The popular Mewtwo Pokemon was first introduced in the Base Set Pokemon card trading game. At the same time, its debut card seems to be the most popular among collectors, as well as the most valuable compared to other Mewtwo cards. Because Mewtwo appeared in so many common sets, it’s safe to assume that it’s an incredibly common card, so its other editions may not be so valuable compared to some other cards. So, in the sea of Mewtwo Pokemon cards, how to know which editions are the most valuable, and where to find them?

There are many common Pokemons both in the series and the trading card game. Nevertheless, some specimens can be worth a lot depending on various factors. For one, it has to be a card from some special card set that has a special story tied to them.

Because the first Mewtwo card debuted in the first base set of Pokemon cards, this gives it an incredible value, just like it does to other cards that appeared in that set for the first time. That being said, other important card sets may increase their value.

The condition of the card also plays an important role, but because Mewtwo is quite popular among the Pokemon cards, some of them are willing to buy even the common cards, and those that may not be in the best condition. Mewtwo is a loved Pokemon among the fans and collectors, which makes it quite popular.

If the card is a hologram, in other words, a holo card, collectors will value it more and give it a higher value. If it’s professionally graded to be in mint state, it’s going to be more valuable as well. As mentioned, there are a lot of things that affect the value of the card, even the potential errors on the cards themselves.

That being said, if you’re looking to learn more about trading Mewtwo Pokemon cards, as well as their value, continue reading this article, and learn more about Mewtwo and its market value. Finally, we’ll help you evaluate them and list the most popular and valuable Mewtwo cards. Read on!

Quick Summary: Mewtwo is a very precious Pokemon card, especially if you go super-back into the past and look at some of the rare Mewtwo cards from the Base Set, or Gold Star. Nevertheless, today Mewtwo cards can be found anywhere from $30 to $500, and even more if the card is in mint condition. Those most valuable Mewtwo cards have a printing error. Add some early collection to that error and you might be able to sell your Mewtwo card for anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000.

About Mewtwo Pokemon Cards

What makes Mewtwo a quite popular Pokemon card is its appearance in the Pokemon series, as it’s an artificial Pokemon which was prone to genetic manipulations, experiments and research. This piece of history makes it quite popular on the Pokemon cards, and why so many collectors seek it to empower and enrich their collection in the process.

Mewtwo is a bipedal Pokemon which means it has humanoid features while still retaining some animal features, particularly what makes it look more feline than other animals. It appears gray in the Pokemon cards, regardless of the condition and edition on the card. It has some purple features, but the most prominent feature is its long purple tail. It has two dull horns and purple eyes.

Its torso is equipped with a prominent and strong chest and shoulders, which partly resemble that of a human and look like a breastplate. Mewtwo is a genetic mutation of Mew, as a result of artificial Pokemon creation and manipulation.

Mewtwo has an important role in the original Pokemon series, appearing in several episodes and even the sequel special called Mewtwo Returns. It also made an appearance in the main storyline show, making a prominent appearance in the anime opening and even in the movies.

Since the first Mewtwo card has been debuted in the Base Set of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, Mewtwo has appeared in various other card editions. Right now, there are about 44 different Mewtwo cards from the different series. While this may make it appear like a more common Pokemon card, it’s still important because of such a significant and important story that Mewtwo tells as a Pokemon and the use of artificial Pokemon to win the games.

Are Mewtwo Cards Worth Anything?

There is a lot of debate on whether Mewtwo cards have any value in the collectible Pokemon market. And while, many from different Reddit discussions agree it’s great to have a Mewtwo card, especially that from some early collection because they were exceedingly rare at the time.

However, as the storyline progressed and more Pokemon card editions were making it to the light of the day, Mewtwo became more abundant, and everyone thought that having a rare and artificial Pokemon in their collection would bring a lot of value to their overall set.

Nevertheless, the recent cards of Mewtwo are significantly less valuable than the ones from the base set, as well as some other early sets that followed the base set. If you have a recent Mewtwo card, from some more recent set, chances are you’re likely to get less than $100 for it.

What could certainly increase the value of your Mewtwo card is if it has some kind of an error on it, like misaligned text, print error, or misaligned picture. These cards, although defective, represent a whole new level of value for the Pokemon collectors who’d love to take pride in obtaining some of the rarest cards on them.

Still, whether your card has an error or not, it’s super important to know how to evaluate your Mewtwo card, and if you’re unable to do it on your own, you could get it professionally graded by PSA or some other collectible card grading company. You shouldn’t do it unless you’re 100% sure that your card is not only rare but also in pristine condition.

If you go to eBay or some other site that contains a lot of Pokemon cards for sale, you’ll see that the most valuable cards are those that were professionally graded.

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Mewtwo Pokemon Card Value

As mentioned earlier, Mewtwo Pokemon card has varying values. The older they are, but in mint condition, the more valuable they are on the market. There are plenty of Pokemon collections where the Mewtwo cards appear.

The hologram cards are exceedingly rarer than the regular cards, as well as the cards with gold and platinum corners. Nevertheless, if you go to any site that specializes in selling old Pokemon cards, you’ll see that Mewtwo has been sold with different price tags, even for the same set.

That being said, you’ll find some Mewtwo cards that were sold for as little as $20-30, while there are some other ones, that are put up for anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000. Some of them have been sold for a long time, while others are still waiting to be sold. But, someone will inevitably appear who thinks it’s worth it to give as much money for the Pokemon card as Mewtwo.

Let’s first take a look at First Edition Pokemon Base Set. This Mewtwo card is an incredibly rare hologram card, and it has been sold for over $5,000 back in 2021. It belongs to a rare set from 1999, and it has been professionally graded for evaluation of its quality by BGS. It was rated to be in mint state at 9.5 grade. Keep in mind that only the best quality cards reach this high grade.

Mewtwo Pokemon Card

A similar card was sold for even more. Thanks to the 10 mint grade from the PSA grading company, a Mewtwo from the Base Set was sold for $6,300 just about a month later. It’s also a hologram card with almost identical features to the card we mentioned above.

Still, it’s not only the base set cards that get so much attention. If you have a relatively recent yet rare Mewtwo card, we assure you that you can sell it for a lot. For example, this Mewtwo from 25th Anniversary Creatures set was sold for $3,360 with Pristine 10 mint grade by the CGS grading company. Still, it’s worth mentioning that this is one of the rarer cards that you can find, and was exclusively released only for certain groups of people.

As mentioned earlier, another valuable factor for Mewtwo cards, as well as other Pokemon cards is whether there was an error in the production and printing of the cards. One of the cards with errors is this one that is set on eBay for about $150.

The printing error is located on Mewtwo’s thigh, and although it takes a sharp eye to see it, the error is still there. It’s a hologram card, but we’re sure its value would be even higher if it was in mint state and not 8 near-mint.

Rarest Mewtwo Pokemon Cards

To have a better idea of which Mewtwo cards are more valuable on the market, we’re going to present you with the five rarest and most valuable Mewtwo Pokemon cards. If your card is listed here, you can get a lot of money for it, especially if you get it graded professionally.

1999 Unlimited – Mewtwo holo #10

1999 Unlimited - Mewtwo holo-10

Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most popular cards among collectors. It is listed as Base Set holo and belongs to the unlimited set from 1999. Some collectors don’t consider it to be as valuable and rare compared to the 1st edition Mewtwo, but it’s ranked quite high. Since it belongs to the first set, many collectors are ready to give a lot of money for it, especially if it’s graded quite high.

1999 Shadowless – Mewtwo holo #10

1999 Shadowless - Mewtwo holo-10

The Mewtwo holo shadowless edition is extremely popular among collectors and also quite rare. It belongs to the second “print run” which just adds up to its value. It can be found on eBay and other online marketplaces for collectible Pokemon cards, but it’s not as rare as some other Mewtwo editions. Options that are in mint and near-mint condition can be sold for a lot of money. Shadowless Mewtwo is also considered one of the lowest in circulation. That being said, you’re likely to find them in fine and near-mint condition.

2005 Japanese Gold Star – Mewtwo Gift Box Holo #002

2005 Japanese Gold Star - Mewtwo Gift Box Holo - 002

If you already collected Pokemon cards for a while, then you probably know that cards from the Gold Star have a special value in the hearts of most collectors. They are especially valuable thanks to the work that illustrator Masakazu Fukuda put into making these cards. This Mewtwo card is just as valuable, and while some cards in bad condition can be found for cheap, cards in near-mint and mint states can be found for as much as over $1,000. Mostly, cards on eBay are available for $100-200.

2001 Japanese NEO 4 Shining – Mewtwo Pokemon Card #150

2001 Japanese NEO 4 Shining - Mewtwo Pokemon Card - 150

Some sellers and collectors claim that this card is worth more than $5,000 in mint state, but we weren’t able to find the auction or listing that shows it was sold for that much. Some mint options are listed for over $1,000 on eBay but none of the listings have been closed yet. This near-mint card was sold for $570 and features a secret rare Mewtwo card with shining features. It also comes from a quite popular collection.

2002 Neo Destiny Shining (1st Edition) – Mewtwo Pokemon Card

2002 Neo Destiny Shining - 1st Edition

This card is extremely popular among collectors and can be found anywhere from several hundred dollars to a couple of thousands. Some reports claim it was once sold for more than $4,000 but we weren’t able to find the proof. Nevertheless, this $2,000 seems quite valuable. This is another shining Pokemon card that makes it extremely popular among collectors. With a holographic finish in a mint state, this card is extremely valuable.

How to Evaluate Mewtwo Pokemon Card?

Whether you’ve been collecting Pokemon cards for a while or just started recently, we know that evaluating Pokemon cards on your own can be quite challenging, and sometimes even stressful.

Several grading companies can professionally evaluate the card you want to sell. Some of them are:

  • Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA)
  • Beckett
  • Ace Grading
  • CGC

If you’re not sure that your card is not worth grading professionally, you can do some little evaluation on your own, or consult other fellow Pokemon Card collectors from a forum like Reddit. Subreddits like r/PokemonTCG and r/Pokemoncards offer a lot of insight into how to grade the cards on your own.

In simple words, here’s a list of things that evaluate the card value on the market:

  • Collection – Some Mewtwo cards that come from the Base Sets are way more valuable than the cards from more recent collections. The NEO and Japanese Gold Star collections are also quite valuable. The older the Mewtwo card, the more valuable it is, because it wasn’t printed so many times or submitted for grading at PSA, which also determines the value.
  • The Grade – We mentioned earlier that the grade is also quite important for determining value. But this can only be used when you’re buying the card, not selling it, if you haven’t graded it yet. Pretty much, collectors likely won’t be interested in anything that is below the value of 6. However, the real values start at 8 and 8.5 near-mint grade and 9.5-10 mint states.
  • Condition – If you didn’t get your card graded yet, it’s important to check the condition of the card, as it will determine how valuable it is, and whether it’s worth grading at all. If it’s a hologram card, it needs to be fully functional, with prominent shine and luster on the card. The corners need to be sharp, and there shouldn’t be any signs of tears and scratches. Lastly, there should be no sign of markers or any sort of dirt on the card.
  • Hologram – Hologram cards are the most valuable, so if you own a hologram card, or that with gold plates or edges, it’s going to be considered more valuable to the collectors.
  • Error – Error cards aren’t necessarily easy to spot. Many people who collected the cards since their childhood didn’t notice possible typos, printing errors, misaligned text and images, and more. However, if there’s an error and the card is in near-mint or mint condition, it’ll be considered precious.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If there are some additional questions you may like to have answered about Mewtwo cards, check this FAQ section.

Where Can I Buy Mewtwo Pokemon Card?

One of the most common marketplaces for buying Mewtwo Pokemon cards is eBay. There’s a good chance that you’ll find very valuable Mewtwo card editions from different sets and collections, as well as those of other rare Pokemon. Another place where you can find Mewtwo Pokemon cards is TCGPlayer.

Is Mewtwo a Rare Card?

The earliest Base Set Pokemon cards feature some of the rarest Mewtwo variants. And as the years passed, Mewtwo became more prominent in different sets and collections. In recent card sets, it may be considered to be common to uncommon, while those vintage sets feature ultra-rare Mewtwo Pokemon cards, some of which we already detailed earlier.

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