960s by the legendary Stan Lee, Jack Kirby,  and other creative collaborators, have gone on to persevere for decades, spawning the biggest blockbuster movies, a massive subculture, and merchandising giant that makes everything from coloring books to play toys.

However, one collectible type in this universe that has remained a staple with fans of all ages over the years is Marvel trading cards.

These colorful trading cards—which show the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe in their form from various years—are now the base of a robust market, complete with highly sought-after cards that can retail for dollar figures in the high hundreds.

Looking to get into collecting Marvel cards? Here are the most valuable options on offer today.

Most Valuable Marvel Cards

While most Marvel trading cards won’t make you wealthy (most retail for under 50 bucks,) a handful of them can reach a surprisingly high valuation. For example, a small selection of specimens consistently retails for above $1000.

Hence, if you have been collecting Marvel cards over the years and now have a collection that contains these rare cards, your stash could be worth quite a lot.

Here are some of the most valuable trading cards you will find in the Marvel universe:

Editor’s Note

Some of the most valuable marvel cards have an extremely tiny supply—especially those belonging to the Fleer Retro Marvel Precious Metal Gems Green series, for which only ten cards were printed per character.

Consequently, there may be no recorded online sales for these cards as none of the original buyers have sold the cards or put them up for sale on the internet.

Hence, even though these particular trading cards may be some of the most sought-after in the Marvel universe, it is almost impossible to provide any helpful pricing metric as there are no easily accessible sales records from where you could glean such information.

We have ignored such cards in the compilation of this list. However, if getting their actual market price was possible, there is no doubt that they would easily rank in the top 120 most valuable Marvel cards.

Spiderman 2013

Spiderman 2013

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Marvel Precious Metal Gems
  • Last Finalized Price: $34,440

Spiderman is arguably the most popular character in the Marvel universe, so it is no surprise that the most expensive card on this list sports your friendly neighborhood hero.

However, the massive demand for this rare card stems from more than its portrayal of our favorite masked character, who is forever in the process of wooing Maryjane. This unique piece is designed to commemorate the original PMGs (Precious Metal Gems) released in 1997.

Editor’s Note

Precious Metal Gems represent some of the earliest execution of “artificial scarcity,” a concept that revitalized the trading card industry and saved it from the brink of collapse.

A common selling point for older cards (produced in the 1980s or older) was the fact that a significant portion of their supply was already battered, destroyed, or lost. This meant that the handful of cards surviving in near-mint condition was scarce and sought-after and consequently attracted humongous prices.

However, by the 1990s, collectors were already hip to the future potential of well-preserved cards and began protecting their cards (with specially designed card protectors) en masse immediately after purchase.

This rise in well-preserved cards combined with manufacturers shipping loads of cards to take advantage of the supply effectively crashed the market and made the collection of most trading cards pointless.

In 1997 PMGs changed the game as they were extremely limited cards released as part of a mass of trading cards that populated the Skybox Metal Universe sets.

These PMGs came with only 100 numbered copies printed for each character/player, with 90 of these copies sporting a red background, while the remaining 10 had an even rarer red background.

Unsurprisingly, the demand for these rare PMGs was massive and stayed massive, and these items are still some of the most sought-after trading cards available today.

This Spiderman 2013 Fleer Retro Marvel pays homage to the original Precious Metal Gems, inheriting their design and the green background on the extremely rare variants and shipping with only ten copies.

Of the back of the record-breaking release of Spiderman: No Way Home in December 2020, this unique specimen numbered #5 of 10 and graded BGS Mint 9 sold via auction for $34,440 in May 2021.

Iron Man 2013

Iron Man 2013 Blue

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Blue
  • Last Finalized Price: $27,100

Whether as a business magnate, an ingenious inventor, a philanthropist, a ladies’ man, a playboy, or as a cutting-edge scientist, some part of Tony Stark’s life appeals to us all. Hence, there is no surprise that he has consistently remained one of the most popular characters in the Marvel universe.

This extremely high-priced card pays homage to the iron man himself, depicting him in full red and gold armor, palms ready as he stands active in the thick of things.

Similar to the previous entry on this list, this 2013 iron man trading card is part of the limited Fleer Retro series modeled after the original Precious Metal Gems cards from the 90s. This piece, which sports a unique blue background, was one of the 50 prints for this specific design.

With the demand for this card rising over the years, it is becoming increasingly harder to find one for sale.

The last two Iron Man 2013 Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Blue cards that sold on eBay retailed for a massive $20,000 and $27,100, respectively, creating a substantial precedent for people looking to add this piece to the Marvel card collection.

Captain America 2013

Captain America 2013

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Blue
  • Last Finalized Price: $11,100

Yet another entry from the Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems collection, this Captain America card has risen over time to become one of the most sought-after Marvel trading cards available today.

Of all the cards in this series, this one is arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing, as the red, blue, and black hues of Captain America’s full-body suit blend seamlessly into the all-blue background.

Furthermore, aesthetic aside, the card commemorates Captain America, the long-time leader of the Avengers and one of the most adored and respected superhero characters in America.

This unique combination of factors makes this trading card, with its small supply of only 50, one of the most prized items amongst Marvel trading cards. The last recorded sale of this piece on eBay was for a PSA 10-rated specimen that brought in a sizable $11,100.

Editor’s Note

Like with all forms of collectible markets, with Marvel trading cards, placing an exact price on any item is an almost impossible task.

The final price of any sale can vary significantly and independently of each other, depending on how much the buyer is willing to put up for it and how low the seller is willing to go. Since the value of each card is subjective, this situation can lead to rapid, massive price jumps in both directions.

This state of affairs means that you can buy a card for $280 today, and an identical item in similar condition may sell for $480 or $180 without any significant price-impacting news.

Due to this potential for considerable price discrepancies, we will use only the highest last known price of each item and the lowest available listing price (for the highest grade) of that item to rank them on this most valuable list.

We would also focus exclusively on the highest possible condition cards, as average prices can fall dramatically with less perfect specimens.

For Marvel cards, the highest available grade is the PSA 10 or PSA GEM-MT 10. This is the highest rating for collectible cards available by PSA, the world’s largest third-party authentication company and the foremost industry leader in card grading and autograph and memorabilia authentication.

A PSA Gem Mint 10 card is a card in perfect mint condition with zero stains, flawlessly centered features, and no printing imperfection that detracts from its aesthetics. Other lower graded options are PSA MINT 9 (mint quality,) PSA NM-MT 8 (near mint quality,) and PSA NM 7.

Most other top trading card grading services, like Beckett Grading Services, follow a similar grading system.

Iron Man 2015

Iron Man 2015 Green

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Green
  • Last Finalized Price: $8600

The Fleer Retro Marvel cards from 2015 are yet another incursion into the past, with its pieces modeled after the original precious metal gems units from the 90s and the more recent success of the 2013 Fleer Retro Marvel cards.

With the 2015 edition of this series, the card designers take a bit more creative freedom, producing more dreamlike images with added effects, compared to the 2013 set that portrayed the Marvel characters in their most recognizable form.

While most of the 2015 cards are still relatively low-priced—due to being a second edition and more recently produced—the iron man trading cards have risen in demand (and price) to match the most prize units from the 2013 set.

The sublime aesthetics of this card and iron man’s unrivaled star power easily explains how this card managed to become more expensive than some of its predecessors.

Editor’s Note

The iron man came in at 12th on IGN’s ranking of the top 100 comic book heroes of all time in 2011 and ranked third on their list of the top 50 avengers.

The green background version of this trading card, which has a total supply of only 10 prints, was last sold online in December 2021 for $8600.

Thor 2013

Thor 2013 Blue

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Blue
  • Last Finalized Price: $6961

Thor is one of the most popular characters from ancient folklore and pagan religions, appearing in the mythology of almost all the germanic tribes that once inhabited Europe and Scandinavia during the early middle ages.

Editor’s Note

Thor’s name is so pervasive that it appears in Old English and is the root word for the day of the week, Thursday, which translates to Thor’s day.

In the Marvel universe, Thor appears as Thor Odinson, a character loosely based on the mythological Norse god who is one of the founding members of the Avengers and easily one of the most adored superheroes of the bunch.

Apparently, his popularity has carried on through the ages and is still as prevalent today as it was in the middle ages. And it is easy to see why when you consider that Thor is a hammer-wielding god who can fly and control the weather, among a host of other supernatural abilities.

Unsurprisingly, a Thor card ranks as one of the most expensive trading cards from Marvel you can buy today.

This blue background version of the Thor card from the 2013 Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems series shows the Asgardian god in his glorious full-body armor with the Mjolnir in hand. The trading card has a total supply of 50 prints.

The most recent market data for this rare card shows one specimen selling for $6961 in February this year. However, we could definitely see new sales being priced significantly higher.

Doctor Doom 2013

Doctor Doom 2013

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Green
  • Last Finalized Price: $6500

It’s not only the superheroes of the Marvel Universe that blow up big enough to become a core part of the superhero subculture, sometimes the villains can become that big too. No villain personifies this effect better than doctor doom.

Doctor Doom is arguably the most dominant supervillain in the Marvel universe and is undoubtedly one of the most menacing too.

Editor’s Note

A key indicator of doctor doom’s infamy as a villain is the fact that he rose amongst the ranks of villains like Namor the Sub-Mariner, Skrulls, the Miracle man, and the mole man, overshadowing them all to become the sole archnemesis of the Fantastic Four.

Dr. Victor Von Doom was also the go-to guy when a villain was needed for the rare Marvel and DC Comics collaboration in 1981 on Superman and Spider-Man.

Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter co-wrote the story, speaking about his choice of doctor doom for the role, retorted, “I figured I needed the heaviest-duty bad guy we had to offer — Doctor Doom. Their greatest hero against our greatest villain.”

Nothing establishes Doctor Doom’s notoriety better than the fact that he is the only supervillain ranking this high up on this list.

The 10-print green background edition doctor doom trading card from the Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems release of 2013 is easily one of the most sought-after cards in the series. Case in point, the last finalized sale of one of these cards on eBay brought in $6500.

Daredevil 2013

Daredevil 2013 Blue

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Blue
  • Last Finalized Price: $5100

Daredevil is a hard character not to love.

From his humble beginning as the blind son of an underpaid boxer to a skilled and respected lawyer who co-owns one of the city’s most active law firms and moonlighting as a vigilante superhero at night, Hornhead is a character that espouses focusing on the good and using it to make the world a better place.

Apparently, trading card buyers agree. This daredevil card from the 2013 Marvel release is easily one of the most in-demand pieces.

This blue background piece (with a supply of 50 prints) depicting the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen in action last exchanged hands on eBay for a respectable $5100.

Iron Man 2013

Iron Man 2013 Red

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Red
  • Last Finalized Price: $3100

This unique piece features the exact same design as the other iron man 2013 trading card listed earlier, with the significant distinctions being the background color and the total supply.

For this red background edition, the total number of prints is 100, making it ten times less rare than the green background version, which only has ten copies. Consequently, this trading card is considerably less valuable than the green version.

However, iron man’s star power is still enough to shoot this piece up to relatively ridiculous valuations.

The last confirmed sale of this marvel trading card was for $3100.

Doctor Strange 2013

Doctor Strange 2013 Green

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Green
  • Last Finalized Price: $3100

For the mystics amongst us, Doctor Strange is a natural favorite character. This neurosurgeon turned Sorcerer Supreme is a dominant figure in the Marvel universe that takes up the role of primary protector of the planet Earth against all forms of mystical and magical threats.

However, it is his switch from arrogant, self-centered physician to a selfless superhero that engenders his to the hearts of many.

This love for the character is reflected in the demand for Marvel artifacts branded with his likeness, including this trading card from the Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems series.

The card shows Doctor Strange in action as he performs white magic using spells that create magic orbs in both his hands. The green background version of this card has the highest rarity of the bunch, with only ten prints produced.

One of these specimens sold for $3100 in November 2021. However, if it were to go up on the market today, the chances are that it will retail for considerably more.

Doctor Strange 2013

Doctor Strange 2013 Blue

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Blue
  • Last Finalized Price: $2938

The blue version of the Doctor Strange 2013 trading card boasts the exact same design as the green one, with the only change being the background color and the total print amount. This card sports a blue background and a total supply of 50 prints.

Unsurprisingly, this higher supply card is slightly cheaper on the open market, with the most recent finalized purchase on eBay being one in June this year that cost $2938.

Doctor Strange 2013

Doctor Strange 2013 Red

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Red
  • Last Finalized Price: $2500

The red version of the card inherits the same design as the other two Doctor Strange 2013 trading cards. However, this option comes with a red background and has the highest supply with a total of 100 prints

Consequently, this version of the trading card is less desirable than the others, and this fact is reflected in its pricing. The Doctor Strange 2013 Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Red typically retails for considerably lower than the green and blue variants.

Recently recorded purchases of this unit on eBay place the typical market value of this card between the $500 – $2500 price range.

Daredevil 2013

Daredevil 2013 Red

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Red
  • Last Finalized Price: $2500

This Daredevil trading card is the higher supply version of the blue daredevil 2013 marvel card we highlighted earlier.

Here, you get a supply of 100 prints, a red background that arguably matches daredevil better, and you get to pay a lesser ransom to add one to your collection. The last purchase of this card on eBay earned the seller $2500, which gives you a reasonable price guide on what to expect when seeking to get one.

Thor 2013

Thor 2013 Red

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Red
  • Last Finalized Price: $2370

The red version of the Thor card from the Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems brings arguably better aesthetics, as the red cloak that is a part of Thor’s gear blends in nicely with the background, making the whole image pop.

However, this card ships with a larger 100-print supply and is appropriately less valued on the open market.

The last two sales of this eye-catching trading card sold for around $2300 each.

Cyclops 2013

Cyclops 2013

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Blue
  • Last Finalized Price: $2025

Cyclops easily earns his place in the hearts of many for being one of the handfuls of characters in the Marvel universe that always stays true to the traditional hero archetype.

You will always find Cyclops adhering strictly to ethical codes, performing selfless action, eschewing violence, exhibiting courage, or finding the best in others and every situation. This combination of factors adds to the sleekness of his gear to create a character that immediately endears himself to most folks.

The photo chosen for this trading card has Cyclops in his full superhero suit, complete with the special mask that helps him control the powerful beams of energy that stream from his eyes and standing at the ready, set to tackle his next heroic travail.

This blue background edition has a total of 50 prints, all of which are highly sought after by avid marvel trading card collectors. The last online sale price placed a unit at $2025.

Iron Man 2015

Iron Man 2015 Blue

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Blue
  • Last Finalized Price: $1700

Similar to the rare green version of this card, this blue background edition retains the same dreamlike rendition of iron man, with him wearing a hyper-stylized version of his metal suit, hanging upside down, with his arm reaching into what appears to be a tiny portal.

In line with the supply statistics of the 2013 edition of Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems cards, this 2015 blue card shipped with a total supply of 50 prints.

Consequently, this unit attracts significantly lesser prices than its green counterpart. One of these 50 specimens sold for $1700 in an eBay auction held in November 2021.

Agent Venom 2017

Agent Venom 2017

  • Addendum: Fleer Ultra Precious Metal Gems Green
  • Last Finalized Price: $1400

Another valuable and highly sought-after Marvel card that pays respects to the original Precious Metal Gems series is this impressive agent venom card from 2017.

Similar to the O.G. PMGs, this trading card features a green background and has only ten units printed to match the rarity level of the green PMGs. Centered on the canvas is agent venom in full gear and ready for action.

Despite being a reasonably recent print, this card’s tiny supply means that it is tough to find, and the automatic demand for anything from Spiderman’s corner of the universe helps to compound the problem further.

While the last sold card brought in a respectable $1400 on eBay, if you are looking to get one, you may have to do more groundwork and pay a bit more, as currently, none of the ten cards are available for purchase online.

If you already have one, you may want to hang on to it, as the prices of these units are almost guaranteed to rise over time.

Cosmic Spider-Man 1990

Cosmic Spider-Man 1990

  • Addendum: Impel Marvel Universe
  • Last Finalized Price: $1021.15

True Marvel collectible fans probably already know about the Marvel Universe Cards. These trading cards were the original trading cards that started the craze for collecting cards with our favorite superheroes in their most recognizable poses.

Editor’s Note

The first Marvel Universe card series was published by Impel in the 1990s, creating some of the most sought-after and valuable trading cards of the 1990s.

Each card in the series featured one of the Marvel superheroes or supervillains in or pose or a major Marvel Universe event on the front of the card. On the card’s reverse, you can see details, statistics, and commentary on the main image or a short biography of the character in use.

The series features a massive 167 different cards.

Unsurprisingly, a Spiderman card currently ranks as one of the most expensive options from that series that is available on the collector’s market today.

This Cosmic Spiderman 1990, which depicts the superhero live in action with full gear, last sold for around a thousand bucks. However, today, the cheapest listings on eBay you will find for a PSA 10 graded specimen of this Marvel card start out at over $1500.

Deadpool 2013

Deadpool 2013

  • Addendum: Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems
  • Last Finalized Price: $1025

Deadpool is another universally-liked Marvel character that is guaranteed to attract demand to any card bearing his likeness.

Consuming one installment of any of the Marvel series that contains this quirky character is almost guaranteed to make you fall in love with his likeness. Hence, it is no surprise that the loud-mouthed anti-hero we all adore for his swagger and twisted charisma is a hot item on the collector’s market.

Editor’s Note:

Despite being one of the most liked figures in the Marvel Universe, Deadpool is quite a strange character. The red and black themed metahuman (whose real name is Wade Winston Wilson) started out as a supervillain, evolving over time to the antiheroic persona we all know today that helps the superhero from time to time.

This top-selling card is one of the retro precious metal gems cards (that pays homage to the original PMGs) from 2013 that ships with a red background and a menacing depiction of Deadpool in action.

Only 100 Deadpool 2013 Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems marvel trading cards were printed.

The last confirmed sale of this piece is for a non-graded card that sold for $1025 on eBay earlier this year. However, if you are looking to add one of these specimens to your collection, there is a high chance you may have to spend a bit more, as the lowest current listing of this card sits at over $5500.


When Was the First Set of Marvel Trading Cards First Created?

The first official marvel card series was produced by Impel in 1990. This card series featured a selection of trading cards divided into four categories:

  • Superheroes
  • Supervillains
  • Rookies
  • Famous battles and team pictures

While most of these cards did not go on to be worth a lot—because of their extensive print counts—they are still treasured by marvel card collectors today and are a fundamental building block of any robust marvel trading card collection.

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